Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Joining the likes of Madoff, alleged binary options fraudster to get DOJ website

.times of Israel
Alleged binary options fraudster Lee Elbaz, who is awaiting a trial in Maryland District Court, will receive the notorious distinction of having a Department of Justice website devoted to her case and trial, placing her in a small category that includes disgraced financiers Bernie Madoff and Robert Allen Stanford, whose victims and alleged victims were too numerous for the government to notify individually.

Elbaz, who was arrested September 14, 2017 when she landed at JFK airport in New York for a planned vacation, is set to be tried in January 2019. The Department of Justice filed a motion on October 15 requesting that the government create a Department of Justice website to notify victims about the public court proceedings.

The reason for creating the website, the Department of Justice wrote, is because “the government believes that the alleged conduct may have affected thousands of individuals.”

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  1. Apparently there were many binary options companies operating out of Eretz Yisrael up until the Knesset clamped down on them. And many of those companies were fraudulent.


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