Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sholom Shuchat admits guilt in Mendel Epstein divorce torture case

APP    A Brooklyn man characterized by the FBI as an enforcer has pleaded guilty to taking part in a plot that prosecutors say involved a Lakewood rabbi and his son to use violence to kidnap an Orthodox Jewish man and force him to give his wife a religious divorce.

Sholom Shuchat pleaded guilty in federal court in Newark on Monday to traveling in interstate commerce to commit an act of violence. The crime carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence.


  1. Eliezer, do you know both sides?

    I know of a couple of cases where Epstein was hired (although there was no actual beating). In one case the woman made claims of the husband being a monster. She had articles written making this claim. She paid Epstein the big bucks.

    What did the husband want? Only what Beis Din and court ruled as far as his kids were concerned. He also wanted a (relatively) small amount of money put in escrow to ensure compliance with the kids, something the well-known woman-leaning Beis Din agreed was necessary. She spent a lot more money on Epstein.....

    Just because the husband doesn't go around having articles written, it doesn't make the woman right or the husband wrong.

  2. Oh, I get it. Your logic is: a husband (allegedly) sins, so his wife is (somewhat) justified taking the law into her hand. Are you married? If so, may I make a suggestion? If your marriage (allegedly) sours, why not stick your head in a plastic bag while using a cattle prod here and there on yourself? Save your wife a few bucks while getting around all those pesty legalities.

  3. Again, will the fbi prosecute the wife / wife's family?

  4. What about recalcitrant wives?

  5. What's this story? http://m.nydailynews.com/new-york/jewish-woman-launches-social-media-campaign-convince-hubby-grant-article-1.1840953#bmb=1

  6. Facing heavy sentencing, they're all copping pleas in exchange for testifying against Epstein and Wolmark.

  7. They should put the wives that hired the Epstein gang into prison for the same length as Epstein and Wolmark.

  8. What's the story behind the article in the NY Post today? Anyone know?

  9. I hope that they will reveal the names of the women, and charges will be filed.

  10. That is a brilliant sad but humorous way of summing up divorce in the frum world.

    Men have no rights or say whatsoever when it comes to divorce. If his ideas on divorce does not meet or exceed the woman's wants and demands then he has suddenly and irreversibly contracted a terminal social disease. This disease and its underlying cause (his wife) will destroy him. The progression is only slowed by the amount of resources he can expend and personal sacrifice he can endure. No one will have any compassion for the man who doesn't conform. Society shuns him. Religion won't protect him, quite the opposite the religion will turn on him aka Sholom Shuchat the enforcer and familly will for his own well being pressure him to give in to all the terroristic demands

    The crusaders like Rabbi Gestetner have given up and no longer offer even a glimmer of hope. Religion and thousands of years of tradition have all but evaporated in just a few generations. And the mamzer epidemic has just begun.

    All men need to take notice and understand. If you don't stick up and support your brothers now, there will be no one to help you if g-d forbid you wind up in this situation yourself.

    As horrific as it sounds. Today the best advice a man can get in this situation is to roll over and play possum. Give her all of what she is demanding. The children, your home and even half all your future income and retirement. With any luck you will be permitted (yes you need permission in NY) by your wife to VISIT!! your own children on her terms. Unless you currently live in an Islamic state you really have no choice. Believe me those Islamic states are not as insane as you may think they are. There ultimate goal (beyond the destruction of all Jewish life) is to wipe out all vestiges of feminism the western world so eagerly and foolishly embraced. The experiment in the west has failed. We men strove for equality among the sexes and in turn received inequality beyond all imagination. Women today are only in relationships as long as they benefit from it. (look up briffaults law).

    For men today, the men on the receiving end of the stick. The defendants in thier divorce. To them it is akin to a slow progressing terminal disease that slowly eats away at everything you have ever created\built and then once it has all been wiped out it culminates in a living death.

    The weak fold and cave in to unreasonable demands and these coerced divorces will have repercussions beyond the grave in the form of a mamzer sub class. The strong get reduced to shell's of their former selves and are branded monsters by all.

    When final judgment will be heared by g-d I know which of the two will ultimately get a seat up front in the next world. I also know that most of you out there have no clue. Next time your in Shull ask the guy who won't be given an aliya why he did what he did. Then look up for yourself if what he did and the reasons he did it for are halochicaly correct.

  11. Well said, well said.

    Sad, unfortunate, but true.

    I do have to add that it is not all over after the railroading. Hashem has His way. Look where Epstein, Goldstein and Wolmark ended up? Nebach.
    Even Goldstein's kids.
    Even Epstein's son.

    Conversely, Hashem is a מַגְבִּֽיהַּ שְׁפָלִים and has raised up many, many, many of these men (or women, in the cases where they were being railroaded). Often, it does take time, but it happens. Reb Moshe Feinstein used to tell men after a divorce that the Bais Haleivi wrote a get, Reb Boruch Ber wrote a get and they were still successful in life.

    I would add the Malbim, Rabbi Yaakov of Lisa....
    Chazak v'ematz!

  12. Get extortion is wrongJune 24, 2014 at 11:13 PM

    I suspect that many commentators commenting in favor of get extortion and spousal rape are a bit like Yoel Weiss in this story here.


    I do not condone beating up recalcitrant husbands. I think the best solution to get extortion would be to put a t'nai in the ketuba that the marriage is invalid if the wife demands a get and the husband refuses to give it after a reasonable amount of time (e.g. 1 year)

  13. Sir, have you ever heard of the Rama?

    Do you believe in following G-d's commandments and laws?

    In the case of Rivkie Stein, they are involved in a serious custody battle. Any responsible parent would not seek to remarry while still involved in a custody dispute. A reasonable and responsible person will finish off the custody issues prior to dating.
    Additionally, that's what the Rama paskens. The Rama paskens that a man should not give a get until all issues are resolved.


    As to your slanderous claims that Yoely Weiss raped his wife - you are despicably disgusting for throwing this out here. Is everything fair to you in love and war?! There is absolutely no proof at all that Rivkie Stein was ever punched or raped. If she was, why didn't she think of telling anyone until she went onto this media campaign? Why didn't she tell anyone when it supposedly happened?

    She has had Yoely arrested several times, yet all the charges have been dismissed!!! RIvkie is absolutely untrustworthy. Period.

  14. Honesty, its very weird that you sre defending him so strongly when the recordings on the website seem to indicate that he is withholding the get only out of spite,

  15. Actually it is weird for you to believe everything that is posted by one side. They both have youtube video's. The case is also weird and it is not clear to me why she suddenly decided to go public about it.

    From the information I have received concerning both sides - it is not really clear what is going on. That is the reason why I haven't made a post about it yet.

  16. I agree that there is a lot we don't know- and if you ask me it seems like a Motzo min es mino situation. But he clearly has said that he is not giving the get for 5 years because she got him arrested 5 times. That's not OK, You yourself have said on this blog that withholding a get for no reason is not the right thing to do. Spite is worse then no reason.

    I'm not aware of his page, and haven't seen any of his videos. Do you have a link>?

  17. Yosef Fried,

    Which recordings are you referring to?

    The Daily News article, which she solicited, explicityly quotes him saying that he will give a get as soon as the custody battle is over.

    He insists he’ll give it to her as soon as their messy custody battle is hashed out in family court.

  18. please get off your soapbox. We have gone through tossing out charges of get extortion in the past and have shown them to be often vague or wrong - but according to secular law and halacha.. We have also gone through cases of divorcing spouses making wild and unsubstantiated charges. Your suggestions doesn't have any rabbinic backing - so what relevance does it have? Let's stick to the real world - which includes halachic reality.

  19. Get extortion is wrongJune 25, 2014 at 9:20 PM

    Well, you can be happy because there seems to be no civil divorce in this case, since they never got a marriage licence (which would forbidden over here, but many things are possible in the USA).. She claims no assets from him. So where is his problem? According to the mediator, he explicitly says that he refuses the get out of spite and that he does not really want 50% custody, he just wants to use it in order to have power over her.

    The blog author remains true to his position in favor of get extortion.

  20. Patience welcome back!.

    You remain true to your past problems of having trouble reading English and therefore properly understanding what the issues are. Furthermore you are still being blinded by your strong feminist and anti-halachic bias.

  21. I listened to that recording, where it does not seems at all that he is withholding a get out of spite.

    It doesn't bode well for a cause when you stoop to lies.

  22. Who is the "mediator"?

    According to the "mediator" I spoke to, she is refusing to accept a get and has begun this whole media campaign in order to have power over him and to continue her abuse of Yoely.

    Poor Yoely!

  23. It's wonderful that Lubavitchers and Lakewooder's can work together. Apparently only violence can make peace.

    Regardless, the lesson here is that, if your going to beat the heck out of someone, keep it within your own state.

  24. OY VEY
    Look what rabbis are doing
    It is not kosher.


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