Thursday, March 26, 2020

32 Economists From Both Major Parties Sign Letter Urging U.S. Not to Open Country Prematurely

Members of the bipartisan Economic Strategy Group signed a Wednesday letter which said the U.S. must pull together to combat the coronavirus before opening businesses and attempting to restart the economy.


  1. obviously you are ignoring the medical facts as is trump

  2. very good - welcome back Gerald!
    Are you familiar with Kondratiev Long Waves? It seems to fit the Yovel cycle!

  3. Kalonymus HaQatanMarch 27, 2020 at 3:13 AM

    I was angry at Trump too. But, there is a method to his madness. Firstly, covid 19 is not the only cause of death. Not even medically. Can anyone say that , eg allowing a cancer or heart patient to die is justified to treat or save a covid patient? No.
    In the long term you cannot shutdown the economy even the covid sufferers will suffer if you kill the supply chain for medicine for research for logistics for production of raw materials and food and other supplies for the rest of the population

  4. No.
    Medical facts: infections: USA 82,404, NY 37,802, China 81,782 world-wide 526,000
    What’s Trump doing about the infections?
    “The Trump administration is planning to issue guidelines categorizing counties across the nation as high-risk, medium-risk or low-risks, aiming to help state and local authorities decide whether to tighten or relax social-distancing measures designed to help slow infections.”

  5. wow
    so trump is not doing anything just offering information to the governors that they already knew
    true leadership!

  6. The method to Trump's madness is to put PRESSURE on the slow moving wheels of government bureaucracy to get things done faster. As fast as possible.
    Whatever needs to get done, whether it's procurement of PPE, ventilators, etc, scaling up of testing, and all items necessary to at some point reopen society, Trump is putting pressure on the govt do complete these things FASTER to get us to that point sooner. Because the faster we get to that point, the better it is for society. No one can argue that point. Businesses are shuttering and millions now unemployed. It will be decided based on data and health officials recommendations, but he is trying to make a slow moving giant get us to the point of better data sooner than the "business as usual" red tape morass of government pace.
    When he floats out the "Easter" timeline, this is what he's doing: Putting a sense of urgency to these people to move faster and work harder. "Whoa if the president will open society that quickly we have zero time to waste!!! Ahhh That is too soon, we won't have enough ____!" It's more of a threat than a promise. His clarifying comments make it clear that it's his "hope," but will be decided based on the health recommendations. The panic that ensues from this alarming timeframe being stated publicly is pushing people to do more.

    This also explains his comments to motor companies. Read NY times article carefully, he is pressuring fema to get deals done. Pressuring companies to step up by mentioning them by name publicly.
    It takes some thought to discern his leadership tactics but you can see it

  7. nonsense!

    if he said he would commit suicide that means he is just pressuring others
    or if he does anything not connected to the facts people will understand they need to work harder to solve their problems because there is no real leadership and he will brag that he saved the world by making crazy statements!?


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