Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Schlesinger Twins: Scrooge lives in Austria - Beth denied extra holiday time with her kids

Why is Michael smiling? Could it be because he succeeded in blocking any extra time for Beth during Chanukah?

Divided custody is rough on the children and rough on the parents. It is especially rough on the children when they are given only very limited time with their mother and are condemned by the courts to be raised primarily by 2 non-Jewish women whose native language is neither German or English. One constant in custody division is that courts usually are concerned that children spend equal quality time with their parents over a holiday period.

Beth was given a clearly unjust ruling concerning her time that she is allowed to spend with her sons - but it has improved over the outrageous ruling that took full custody away from her and gave it to Michael - who had previously been allowed limited supervised visits.

Austrian friends of Beth have informed me - (remember the courts have blocked Beth from publicizing any information about her children) - that while Chanukah goes from Tuesday night (16th) to Wednesday (24th) - the courts are not changing Beth's access to her children and she got to see them Tuesday (16th) and will see them next Tuesday (24th). 

Typically courts divide custody during the holiday period rather than keep to the non-holiday division. Courts around the world recognize how important it is for the children to spend equal time during a holiday season - why doesn't the Vienna court?


  1. Another example of Michael's nastiness and cruelty to Beth, Sammy & Benji!

  2. To summarize, Biderman and Thau are clearly involved in a corruption ring in Vienna. As long as this ring is in place, we will continue to read sad stories about this injustice.

    While Biderman remains in his position, no other avenue will be able to access any form of justice. If people wish to lend any help to the mother, they should channel all of this energy towards the Biderman problem.

    If those in Chabad want to SINCERELY help, they should be making life very difficult for Biderman instead of redirecting blame at everyone else (like a naughty elementary school kid). Sadly all Chabad seem to do is stay silent and thereby assist Biderman in his corrupt ways.

    Chabad spends so much time on "outreach", perhaps they should start a programme of "inreach" and try to make some of their Shluchim return to Torah and Mitzvos.

  3. can cross Australia off your list of places to visit....we dont accept men who abuse Mothers and children...stay in Vienna with your corrupt group of "professional" friends...your wall will crumble one day...the truth will win

  4. The answer to your final question can only be because the court is biased, partisan, possibly corrupt, and is supported by communal leaders who cannot distinguish right from wrong.

  5. fedupwithcorruptrabbisDecember 18, 2014 at 3:57 PM

    To all of you who hate Michael: Will you also defend a man whose ex-wife wont let him see his children or do you believe in feminist supremacy? Since I know of many such cases and not a peep from anyone!

  6. do you bore yourself?

  7. Please tell me where I can read more about your case online. Anonymous comments on unrelated blog posts that you have hijacked don't count.

  8. fedup,
    Very good point. I hear incredible stories about husbands going to jail, losing their children, being deprived of livlhoods, gag orders, etc. And this has the full blessing of the secular courts. Unfortunately, the New York State GET Law that forces husbands to give a GET right or wrong or else suffer with heavy fiscal fines and poor custody arrangements is the work of some modern Orthodox rabbis and prominent leaders. That is why I made my blog with over fifty posts about suffering husbands and my request that ladies can also contact me. I want to make a special ladies group just as I have a special men's group. Lately a lady called me from a very distant place and told me she will only talk to me because she has learned never to trust anyone, until she saw my blog. Rav Elayshev zt"l told me that he takes away chezkas Beth Din, the power of being a Beth Din, from any Beth Din that does wrong things to coerce husbands. But many Beth Dins today do this. All of the Gittin that they make are not accepable, according to the Gedolim in Israel, Rav Kanievsky and Rav Wosner, etc. A woman divorced in such a Beth Din must get a new GET hopefully before she has any children from the new husband. The Chazon Ish says that any Beth Din that demands a GET from a husband when the law is that he is not to be coerced has produced an invalid GET and the children born from it are mamzerim. But it is common practice for Beth Dins to tell husbands that they must divorce. Any child born form a divorced mother may be in a terrible situation. And nobody cares. The only mitsvah they know is to help ladies.

  9. fedup,
    I think you may be mistaken. Corruption implies that they know the halacha and bend it. But who says they know the halacha? I have spoken to a lot of dayanim and people who pasken about Gittin and some very big names had some very dumb mistakes.

  10. To
    fedup Richard has got it right you are boring.
    All you do is rant on about feminists.
    To clarify in case you have not noticed this is about two little boys
    who were brutally ripped out of their mother’s arms and denied her ever since
    and handed to someone who was deemed so dangerous he was only allowed
    supervised visitation. If you have a
    bee in your bonnet about women who don’t let their ex-husbands see their children
    this is not the place for it nor will you ever justify Michael’s terrible behaviour to Beth. Rav David with respect we are not talking
    about Gittin here again the subject is Michael’s continued abuse of Beth and
    their children and without forgetting the collusion of the corrupt judge
    Konstanza Thau, Rabbi Yakov Biderman and the collusion at the very least
    through the disregard of their suffering by the Jewish community leaders and
    Rabbonim in Vienna.

  11. I have been following this blog with amazement. We have here an appeal court judge who has been advising a violent abusive husband to gain custody of his twin children and even though it was documented in Court her involvement has not been called into question. We have Dr Fuldes, head of a Psychiatric hospital ready to commit a highly intelligent young mother to a psychiatric hospital without having ever met her or spoken to her. We have the head of Chabad School in Vienna writing a report to the judge to say the children are psychologicaly doing very well and the judge reported that his own staff have reported that they are seeing a psychiatrist because they have been self harming. And someone reported on Daas Torah blog that the Chief Rabbi can be found in the Casino all the time.I can only conclude that there is a giant experiment going on in Austria whereby they are banging up anyone who is sane and releasing the loonies to run the Country!

  12. So what did you do to keep michael schllesinger from entering Australia? Were you successful?

  13. Another bewildered onlookerDecember 21, 2014 at 12:23 PM

    .....and guess who's working in the mental hospital, yes that's right Dr. Michael Schlesinger. You couldn't make it up.......

  14. If there is some kind of social experimenting going on in Austria as Bewildered Onlooker thinks that is very very frightening especially for Jewish children and twins as well!!! Why is the Jewish community not looking into this? Why is Konstanza Thau not being investigated and much more why are the leaders of the community not up in arms about her and Rabbi Biderman? Apart from everything they have brought disgrace to their whole community. It sounds as someone is protecting them? Michael is clearly a very disturbed and angry individual and a victim of his dysfunctional and bizarre upbringing. That is why he was banging his head on the wall in the early days of his marriage. He recognised deep within himself that he just couldn’t cope with normal living and he is obviously so angry with himself. He takes it out on other people who have done nothing to him he would be better looking inwards and asking himself why he was unable to be in a normal marriage and why he was violent to Beth who married him in good faith, to her father and his own father who never wronged him and was kicked out his life for no reason. As a parent surely he wants better for his children than he had. Its not Beth’s fault – she did nothing but love him. Whatever his issues are and they are many he should tackle them for the sake of his children and himself.

  15. Experiments in Austria? Hasn't Austria done enough in the past to anger the world? There is nothing worse than cruelty to children?

    What are the Rabbis doing there? Why are they allowing this awful state of affairs to continue? What are the Heads of the Jewish Community doing - Oskar Deutsch?

    As for that judge Konstanza Thau. Doesn't she have a few outstanding accusations against her?

    Then the father Michael Schlesinger! Is he really a doctor, or a doctor in hiding? He sounds really manipulative and seems to have severe behavioual problems. All the signs are there!

    A country with such a reputation! Who said Austria isn't corrupt?

  16. Exactly Jeremy - Austria and for Jews to stand by and watch Jewish children suffering like this traumatised missing teeth since two years old and still not talking properly at five years old and lets not forget being brought up by Filipinos who speak neither English nor German. Who knows if Michael Schlesinger is really a doctor or a doctor in hiding (in the mental hospital no less)! Where indeed are Messrs Deutsch and Musicant? In hiding as well? Jews betraying jewish children in Austria - it doesn't look so good for the Jews as well as the Austrians does it now. Michael sure does have behavioural problems it would seem like he has banged his head so much he could have scrambled his brains!


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