Sunday, December 14, 2014

Government rape statistic for coeds is 0.61 percent, not widely claimed 20 percent.


The campus rape crusade, which yielded positively Orwellian "consent rules"  at some institutions, was driven in part by an oft-repeated, jaw-dropping statistic that one in five women are victimized by sexual assault during their time at college.  The Justice Department just published a study on the matter, and they found the actual figure to be not one in five, but rather 6.1 per thousand.  In other words, the percentage of coeds exposed to sexual assault is 0.61 percent, not 20 percent.[...]

Whatever else is going on with young men and women on college campuses, the hysterical politically-driven crusade against "rape culture" has long since gotten so out of hand that it's become a crisis in its own right.  It's no surprise that there's keen interest in teaching young women to think of themselves as victims, and young men to see themselves as beasts.  That agenda found fertile ground in a neurotic groupthink culture that has lately taken to demanding a cocoon of "trigger warnings" around any idea that might make them so upset they can't function, and demanding time off from important coursework to deal with the emotional fallout from controversial news stories.  It would be far more useful to teach young people not to abandon their critical faculties even when dealing with the most sensational claims of crisis.


  1. If you want to become fully educated on this topic, I recommend reading

  2. The post title is misleading. The study interviewed victims and found many never reported their assaults to the police. The primary data of the above report is interviews with a general sample, not crime reports, a distinction emphasized in the report. In fact, ~1.21 % of female students, aged 18-24, report sexual assaults in any given year. Over four years that means approximately 5% of them will be sexually assaulted. I do not know where the 20% figure comes from for college students. It is a widely accepted statistic for children being molested by the time they reach 18 years of age (16% for males & 25% for females which averages to ~20%).

  3. @Yerachmiel - I would suggest you read the article again together with the one from Slate. They both deal with the reality of abuse activists who are using misleading statistics to promote an agenda.

    The use of a claim of 20% when even according to you it is no more than 5 % is clearly over inflating - the same way you do when you claim things which are not supported by the evidence. But even the 5% statistic is not accurate. Writing posts that severely distort ideas and phrases taken out of context is - all done to protect the victims.

    I had expected as a minium that you would not present lies and distortions - but I see that you think you are doing it for a good cause and therefore it is permitted.

    For the rest of us - if a person steals a penny it doesn't provide justification saying he stole a million dollars or even $10.. There is such a thing as truth - something which you seem to have difficulty in understanding.

  4. @Yossel - please read the two article I put up about statisics. It has been said there are lies, dam lies and statistics. There are questions about which populations were sampled. What questions were used. There are major questions anytimes statistics are tossed around.

    A statistic which is found in one population doesn't mean that it applies to other populations.

    Your claim about my credibility indicates that you have no understanding about statistics. Extrapolating from one statisical finding in one populaton - leads to even more errors.

  5. @Yossel - I answered you already on this. Statistics are not absolute values such a gravity or the speed of light in a vacuum. This also shows up when trying to establish recidism rates - the numbers are all over the place depending on the criteon used, population sampled and the randomness of the sample etc.

    It is not the same thing as taking my comments out of context and attributing views to me that he knows I don't hold. It is not the same as stating that the BD is demoting certain staff - when members of the beis din tell me that is a lie. It is not claiming that a woman is an employee of the seminary when she is not

  6. I wonder what the statistics are when at least 2 girls accuse the same man of sex abuse and the man gives a written confession confirming their allegations as well as admitting to having multiple additional victims.
    I bet it's about 100% .

  7. There is no written confession confirming their claims, nor any written confession of any sort. More of your lies.

  8. My apologies. There was a verbal confession to the allegations attested to by the CBD in addition to a written list of multiple other victims. If this handwritten list of additional victims isn't tantamount to a written confession, then what exactly was the reason for this list? Just a list of his favorite alumni?


  10. False. There was no verbal confession to "sexual violence," or to any of their other allegations. There is also no such list of victims. It does not exist. Nor have any other victims appeared other than the two who have filed suit. These are all falsehoods perpetrated by the CBD for reasons I have explained. Their letter is replete with lies.

  11. Yerachmiel,
    When your blog makes up outrageous lies about me and my brother and I ask you for permission to respond on your blog, you refuse. But you come here and have your say. Well, I have had my say on my blog at about the falseness and brazen filth coming from frum follies, the Jewish anti-Semites and hate provokers, and several people have joined in over there. Anyone else who wants to add their thoughts to this hate monger and filth purveyor may do that. By the way Y or whatever your real name is, why don't you come on the Internet with your real name? Well, what are you hiding? My brother and I have nothing to hide. And if it is true that you are not religious, why do you publish remarks about Torah that cast aspersions on people who are religious? Why don't you go find a hole for hating anti-religious people and publish over there?

  12. "And if it is true that you are not religious, why do you publish remarks
    about Torah that cast aspersions on people who are religious?"

    To my knowledge, the blog who publishes most remarks about Torah that cast aspersions on people who are religious is this blog here. It publishes comments advocating spousal rape in the name of halacha, it publishes comments (including your own) encouraging abusive husbands to withhold a get, it publishes many condescending remarks (including your own) about and towards people who are not deemed learned enough, it publishes public shaming of talmidei chachamim when they do not share your opinions.

    All in all, an unbiased reader of this blog and its comments goes away with the impression that darchei torah are NOT darchei noam and that religious jews are oppresive to their own kind, especially to women.


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