Monday, September 3, 2018

convicted sex offender is threatening me again

received monday september 3 2018

The reason Ie heard about your blog is because I was approached by a Rabbi in Shul asking if I was refusing a get. My wife needed to call the Rabbi confirming that that we are married and I am not refusing her a Get. Your Lashon Hora is spreading. 

Because I've never met you, I don't know if I can speak to you about Lashon Hora as an Aveira that does terrible damage. I don't know how religious you are and what beliefs you have. 

What I do know is that I can sue you and file personal complaints about you to the Police. I really don't like doing that, especially to someone in your condition but I need to protect myself and my family. 

Please remove that garbage about me from your site. 


i need some help  here as far as i j\know i have never posted any claims that yonah weinberg was refusing to give his wife a get - if anyone can find such a post i will be glad to remove it

this is the second time yonah has threatened me

the first time was when i published the fact that he is a convicted sex offender who at that time was living in har nof

i did in fact remove those posts after receiving a threatening letter from his lawyer 

but his current clim has no basis in reality

 yonah weinberg clarified and said he was complaining about a comment made by vevel schwartz to a post regarding Rav Yakov Hororowitz  which made a comment about a get
 i have removed the comment



Yonah Weinberg

2:49 PM (26 minutes ago)
to me
I see you're telling people I'm threatening you. Please do not tell people I am threatening you. Going to the Police is not a threat. You are doing damage to me and my family with your posting - financially and otherwise, and I'm asking you to stop. You are damaging me. We sent you a letter, you stopped and now you started again. I'm asking you to stop again.

Please stop.


  1. This blog has a robust search engine.

    Entering the complainant's last name into it didn't elicit any obvious posts on the subject of get refusal by him.

    I don't think there is any danger of being sued, assuming he uses a lawyer. The first thing a lawyer would do, I would guess, is to do the same thing I just did and research occurrences of the complainant's name on this blog. And would come up emptyhanded.

    For someone trying to clear his name, he's doing a good job of dragging his reputation down a knotch.

  2. i am not sure i chap
    is yonah complaining that there was a false accusation that he has made his wife an aguna?
    or is yonah saying that his wife and children are still living with him in israel?

    while i dont know whether they are married or divorced or whether his wife has even requested a get, i can state factually that yonah's wife and children are living in the usa. (i wont say their location in more detailed, so to cause them no harm)
    the fact that wife and kids are no longer in israel is not something all that recent

    by the way, i am certain that the comment about the call from his wife to the rabbi is pure fiction. as they are not together and havent been

  3. Sir, I understand why you don't chap. There are numerous pictures of Mr. Weinberg with his family at a simcha in NY less than a month ago. I believe you're one of those pranksters just looking to speak ill of another Jew for the sake of it. I pity you, sir.


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