Sunday, March 29, 2020

Report: Rabbi Kanievsky calls to pray without minyan

An order from Lithuanian-haredi leader Rabbi Haim Kanievsky, according to which one should pray alone without a minyan in these days, is expected to soon be released by the rabbis of the city of Bnei Brak.
The rabbis received the instruction from Rabbi Kanievsky, among other reasons, in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Bnei Brak and the very high number of diagnosed patients there in relation to the size of the population.
According to reports, Rabbi Kanievsky explained his ruling by saying, “It’s pikuach nefesh [a matter of saving lives].”


  1. Yeah, yeah, one month too late. The Chareidi community in Israel has been a great experiment - what happens if you ignore all the public health recommendations and continue life as usual?
    You get the highest infection spread rates in the country.
    You piss off your neighbours who now want to quarantine you.
    Good job, "Gedolim"

  2. the same can be said about Trump and his supporters

    remember Republicans are not taking this as seriously as Democrats!

  3. NYC is the biggest epicenter in the US currently. That city is predominantly Democrats and liberals.
    When the govt enforces shutdowns, everyone is inside and doing what the law says, because they have no choice.

    When the govt does not enforce or apply specific rules, SELFISH people are outside and behaving as normal, gathering in crowds, and doing normal every day life things. And that includes Republicans and Democrats. (But mostly it includes young people who are? You guessed it, predominantly Democrats). But that's besides the point because selfishness crosses all political affiliations.

    Sounds like a certain community was also full of selfish people who wouldn't listen to the recommendations and had to be forced. Would you say that's about right?

  4. No, Trump just reneged on his decision to isolate NYC, or has he changed his mind again?

  5. What is a godol doing saying the obvious, what every goy said two weeks ago. We must not be understanding him, he must be saying something far deeper.

  6. When the government handouts dry up because the government is penniless and there is rampant inflation, the Democrats will sing another tune. It'll be "Get the Economy Up and Rolling":

    Oh, we loved the check
    Until the economy was a wreck
    Our lives were spared
    So we dared
    To just stay at home
    And did not roam

    But not the "give me's"
    Have fricaseed
    so it's back to work ehhhhh-vree-boddy! we say
    Because we freeloaders have

  7. I can report from Bnei Brak. I, a Cohain, first time since I made aliya July 8, 1991 that I didn’t do Cohain blessings.
    Torah though on parshat Tzav.
    “So, too, the priest who offers a man’s burnt offering עלת איש shall keep the skin of the burnt offering that he offered.” (Leviticus 7:8).
    How’s that for a perk for the cohain that offers a man’s burnt offering! The Cohain can refuse any Jew as I explain in
    Here in parshat Tzva a man’s burnt offering עלת איש refers to a woman too.
    My theory. The skins of the burnt offerings that go to the Cohain, is not for money gain, but for writing Torahs and writings and deeds and kethubots and protocols and historical records and wills.
    “He [Mordecai] also gave him [midrash Daniel} the written text of the law that had been proclaimed in Shushan for their destruction. [He bade him] show it to Esther and inform her, and charge her to go to the king and to appeal to him and to plead with him for her people” (Esther 4:8).
    I noticed a story of a man, doctor, with shortness of breath, sits with his wife and writes out his will. Allow me to talk of my personal history. I was in Israel and I got a letter from a lawyer of the late William Richardson. William Richardson left $10,000 for me with a check sent to 498 East 18 Street, Brooklyn. Despite vigorous 6 months legal activity by my lawyer, Ian Anderson, Susan got late Judge Rigler to sign over the $10,000 to her! I still want the $10,000 back. Will the Coronavirus lead to correcting injustices? Israel is making progress on forming a government. Bravo. Thank God. I expect Netanyahu to get exonerated from legal charges against him. Didn’t Trump get exonerated from legal charges against him? The disloyal Left must all stop attacking Netanyahu and Trump. My theory. This was the sin for the fall of the 2nd Temple: disloyal Israelites and apostates attacks against loyal leaders.

  8. no he simply discovered he has no legal right. He still views himself as king or dictator but that is not the reality

  9. Wow, what a convincing argument that is. It's so well thought out and articulated, I am just floored!


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