Thursday, April 26, 2018

9 students killed in flash flood

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At least nine Israeli teenagers on a “bonding” trip were killed, and one was still missing, after a flash flood swept them away on Thursday while they were hiking in a riverbed near the Dead Sea.


"We were unable to escape the current and were swept away by the river," a rescued youth said on Channel 10 news. 

Three teams of the IDF's elite 669 Search and Rescue Unit, aided by their three Yasur choppers and one Apache helicopter, were searching for the missing.

Police instructed people to stay away from the area.

As those killed were not carrying ID's their families were brought in to identify them.  

Releasing a statement on the tragic incident, President Reuven Rivlin said: "Our prayers and thoughts are with our brothers, our children, and our loved ones who are in trouble. We are closely following the updates from the south and send a warm embrace to the worried families. We will strengthen all the security and rescue forces, who are in the process of search and rescue and medical treatment. I ask you all, please follow the instructions of the police and rescue forces and be attentive to them."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is closely following the rescue mission and was updated on it over the phone by Operations Directive Maj. Gen. Yoav Har-Even. 

"I support the security and rescue forces that are currently working to save lives and to locate those missing in the severe disaster that occurred today in Nahal Tzapit," Netanyahu said. "We are all praying for better news."

Highway 90 is now blocked in both directions between the Arava junction and the Eilat entry road block. The spokeswoman for the city of Eilat, Dana Zanti, stated that a ceiling had collapsed in the Isrotel Red Sea hotel. 

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  1. The organizers of this trip should be arrested and charged with murder


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