Monday, December 17, 2018

psychiatric illness and mekach tous - Rav M Willig


18:50-21:50 into the recording: Rav Willig says that there is no mekach ta'ut in the case of a prominent case of claimed psychiatric illness to void a marriage.


  1. Bravo! “18:50-21:50 into the recording: Rav Willig says that there is no mekach ta'ut in the case of a prominent case of claimed psychiatric illness to void a marriage.”
    This is totally against Agunah International and ORA etc who say that there is a case here to void the marriage. They support the K-G heter allowing Tamar to marry her lover.
    Women who make up their minds to divorce their husbands for no good reason and go to ORA, to Agunah International and to Mendel Epstein et al etc, my advice to the unfortunate husbands “Trust no friend, Rely on no intimate; Be guarded in speech With her who lies in your bosom. For son spurns father, Daughter rises up against mother, Daughter-in-law against mother-in-law— A man’s own household Are his enemies איבי איש אנשי ביתו.” Micah (7:5-6).
    My advice to these women: “Do not devise harm against your fellow Who lives trustfully with you. Do not quarrel with a man for no cause, When he has done you no harm.” (Proverbs 3:29-30).
    The gamara is beautiful:
    Gittin 90a
    “Mishnah. Beth Shammai say: a man should not divorce his wife unless he has found her guilty of some unseemly conduct [דבר ערוה], as it says, “A man takes a wife and possesses her. She fails to please himאם לא תמצא חן בעיניו because he finds something obnoxious about her כי מצא בה ערות דבר, and he writes her a bill of divorcement, hands it to her, and sends her away from his house” (Deuteronomy 24:1). Beth Hillel, however, say [that he may divorce her] even if she has merely spoilt his food, since it says כי מצא בה ערות דבר. R. Akiba says, [he may divorce her] even if he finds another woman more beautiful than she is, as it says, אם לא תמצא חן בעיניו.”
    When I search divorce in the Soncino Talmud I get 2,007 hits.

  2. Wonder which case he was referring to....


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