Thursday, December 20, 2018



The FBI arrested five leaders of the Jewish extremist cult Lev Tahor in Mexico, Yeshiva World News reported. 

In a nightly operation and in cooperation with Interpol, the FBI raided Lev Tahor-owned properties in Mexico and is working on transferring the suspects to the US, the report said.


  1. When does our religion become a cult? With the first chumra (eg Adam & Eve)? The first strange belief, eg Sabbetai Zvi and modern messianists?

  2. Kalonymus Anonymus says “When does our religion become a cult? With the first chumra (eg Adam & Eve)? The first strange belief, eg Sabbetai Zvi and modern messianists” No.
    R. Isaac explained in connection with Abraham the verse: “I did not speak in secret, At a site in a land of darkness; I did not say to the stock of Jacob, Seek Me out in a wasteland— I the Lord, who foretell reliably, Who announce what is true דבר צדק מגיד מישרים.” (Isaiah 45:19).

    Soncino Zohar, Bereshith, Section 1, Page 86b
    “He said: דבר צדק מגיד מישרים For when God first created the world it was unstable and rocked to and fro. Said God to the world, Wherefore rockest thou? It answered: Sovereign of the Universe, I cannot be firm, because I have no foundation on which to rest. God thereupon said: Behold, I intend to raise up in thee a righteous man, Abraham, who will love Me. Hearing this, the world straightway became firmly established; therefore it is written, these are the generations of the heavens and the earth behibaream (when they were created), which by a transposition of letters becomes beabraham (for the sake of Abraham). R. Hiya enlarged upon the words דבר צדק. He said: The world continued to remonstrate with God, saying, From this Abraham will issue descendants [Tr. note: The peoples of Ishmael and Esau.] who will destroy the Temple and burn the Law. God replied: He will also have one descendant, namely Jacob, who will be the father of twelve tribes who will all be righteous. Forthwith the world was established for his sake, and therefore God is said to be דבר צדק מגיד מישרים”
    Note that the Zohar says that all 12 tribes are righteous.
    מלבי"ם ישעיהו פרק מה פסוק יט
    מן המצות בעצמם, התורה והמצוה שנתתי לפני ישראל הם בעצמם מעידים איך אני משגיח על האדם בהשגחה מיוחדת פרטיית, כי המצות אינם דומים כמצות הכומרים עובדי הכוכבים שהמה דברים שאין בהם תועלת וטעם, כי אני לא אמרתי לזרע יעקב תהו בקשוני, לא נתתי להם מצות שאין בהם טעם ותועלת, כי התורה מקפת על שני מיני השלמיות של האדם. א] על ההנהגה בין אדם לחברו, אני ה' דבר צדק, הודעתי להם דרכי הצדק בין אדם לחברו. ב] על האמונות והדעות, אני מגיד מישרים, עד שנראה מבואר איך שהתורה כוללת ומישרת כל מעשי בני אדם. (הנה הראיה ממעשה בראשית תעיד על ההשגחה על האדם להצליחו בחיים הזמניים, שכן הכין לפניו כל אלה בששת ימי הבריאה, והראיה ממתן תורה מעידה על ההשגחה להישירו בחיים הנצחיים):
    The Mitzot themselves, the Torah and the mitzvot that I gave to Israel, themselves testify to the way I observe man with special, special supervision, because the matzos are not like the commandments of the idol worshippers. Including taste and benefit, because the Torah encompasses the two types of human perfection. A] On the leadership between man and his fellow, I am the Lord of justice דבר צדק, I informed them of the ways of justice דרכי צדקbetween man and his fellow. 2] on the beliefs and opinions, I tell the righteous, until it seems clear how the Torah includes and serves all human actions. (Here is the evidence from the act of Genesis testifies to the providence of man to succeed in the temporal life, for he prepared for him all these during the six days of creation, and the evidence from the giving of the Torah attests to the providence to reconcile him in eternal life)

  3. that doesn't answer my question though
    Sabbetai Zvi is not Judaism, even though he and nathan were experts in qabbalah


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