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Schlesinger Twins: Who is Judge Konstanze Thau?

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Thau's Involvement in the case of the Schlesinger Twins

The Austrian newspaper, Heute, reported back in 2013: "This newspaper can now reveal the findings of our research: For months a high court judge (name known) has intervened on the side of the father (the high court judge is a good friend of the ex-husband)."

In fact, according to this post, "judge Konstanze Thau (who has no legal position in the case) was a family friend of Schlesinger's, and was advising him as admitted by Schlesinger in court and documented in the court transcripts."

Back in 2013, an investigation was lodged to investigate her involvement in the case although it is not clear whether any investigation was actually carried out or left to fade away. The article reads: 'Lawyer Dr Helmut Krenn said the case has been suspended while the court investigates whether the judge, Susanne Goettlicher, acted improperly by allowing another judge, Konstanze Thau, to intervene in the case. Dr Krenn said: “I applied to transfer the case to another court because of the intervention.”'

Judge Thau was frequently mentioned during the Debate in British Parliament as having made inappropriate communication with the people involved in the case.

Dr Ulrike Willinger (the psychologist responsible for writing a since-discredited 80 page criticism of the mother which heavily contributed to the 2011 custody decision) was an employee of Kenneth Thau, Konstanze Thau's husband. It seems odd that the judge specifically commissioned Dr Willinger to write the report and was never highlighted as a conflict of interest. This raises even more questions as this report has since been independently proven to be wildly inaccurate in favor of Mr Schlesinger. The custody decision was never reversed despite this underpinning report containing dubious findings.

There is further evidence to suggest that Konstanze Thau was working behind the scenes by the fact that Chabad Rabbi Biderman felt it necessary to forward the mother's private emails to her: http://helpbeth.blogspot.co.uk/p/court-document-rabbi-biderman-sent.html.


  1. Are there any lawyers out there to comment?

  2. Its not looking particularly good for Biderman. When will Chabad do the honorable thing and sever all ties between him and Chabad?

  3. If all this is true, it's quite a scandal. Why are the police not involved?

  4. So
    we have it! There is an admission in court and on court
 that Judge Konstanze Thau was helping Michael in his spiteful bid
    for custody 
of his and Beth’s children. A Judge who not only interferes in a
    case that is nothing to do with her but also assists a violent and abusive
    husband in furthering his abuse. A corrupt Judge whose
    husband who just happens to employ
 Willinger who we know wrote a now
    dis-credited report on Beth
. A Chabad
    Rabbi in cahoots with a corrupt Judge!!
    He tells lies to the already corrupt court that those poor traumatised
    children are doing well. He sent Beth’s
    private emails to him on to Thau! What
    was that for Rabbi Biderman – to plot some more? Where
    are Chabad today to save these precious children. How
    many times to we hear from Chabad how precious every
 Jewish soul is and how every Jew matters. 
All the Kiruv and Chesed they practice comes to absolutely nothing in
the face of this. What a
    scandal in Vienna!

  5. The truth of the involvement of Thau and her husband is coming
    out. They are a clearly corrupt and dishonest
    pair who caring nothing about the damage they have caused and the lives they
    have ruined. All the good work being
    done by Chabad around the world as well as Chabad’s good name is being negated
    by the actions of Chabad Vienna in this case and still they turn a blind eye and push the sufferiing of Beth and her children under the carpet as if it doesn't exist.
    Chabad needs to investigate now how and why one of their own emissaries is so
    obviously doing wrong? Why does Rabbi Biderman continue
    to shelter Michael and defer to him in not allowing any communication with Beth
    regarding her children. Methinks it is not just Hamas who are hiding
    behind innocent women and children… The
    damage that has been done to these children will soon be irreversible

  6. As Schlesinger knows, you can corrupt the police in Austria for about 20 Euro. They can even give you an invoice!

  7. What have you done Konstanze and Kenneth Thau? Sammy
    & Benji are in a terrible state today because of you vile people. Why would you do this? How suspicious that Ulrike Willinger was
    Kenneth Thau’s employee. It gets dirtier
    and dirtier. Who is at the helm of it
    all? Michael, what about it Michael, you’ve
    certainly been a busy boy between kicking your wife about, spreading lies about
    her with Janet’s help trying to lock her away with Foldes’ help and plotting
    with the Thau’s to take her beloved children away from her. Michael couldn’t hit her physically any more
    but he took her children away from her to misuse her and them further. He took their teeth out and neglected them
    and traumatised them to the extent that they can’t talk properly at 5 ½ years
    old. He’s thrown them into the Chabad Kindergarten and Chabad who are so
    involved with Jewish values; Jewish education and spreading the Jewish word
    don’t blink an eyelid when they are with the Filipinos when not in the
    kindergarten. Yes Chabad, two Goishke
    women are to all intents and purposes bringing up two precious Jewish children
    and one of your Rabbis is helping in this Chillul HaShen. Not only that Chief Rabbi Eisenberg, Rabbi
    Pardes and Jewish Community Vienna turn their heads away at this evil. Is there anyone in Vienna honest and decent
    enough to take a stand for this innocent mother and her children?

  8. How many pieces of silver greased the palms?


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