Wednesday, March 1, 2017

After costs for surgery to repair a serious heart defect, bride's family has no funds to pay for her upcoming marriage.

Arutz 7

"Hello,My name is Rachie. I was born with a serious heart defect. Life hasn't been easy for me. I spent my childhood in and out of hospitals. But baruch Hashem, after very complicated surgery, I'm now able to move to lead a normal life, marry and hope to start a family of my own. 
Baruch Hashem, now I'm a kallah - bride! Except that my experience of being engaged hasn't only been simcha -- I've also had to face the sad truth that due to the expenses incurred for my serious health issues my parents have no money with which to help us. 
There are now only a few days left until my wedding, and we have nothing. I'm embarrassed to say that it is truly an emergency. We're lacking the basics needed for a chossen and kallah (groom and bride). 
I have already endured a great deal of pain in my life. Now all I want is to start my new family, without being afraid of becoming homeless or going hungry.. If you are able to help us, there are no words for how grateful I would be. To you I am a stranger, but to me you are the person who could change my life.
Thank you so much.

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