Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tzedaka with accountability: The Robin Hood Foundation

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  1. While I can understand how using business know how and data can make a soup kitchen or a super market more profitable, being a top business man does not make one into an educator and that is the heart of the great divide in American education lead by corporate education reform – destroy public education , create private schools that are essentially long hours test prep factories , take money from the public funds and pay your executives running the schools enormous salaries.and of course finance and support politicians

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    Add 60 Minutes to the group of mindless cheerleaders for corporate school reform. On Sunday, 60 Minutes did yet another soft soap almost pornographically uncritical paean to Paul Tudor Jones, a Wall Street billionaire and hedge fund manager who is pushing……wait for it…………drum roll……..you guessed it…..charter schools. What a shock, he won’t deign to donate his massive wealth to the REAL public schools, all his money is going to his pet charter schools. Scott Pelley got all dewy eyed in his shameless cheerleading for this hedge fund saint, Paul Tudor Jones. And of course Tudor’s charter schools are a total success, no questions asked, no investigations into the data and the details. Charter schools take public tax money……why doesn’t this billionaire use his own money to fund these schools and pay for the tuition, bussing and supplies for all the pupils. Why don’t Tudor and all his billionaire buddies fund their charter schools privately without any tax dollars, they have the money.


    You see, the charter schools say they get higher test scores (they don't; on the 2013 state tests, the charter schools had the same scores as the public schools). The billionaires believe that students with high test scores deserve more privileges than students with low scores. Sort of like their own world, where those with the most money get to live in bigger houses, drive nicer cars, and have multiple privileges.
    How did the legislature capitulate to the billionaires? Ask Paul Tudor Jones, who manages $13 billion and has decided that it is up to him to "save" American education. Ask Dan Loeb, hedge fund manager. Ask Democrats for Education Reform, which is the organization of hedge fund managers that is politically active in many states to promote privatization. Maybe they can explain why a child with high test scores is more deserving than a child with disabilities.- Dianne Ravitch


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