Friday, March 3, 2017

Man suspected of sexually assaulting women at weddings arrested

Police have taken a 28-year old man into custody following a string of sexual assaults against women and children at a Bnei Brak wedding hall.

The arrest took place less than 24 hours after a local pizza delivery man was apprehended for committing vile acts against a child during one of his deliveries.

A community watch group in Bnei Brak “Hashomrim” received a number of complaints in recent days regarding an employee at a Bnei Brak wedding hall. According to the complaints, the employee sexually assaulted both women and children at Hasidic weddings.

The man allegedly committed the vile acts during the “Mitzvah Tantz” – a dance usually held towards the end of a Hasidic wedding.

On Wednesday night, Hashomrim received yet another complaint regarding the employee. Volunteers from the group made their way to the wedding hall, where they located and detained the suspect, holding him until police arrived.


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