Friday, October 12, 2018

Anderson Cooper: Trump chose Kanye over victims

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  1. I watched the whole of both the horrible CNN hate Trump stuff. See
    “The intolerant left attacks Kanye West’s White House Visit.”
    “But in recent years, the extreme right wing movements have been undergoing a process of change," he added. "Leaders have emerged who want nothing to do with the racist Nazi heritage, and who openly support the state of Israel. These leaders have distilled the movements' nationalist positions, and now they express a proper position, which demands maintaining the European people's national, religious and cultural identity, the rabbi insisted. Rabbi Melamed went on to say that [j]ust as it is forbidden to steal the property of a private individual, as the communists did in the countries that they took over, so it is forbidden to steal from people their national and religious identity, as the communists' successors – the extreme liberals on the Left, like the British Labor party – seek to do.
    The CNN is extreme Left and anti-Israel.


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