Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rivky Stein Yoel Weiss divorce:An Open Appeal to the Rabbis and Kehillos of Marine Park and Mill Basin, Brooklyn:

Guest post by Recipients and Publicity
As this is Rosh Chodesh Tamuz, and the terrible days of The Three Weeks approach, it behooves us to strive for peace and improve on the mitzvos bein adam lechaveiro. In this spirit we turn to you in the matter of a Jewish couple fighting in public over their bitter divorce proceedings that is causing an increasing chillul Hashem berabim. In the zechus of helping to try make peace between a warring couple, or at least resolving their acrimonious dispute hopefully peacefully as soon as possible, we turn to you for your help in locating the bais din and rabbis who have issued the documents commencing the get etc to understand their role in this matter and explain it to the best of their abilities in fuller Halachic terms. 
You may have by now become aware of a very serious matter (see "">Orthodox Jewish woman launches social media campaign to convince her husband to grant her a religious divorce
" NY Daily News, June 23, 2014 and "">") that now involves the names of your communities in both Marine Park and Mill Basin concerning a supposed bais din by the name of "BEIT  DIN  ZEDEK  OF  MARINE  PARK  &  MILL  BASIN" that appears on documents published online at  
"Psak Beit Din" and on "Siruv Against Yoel from Beit Din" (see also  "Notice of Excommunication") the address of this supposed "BEIT  DIN  ZEDEK" appears as "1278 East 77nd (sic) Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234, Tel (347) 875-7874, [Email:]" In addition on those documents the names of three ""dayyanim"" are listed as: "Rabbi Chaim Taub ('dayyan') Rabbi David Binyamin Abales ('av bais din') Rabbi Yehoshua Goodman ('dayyan')"
However, there is till no verification available as to the bona fides of the above-named bais din and its reputed "dayyanim" in spite of serious requests for clarification among those who are seriously following the case resulting from posts by Rivky Stein at">
and by her followers and detractors on various blogs and on social networking sites or by those who have read about this case in a full page article in the NY Daily News or by those on blogs and websites that are now closely tracking, getting to the source of the matter, and trying to genuinely and truthfully understand what is going on since this sordid matter has been broken wide open and thrown to the international Jewish and non-Jewish worlds via the Internet starting with Rivky Stein and her publicists and supporters who are working to help her obtain her get ASAP.
Thus so far, in spite of many requests and questions no one seems to have heard of the bais din in question or of its three "dayyanim" including its "av bais din":  "Rabbi Chaim Taub ('dayyan') Rabbi David Binyamin Abales ('av bais din') Rabbi Yehoshua Goodman ('dayyan')"!

The basic question is, does such a bais din actually exist in your communities of Marine Park and Mill Basin and are its three "dayyanim" known to you or anyone else? If so, is this bais din recognized as being respectable and upstanding and a good one to use in your communities and do you have any experience with this particular bais din, particularly in the area of gittin ("divorce cases") and issuing seruvim ("refusing to submit to judgment") and issuing decrees of niddui ("excommunication") against "recalcitrant" husbands or any other Jews? When was this bais din set up and who gives a haskoma to this bais din and who would be its best references?
If you or anyone has any further information about "BEIT  DIN  ZEDEK  OF  MARINE  PARK  &  MILL  BASIN" and/or its rabbis "Chaim Taub, David Binyamin Abales, Yehoshua Goodman" please ask them to respond or please contact Rabbi Dr. Daniel Eidensohn, a noted author, Halachist and psychologist, who is the owner of this blog known as the ">Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity
" blog (see it for the latest posts regarding this matter) he can be reached via Email at, since he, and many of us who wish to help settle this matter peacefully in the best interest of Klal Yisroel, are making a constructive good faith effort to genuinely understand what is going on and to hopefully help to resolve this entire sad chapter as soon as possible so that it does not cause any more of a Chillul Hashem than has already taken place.

Thanking you in advance.

P.S. To anyone reading this who may be able to locate anyone who may be able to resolve the existence and status of the above-named bais din and/or its rabbis, please post the information on this blog or contact the blog owner at Thank you!


  1. RDE: I think the husband's statement in response to this mess deserves to be placed in a post of its own, to get it above all the noise and chatter clouding up the older posts.

  2. If he wants to write a guest post I will be glad to make a separate post

  3. We know that Rivkies team/Dicker has been active here. Is Yoely aware of this website and the invitation? Is there a way to reach out to him?

  4. Rabbi Michael TzadokJune 29, 2014 at 10:36 PM

    His email is posted on her website. I sent him an email 12 days ago.

  5. I doubt he is checking an email that Dicker exposed to people calling him a nazi, ym"s.

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  7. this is not the first time she has done this and everyone is overlooking the other crazy allegations she has made...apparently from all the people in brooklyn who know her or him and his family not one thing listed did she ever mention to maybe an abused person is hurt and does not talk for a long time before feeling safe enough to saysomething but what about everything else? Not one word to anyone? And she is the only person in the world who knows these stories? Do they not have one enemy from their life of crime that can come forwarf and say something to prove herbstories are even somewhat beleivable? Not one person saying a family member harrased or stole or even owes them money? From this whole family of criminals??they must be the most holy crine syndicate the world has ever seen.

  8. Hey, so what that she made up stories. Listen carefully please:


    Ohh, you're saying what abuse. Please, don't confuse me with the facts. I'm a Facebooker, and that's all that counts. Facebook has really wisened me up. I will keep on repeating my lies since I know that based upon the truth, there's no chance of her getting what she doesn't deserve.

  9. I think it is safe to assume the wife engaged a kangaroo so-called "beit din" that is simply a hired hand in the guise of a beis din. They've issued a so-called "psak" that violated elementary and basic concepts of halacha and the laws of butei dinim. No beis din can hear a case without both parties present, let alone issue a psak without hearing both sides simultaneously. The so-called dayanim are names no one heard of or know from or who they are. It can be safely said they are fictitious names just as the "beit din" itself is. (And who calls themselves a "beit" din rather than a beis din, unless they are either Sephardic or Zionistic.)

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