Sunday, March 21, 2021

Biden’s Fall Ranks Among The Top Air Force One Gaffes — But It’s Not Number One

 Though yesterday’s incident ended with a routine salute, Joe Biden’s triple-trip while scaling the red-carpeted steps to Air Force One was nevertheless roundly scorned, especially by conservative media. Biden was taking a round-trip flight to Atlanta to meet with Asian-American community leaders in the wake of the massage parlor massacre.

 Last summer, Vice President Mike Pence had a moment remarkably similar to President Biden’s upward slip. The former veep was filmed running, then tripping, up the staircase of Air Force Two. Pence had almost reached the top of the stairs when he suddenly lunged forward, using his hands to break his fall. He quickly picked himself up, bounded up the remaining steps, straightened his jacket and tie, and offered a wave and a thumbs up before entering the plane. 

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