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Schlesinger Twins: Does Michael's tragic family history explain his cruelty to Beth? Part I

updated with Beth's father-in-laws testimony and prohibition to see grandchildren.
Just received the following letter from Beth Alexander in which she speculates about the basis for her husband's cruel campaign against her involvement with her children. I will be publishing additional information regarding this in another post.
Last week the father wrote another spiteful letter to court denying the children greater access to their mother. He also insisted that the current arrangement whereby the handovers are done at a visiting centre every second Sunday and outside supermarkets on Tuesdays by a private person (former worker at the visiting centre) mustn't change and that I must continue to pay 50 Euro per visit.

He refuses to allow me to pick them up from the kindergarten because he claims I would 'disrupt their routine and calm' Why is he so afraid of me meeting the teachers and other parents? What is he trying to hide?

He refused the generous offer of Chief Rabbi Eisenberg to supervise the handovers for free because of the 'tension between them'.

He denied the twins weekends or overnights with their mother because he claims they need 'intensive therapy and I 'don't recognize their needs.'He said they need stability with 'the father and his family!' The children are mostly seen with the Filipinos. I wasn't aware that 2 Filipinos are part of the Schlesinger family.

Why, after almost 3 years, is he still hell bent on denying Sammy and Benji their mother?

I can only surmise that his own tragic family history explains much of his behaviour today. His own father fought a ten year battle just for visiting rights to Michael and his sister Tina. Michael's mother used the same tactics to deny him all contact. He missed out on their entire childhood. She poisoned the children against their father and to this day they still bear a searing hatred for a man they don't even know - they were 3 and 6 when their mother and her parents decided to dispose of Abraham Mandel. Is that what Michael is trying to repeat with me?

His actions contradict the statement he made to court in 2011 (before he was awarded custody):
'The children's father doesn't consider the mother his enemy...but he recognizes that painting a positive picture of the mother and allowing regular contact with the children is essential for the healthy development of his sons.'
Court application, 10.6.2011
'Der Kindesvater betrachtet die Kindesmutter nicht als seine Feindin...sondern anerkennt, dass ein positives Bild der Mutter und ein regelmaessiger Kontakt zu den Kindern ein wesentlicher Bestandteil fuer eine gesunde Entwicklung seiner Soehne ist.'
After we separated I established contact with my father-in-law, a kind, gentle man who like me, was denied his role as a parent to his children. I invited him to come regularly to visit his grandchildren, Sammy and Benji, whom he soon grew to love.

He witnessed the dramatic and poignant moment his son, whom he hadn't seen for over 30 years, cruelly and violently snatched his newly discovered grandchildren from their mother.

[ Abraham Mandel (aka Jonny) has provided the following written testimony concerning this event. This is translated from the German text is placed at the end of this post].
I hereby testify on oath with full knowledge of the penalty for untruthful testimony. On 26.7.2011 my daughter-in-law Beth Schlesinger called me and asked me to come urgently to her apartment because there was a court order that the children were to be taken away.
I came by taxi as quickly as possible. As I arrived, I met Rabbi Hofmeister, my daughter-in-law, her parents and the children outside the building. A woman I did not know suddenly appeared in the lobby. She was waving some papers. I was holding Benjamin in my arms. This unknown woman (the lawyer) pointed her finger at me and ordered me to leave the building.
l stood next to Rabbi Hofmeister, whose phone was ringing continually . The Rabbi held the phone to my ear and told me quietly that my son was hounding him with calls claiming that I had no right to be there to see the children being taken away. I could hear on the Rabbi's phone how hysterically he was screaming, that he couldn't remove the children as long as I was there. He constantly threatened he would immediately call the police unless I left the building. I told the Rabbi that I would not be intimidated. I wanted to be with my grandchildren one last time.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, my son together with my daughter stormed into the building and she started screaming hysterically at me: 'Get out of here! What do you want? You ruined my life!'
I stretched out my hands to calm her down but she kept screaming louder and louder, 'Get out! You ruined my life!' Then the following occurred: I passed by my son, he made a sudden movement and hit my toes with his foot. I was under the impression that it was deliberate and asked him whether this was a reaction or whether he had hurt me on purpose. He didn't answer.
Both children saw everything and were crying. They cried incessantly and reached out their arms to their mother who was herself in shock. My son, daughter and the unknown woman then quickly left.
The mother took the crying child and tried to calm him down. I went up to the apartment with Rabbi Hofmeister, my daughter-in-law and her parents. My daughter-in-law couldn't unlock the door. We were all shocked to discover that he (my son) had had the lock changed before he came to take the children away.
There was a note on the door saying that the new key was in the postbox. Beth's father collected it. The Rabbi went back down to the lobby. I went into the kitchen with my daughter-in-law and the children. Beth sat the children down and gave them dinner. The children calmed down and began to eat.
A short time later four policemen came to the door and ordered the children to be taken away immediately. I was watching the children eating. They were immediately taken out of the apartment
My daughter-in-law wanted to go with them to the front of the building to say goodbye. A policeman held her back and the others blocked her so unfortunately she couldn't move.
Beth's father and Rabbi Hofmeister took the children and carried them down the stairs. I accompanied them. The children began to cry again. My son simply grabbed them and quickly disappeared. The children's cries could be heard long after they left the building.

After Jonny saw the children during one of my visits shortly after Michael was awarded custody, he was so horrified at their pitiful neglected state that he registered a danger report with the Social Services to have the children immediately removed from their father's custody.

The Social Services, instead of doing an immediate unannounced house visit to Dr S, instead broke all rules of confidentiality. They called him up, informed him his father had called them and said they were coming over for a chat. I had no idea any of this had taken place and was meanwhile waiting at the visiting centre for my Tuesday visit. I was then informed the father was angry at me because he thought I'd colluded with his father and he denied me my visit.

After that he denied me 4 subsequent visits and refused to reinstate my contact with the children unless I promised not to allow my father-in-law to see his grandchildren ever again. If not, he threatened to cut off all my contact with the children.

In a court hearing, the judge, Goettlicher forced me, at Dr S's insistence, to sign a declaration forbidding me from granting the children's paternal grandfather any more access to his grandchildren. There was no justification whatsoever for this order. It was based on pure spite and baseless hatred.

German text of Abraham Mandel (aka Jonny) -  Beth's father-in-law's-  testimony.


  1. On the last blogpost about the Schlesinger twins, one of Schlesingers supporters (possibly even Mr Schlesinger himself) made a slanderous accusation against chief rabbi eisenberg. The commentator claimed that this accusation is written in a newspaper article that is publicly available. However, when pushed, the commentator has been unable to produce the link.

    It looks like Schlesinger and his supporters will go to any lengths to destroy reputations of those in their way. Facts are irrelevant to their agenda.

    Is this the culture of Austrian Jewry?

    1. news,

      You make a valid point.

    2. See my comment a bit further down on this.

  2. It's so sad.

    The legacy of divorce and human destruction! Nebach.

    I have much more to say about Biderman and his henchmen/women than this sick man and his family. He is unfortunately ill, the product of a crazy upbringing. However, what's Biderman's excuse??!

  3. I want to share with you some Reb Isaac Sher on the 10 commandments – specifically a family situation where kids are denied a parent or grandparent. RIS says that social connections and most crucial family connections are vital for a life - chavruta o' mitutah . A person who uproots a child from his family destroys the child and is a murderer. The command – lo tignov is referring to goneiv nefashot = kidnapping. The Tana De bei eliyahu brought in the sefer chareidim talks about the connection between the mitzvah of kibud Av to lo tignov= kidnapping. If grandchildren don't respect their grandparents , it is the fault of the parents and it is as if the parents have kidnapped grandchildren from their grandparents. How much more so where a parent forbids contact between grandchildren and grandparents.
    The only way the Jewish community can live and condone these terrible aveirot is to call Beth and her father-in-law resha'im. If they are re'shaim – everything is permitted.

  4. Perhaps Avi Noffers (oh how we miss him!!) can shed some light on why the Schlesinger camp are trying to destroy chief rabbi eisenberg by using scandalous, libelous allegations that they claim can be verified using newspaper links but sadly are having a hard time coming up with the goods!

    We would hate for Avi to embarrass his source though. Oh so many questions....

    1. Hi Avrohom. I am touched, truly, by your fondness for me. I am almost moved to tears. I think you're a great guy as well.
      I have no idea how or why the Schlesinger camp are trying to discredit anyone. It will just have to remain one of the many questions whose answer you will just have to keep seeking.

    2. I have stopped commenting on this story because this blog is increasingly being used by Beth as a mouthpiece for more and more claims. Today she is a psychologist. The other day we read of a forged document from years ago which hadn't been unearthed till now. A supposed criminal act which the tentacles of the all-powerful Schlesinger gang were once again able to suppress.
      I have stated before that my position on this issue has altered in the past year, I am not anti-Beth but remain unconvinced by all of her claims. Many of the commentators seem to accept her story hook, line and sinker.
      I probably shall not crave your indulgence of reading me any more but since I received such a gracious invitation from Avrohom I felt compelled to post once more..

    3. I should clarify one thng in the post I made above. It reads as if I don't believe any of her claims. I have worded this poorly - I meant to say that I am not sure that every claim she makes is correct.

    4. Perhaps Avi could explain why he is "unconvinced" by Beth's allegations. They seem eminently reliable to me confirmed by documentary evidence and testimonies, and no alternative version has been offered.

  5. I am completely speechless as to the kind of slander you allow to be published on this blog. I am from Vienna and everyone knows that his father never wanted to recognize his own children in order not to pay any support. In fact, it was him, who refused any contact. In general, he is known as a very dishonest person. Believe me no one wants to have anything to do with him, but for one particular woman, apparently. So, what does this tell us? Moreover, the German text is not using correct German. Hooray, the storytelling goes on...have a good night all!

    1. It is the same slander that you and your "friends" are putting out. Perhaps you would like to put more background on the allegations claim against Chief Rabbi Eisenberg. Let's be consistent about this!

    2. Even more shocked about the slander that is being told about Michael's father!.

      Michael is treating Beth in the
      same way as his mother,
      Tamar, treated Michael's
      father. Isn't history repeating itself?

      What example are the boys going to
      have from a disfuncional family, who
      are all divorced and where there is no
      love. Quite the opposite to Beth's
      loving family!

      The order in the Schlesinger family is just pay up or else!

      The Schlesinger family make a habit of denying the children born into their family the "outside" parent.
      It is plain for all to see!

      Then Rabbi Eisenberg is being
      insulted, because he has
      shown some compassion and
      kindness. He wants the boys
      to see more of their mother
      and wants to see them handed
      to her in a signified way, not
      in a supermarket!

      Not only has Michael refused Rabbi
      Eisenberg's kind and generous offer, he has turned against him and is trying to blacken his name!

      Anyone who comes close to Beth including her kind nanny Nora is either
      threatened, abused, insulted and even
      libelous allegations are used
      against them.

      Is this the way to convince the world that the trial was fair?

      Is Michael Schlesinger saying do what I say or else!

      TTheyshame is that if this is the character of Michael and his family it
      is hardly surprising that the children
      can't speak.
      What chance do Sammy and Benji have?

      They must be living in complete fear!

    3. @ Shocked

      Which dysfunctional Schlesinger are you?

      The Schlesinger mother who could not stay in a marriage.

      The Schlesinger son who could not stay in a marriage.

      The Schlesinger daughter who could not stay in a marriage.

      You certainly read like the story of Cinderella. The wicked mother with two vile children who persecutes the underdog in the family, Beth.

      The Fairy Godmother will come and wave her wand.

      So Shocked, as you say in your comment, "Hooray, the storytelling goes on.......have a good night all!

    4. The German text is correct. Please explain what you think is wrong about it?

    5. There are a few mistakes in German, like "ihm anruft" instead of "ihn anruft" and "so schnell als möglich" instead of "so schnell wie möglich", as well as many commas missing, but it stands to reason that a not too well educated man who speaks viennese would make them. So yes, it is a bit unusual to write an affidavit with mistakes, but if Mr. Mandel is not particularly educated, it might well be his work...

    6. "The German text is correct"
      Who told you so? How can you verify the German text ist correct?

      There are indeed lots of mistakes in it, a few sentences don't make sense (apparently they were corrected and the author forgot to take out some words that were not needed with the new phrasing).

    7. Shocked: We can easily guess who you are once again - a member of the dysfunctional Schlesinger family. Use any moniker you like and we can still recognise you! So just as you're not very clever at disguising yourself, it may be that the boys' grandfather (or whoever typed this statement for him) does not write perfect German. But Viennese in general don't speak perfect German either. And many people are of average or above-average intelligence, well educated for their trade or profession, but still unable to write perfect High German. So I think you're a pot calling the kettle black!

    8. Pedantic "Patience"! The minor grammatical and spelling mistakes are of no importance whatsoever in this affidavit. The original was German and it's correctly translated into English. Anyone who knows both languages can follow both the German and the English texts and... the message is identical!

    9. "Ich hörte am Telefon des Rabbiners wie er hysterische geschrien hat"

      "und sie begann auf mich hysterisch zu schreien mit folgenden Wörter"

      "Ein Zettel auf die Tür hat mitgeteilt"

      My immediate reaction to these and other phrases in the purported German original affidavit was to think of a native English speaker with long exposure to German and the use of a machine translation having written this text.

      I speak both English and German (close to 60 years now; while I live in a German speaking environment, my English is at almost at the same level), I translate software, so I believe I am qualified to pass this judgment.

    10. "und stieg er mit seinem Fuss auf meine Fusszehen". Sounds like a Hungarian writing German...

      "die Mutter hat die weinende Kinder genommen" this too...

      so I suppose father Mandel is not a native German speaker, but a Hungarian, perhaps an Israeli...

      But more importantly: The statement made by the blog owner, that the German is correct, is a blatant lie, out in the open, for every German speaker to see... It is also a stupid lie, because obviously many German speakers are commenting on those particular articles.

      What does this say about the credibility of this blog?

    11. @Patience your comment is more a reflection of who you are than a question of my credibility.

      You have gone through a number of names on this blog - each time ending up saying something nasty which made something minor into something "really" important. Now you are claiming that I made a "blatant lie" regarding the German statement. You are now claiming that I am well aware that the German is not correct but think that I can fool the hundreds of German speakers who visit this blog every week. Thus in addition to being decitful you are also claim that I am stupid because it was obvious that I would get caught.

      What an angry person you are! 1) despite your claim that the German is not correct - no one has claimed that the German or English translation does not represent the actual ideas expressed and reported on this Blog. So we are not talking about the truth or validity of the statement - simply whether it is correct German. 2) before I commented on the German I was told by a native speaker that the German was correct. While I did take 2 years of German in high school - I make no pretense of being an expert or even a novice at this point.
      There have been several other comments saying that while the German was not techinically correct it was reasonable that someone in Vienna would have written that way.

      In sum, 1) It was not a lie - I made no attempt to deceive anyone as I placed both the German and English in the post 2) I was informed by relaible people who are fluent in German that it was valid German 3) the most serious criticism that a normal individual would make is that this doesn't appear the way a normal German speaker would ever express himself. 4) Finally after repeatedly attacking me for a wide variety of "crimes" and getting your comments blocked - why are you still wasting your time and mine by reading and commenting on this blog?

  6. why would any father want their children to not have proper contact with their mother? like it or not she carried them for 9 months and the bond will never ever break.
    It seeems to me that the father will do anything and everything to cripple Beth.
    What makes me laugh is that he thinks of himself all the time and not his kids. Shame on him

  7. So we are hearing that Michael Schlesinger has no respect for Chief Rabbi Eisenberg because he refuses Rabbi Eissnberg to hand the children
    over. Instead he prefers the
    children to be handed over by an unemployed woman in a supermarket.
    to whom Beth is forced to pay 50 euros!

    What would a sane person chose?

    Michael has forbidden the grandfather to his children, as well as their mother access to them. Meanwhile he
    employs Philopinos to take care of

    What would a sane person chose?

    Michael's choices seem totally irrational.

    In England the new law says young children should be given choices.
    What choices are Sammy and Benji being given?

    Why is Michael Schlesinger denying his children their mother and their paternal grandfather?

    I wonder what the boys would say if they could speak! Convenient for Michael, they can't!

  8. I think instead of all of this, the time has come for brainstorming about about ideas to correct the situation. Jews are very smart, and if we put their minds to things, we usually can come up with effective ideas and plans, especially with this forum which allows for putting our heads together and carefully developing a plan of action. Please all who have been following closely and all who know facts about the case, the legal system in Vienna and any other relevant facts, please begin making suggestions and let's be at it until the formulation of a solid plan is brought to fruition. If this needs to be done from behind the scenes, then Rabbi Eidenson, please invite readers to contact you outside of this forum and you weed through them and create a group to do this together.

    1. Good idea - for one I would suggest that the rabbis in Vienna get together and brainstorm for possible solutions for this tragedy which is making them look bad. It's becoming a chilul Hashem. They should bear in mind that Beth is a stranger in their land and afford her the support fitting for someone in her very unpleasant situation. If the rabbis act in a unified and compassionate manner based on a Torah of lovingkindness, I believe the father will begin to see the light that his sons need their mother's attention as much as, and probably more than (at this young age,) the father's attention. So my challenge is to the rabbis to get their act together and find an acceptable solution to this problem which is not going away as long as Beth is the devoted mother that she is and as long as the father is as unbending as he is.

  9. What lies the Schlesinger camp put about, destroying innocent people's reputations without any conscience! Michael's father paid every last cent of maintenance for his children and can prove it! He spent every cent he had left, fighting to see his children, desperately trying to play a small role in their lives! But the Schlesingers had to destroy him bit by bit, day by day, until he was left bereft and broken. 30 years on and history repeats itself. What proof have you got for your horrible accusations, 'shocked'? Was Jonny dishonest the same way you claimed Beth was 'mentally ill?' How low will you stoop in your sinat chinam? Why doesn't Michael act like a sane rational adult and talk to his father? He might perhaps find out the truth for once and be shocked to discover his whole life has been ONE BIG FAT LIE. Or is that exactly what he fears the most??

    1. Michael Schlesinger only looks like an adult - sadly for his sons. Inside, he is still an impetuous child. I suspect that after losing his father at such an early age at the hands of "divorce-pusher" Tamar, he never got past the rebellious stage and is very badly in need of therapy for his personality disorders. Why are people like this given custody by courts? Did some cash pass hands? Did the judge in the Vienna community get some kudos for "helping out"? Did she owe something (as a convert) to someone?

  10. Feeling so sorry for Mr. Schlesinger and his chilfren. It must be a nightmare to be constantly publicly exposed in a tabloid style manner by this bitter woman. Poor Sammy and Benjy, who are dragged into this terrible smear campaign.

    1. Unless of course he is the guilty party. Have you considered the nightmare that Beth is living as she struggles to be a mother to her children?

    2. @pity

      I understand you feeling sorry for the boys but under no circs for their father. He, who has done so many of the things that tabloids revel in exposing, will not behave like a civilized human being and utilizes every possible underhand method to get what he regards as revenge on the mother of his children. If he can't be brought to reason through the corrupt Vienna family court, "pity", then there is no other way than to use the Internet to do so. And we're not talking, like you are, about a "smear campaign". Beth Alexander/Schlesinger is one of the rare people you meet these days who is honest, polite and fair. She has been driven to going public by her husband's intransigence. Benji & Sammy have been dragged into it by their father's insistence on uncivilized, criminal behaviour.

    3. Ha! pity. Another member of the Schlesinger family. The one who writes under several monikers and always refers to this long-suffering mother as a "bitter woman". No, "pity". It is you who are the misfit, not Beth, who has ended up having to fight a totally unnecessary campaign against her husband because he's unwilling to mediate or yield in any way.

  11. "Shocked" is right, the German legal text is incorrect - so much for her honesty. What else has she invented? The whole thing doesn't' sound right!

    1. Also Shocked is right too. How dare the Schlesinger supporters write such baseless lies about Chief Rabbi Eisenberg without any intention of providing the basis for their claims?

    2. The German text is correct. Please explain what you think is wrong about it?

    3. Which text do you mean, "German"? Please be more specific.

  12. Lol- this must be Beth and her clan coming up with all kind of wild comments again. Please prove then what you say about his father is true

    1. "Team Schlesinger" made some wild claims against Chief Rabbi Eisenberg. Where is the weblink? Are these claims true? Does it bother you that you are prepared to write such slanderous claims without providing any of the evidence you claim you have???

    2. We have a picture of a document which Beth claims she was forced to sign on 29.2 2012. Does a court in any country accept or *produce* a document of a piece of paper with no heading nor printed matter of any kind? Two signatures with no printed names underneath (one apparently from a judge!!)? No official seal nor stamp? A crossed out date without an annotated signature or even initials?
      I just cannot believe that this document is true or valid in any way, shape or form.
      (Also, interestingly, she signs it B. Schlesinger whereas the document which appeared suddenly yesterday from 2-3 years earlier (the bank one) is signed B. Alexander.)

    3. Yes of course it is possible to accept a signed, hand written declaration. Where's the problem?

    4. The problem is that this is supposed to be a document produced by, and in, a court of law!!!!

    5. It certainly doesn't resemble a doc from a court of law, Perry. To me, it looks like something an elementary school kid copied for a writing exercise! Surely judges don't have this kind of handwriting in Vienna! Call in the handwriting experts!

  13. Latest news in Vienna is that Dr Paul Foldes, the dodgy psychiatrist who supported Michael in trying to have Beth locked away in a mental hospital (without ever having met her) has now found his young friend a job in the same mental hospital!! Talk about the inmates taking over the asylum!!! Sigmund Freud, eat your heart out! There's enough material in this story alone for a lifetime's analysis - clearly it's not Beth who needs assessing...

  14. Sensible SuggestionApril 29, 2014 at 9:32 AM

    By young friend Do you mean Michael Schlesinger? What qualifications in psychiatry did he have when he tried to get Beth committed? Indeed he made
    a very wrong Diagnoses on Beth, which has been dispelled!

    What qualification does he hold now
    hold and how can any patient trust him
    as he is also very quick to turn on
    people, who upset or annoy him. We
    have seen evidence of him turning
    viciously against a variety of people who upset or annoy himincluding his own father, his wife, the Chief Rabbi of Vienna and someone called Nora, who spoke publically in favour of Beth.

    Sammy and Benji sfay obedient and do every thing your father says, until we
    can get you out of the nuthouse!

    YY Superb idea! The Rabbis in Vienna MUST all get together and brainstorm
    for solutions for the sake of these two innocent little boys amd a mother who
    will leave no stone inturned for her
    sons happiness, welfare and saety.
    She must be helped!

    Please bare in mind the Court has not seen the children and do not really
    know their circumstances, especially
    as they are currently!

    1. If Michael Schlesinger is now working as a psychiatrist, when did he take his "Facharztprüfung" (specialist exam)? It's long and difficult and you have to take several months off work to pass it. But he was working for several months for a family dr in Vienna recently and prior to that in a Vienna university hospital. That would not be possible alongside the exam. Somehow, I doubt very much that he's a qualified psychiatrist. Surely he would also have to be tested psychologically to do that kind of work. And he'd fail.......... My suspicion: that his crony Dr Földes skipped all the usual processes and snuck Dr S in illegally. After all, he lied to the police, so is clearly capable of anything. So if you're going to develop bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or to attempt suicide, don't go to Steinhof!!!!!!

    2. Indeed he is a psychaitrist now and opened a doctors office together with a colleague in the district. He has lots of patients which is easy here in vienna. Everyone has problems

    3. Where did you get this information from, franzklammer? Could you post some evidence of it, please?

  15. You're quite right, Perry. Sounds incredible but this is what the judge hand wrote during the court hearing and made me sign. Of course this couldn't happen in any other EU court of law but so couldn't a lot of things that have taken place in this insane circus which passes here for a courtroom. She was only 10 years out with the date - what does that say about her abilities and competence as a family court judge? I do usually sign Beth Alexander in all documents outside court but I am registered in the court as Beth Schlesinger - so not a contradiction. Glad you're on the ball!

    1. I'd say that scruffy bit of paper isn't valid, Beth. No stamp, no letterhead, as my favourite TV detective in my childhood, Perry Mason, noticed. I'd say you could get the boys back into contact with the Viennese grandfather who apparently loves them so much - without fear of recrimination. Imagine not being allowed to see your grandchildren! The mind boggles!

      Was Abraham (Jonny, apparently) Mandel convicted of domestic or child abuse? Did he do drugs? Did he commit adultery? Was he a burglar or commit fraud (like his son)? Or could he perhaps have been the victim of a dishonest Vienna professor of child psychiatry who had innocent people convicted of crimes, only to see some of them released early and him booted out of the courts as an expert witness?

    2. I don't think that this is a sound piece of advice.

      1) Her ex has custody, so I suppose she is not allowed to bring the children in contact with the grandfather against the father's will.

      2) If she signs that she won't do it - and then does it all the same - chance are that the criteria for her visits will be made stricter .

      How can you go and give a desperate mother who wants to see her children advice that might barr her from seeing them in the future? You have no heart!

  16. YY if the obvious person to call a meeting of Rabbis together is Chief Rabbi Eisenberg who it appears that none of them, or the community of Vienna has any respect for, might I suggest that Dyan Ehrentrau Head of the European Beth Din is asked to facilitate.

  17. Thank you, Beth, for explaining little by little how the difficult situation between your ex-husband and yourself came about.

    I think it is fair that you do not only present your side of the story, but also highlight the mistakes you yourself made that contributed to the complexity of the situation.

    It gives the outsider a more balanced view of what happened.

    1. "Patience", it's hard to know what exactly you mean by "highlight the mistakes you yourself made that contributed to the complexity of the situation."

      It looks like the main mistake Beth made was to marry a man she didn't really know. Her other mistake would have been to have believed him when he told her she couldn't come to Vienna unmarried. Her husband - as he very quickly became - had obviously lied to her about the latter.

      I didn't know Beth at that time so am not aware of any other major mistakes that she made. However, to someone looking in from the outside, it looks like the brain neurotransmitters - adrenalin & dopamine and the neuromodulator phenylethylamine - that flow amply when a person is in love must have caused this lovely young woman to make the disastrous, regrettable mistake of falling for a man who didn't really want to be married. Well, that's my impression. I wonder what other kinds of mistakes you're thinking of, "Patience".

    2. You sound as if you are a doctor Naomi! Perhaps a psychiatrist?

      Perhaps you could tell us why Sammy and Benji can't talk at the age of 5?

    3. Absolutely. It was obviously a mistake to marry her ex, but this is not what I meant.

      I get the impression that the were both overwhelmed by the situation when they had twins, who, to boot (as far as I understood) were cry babies and needed lots and lots of resources, which the couple did not have, apparently. And from there, it went downhill...

      When you hear just isolated facts, you might wonder why all these procedures are deemed necesary to pass the children from one parent to the other. On the ohter hand, when you read Beth's reports of how she went to her ex's house behind his back on Sukkot, and a scandal in the house ensued, of how she contacts his estranged father against his will, it is easier to understand that every medal has two sides...

      In her reports, Beth leaves the impression that she took many steps that made the situation more complicated.

    4. Finally! Someone with a sensible approach!

    5. I understand the situation with the twins a little differently, Patience. Twins are always difficult compared with singletons but the dr's behavior, eg going out to have fun right at the beginning when the boys were in terrible pain, can not have been conducive to peaceful marital relations. Both parent were exhausted from the sleepless nights but that's normal, even more so with twins.

      I'm not sure why you're under the impression that the boys cried more than other babies. With twins, one wakes up and starts crying and by doing that wakes the other up. First-time parents have enough tension from the interruption the intruder causes them when it's only one, but two...

      Dr Schlesinger is said to have banged his head against the wall to punish himself right after the marriage started. I'm not at all surprised that a man who did things like that, which I think you will agree are pathological, was not able to cope with night duties as well as being woken up by the babies all night long on the other nights of the week. We know from Nora's report that Beth, despite her sleep deficit, was meticulous in respecting her husband's need for sleep on his return from night duties and also in providing him with meals. His verbal abuse of her was also mentioned. And the fact that Nora was threatened with the loss of her job if she didn't get her testimony removed immediately from this blog tells us a lot.

      The other horror stories we've read here (the ESRA one, the husband's attempt to have his wife sectioned, the one about how she had to spend the night in a women's refuge to escape his violence) all tell me that he has no resilience and contributed mainly to what you described as an overwhelming situation.

      It's also easy to understand why a mother would desperately search for her children when they appeared to her to be missing, whether this was correct or not. For a mother from a happy, trusting home, as this mother had experienced in Manchester, it must have been gruesome to discover that her husband wanted to prevent their children from ever meeting their grandfather. I don't blame her at all for these things as they sound absolutely normal to me.

    6. I understand that a mother might be desperate in such a situation. but she did a lot of things that run against her and the children's interests. By the way, I suppose that the campaign on this blog could backfire too...

  18. I am aware that Rabbi James Kennard has attempted to ask London Chabbad Rabbis (there was some publicized correspondance with Rabbi Schochet) to assist. Rabbi Kennard, are you able to say if you have had any assistance? Please note that this is not an attack on Chabbad - I genuinely believe that they have the ability to assist in starting to build the necessary bridges.

  19. Rs in Vienna - who are you talking to? I scanned and scanned and saw no YY comment.

    I certainly have not been in on this conversation!

  20. Sorry I was replying to RR!

  21. Rabbis in Vienna, that sounds like a good idea. Any thoughts on how to make this happen?

  22. All these pseudo testimonies are useless. We want to see the verdict! This is meanwhile obviously only an attempt to fool us.

    1. Fooling us - can't fool types like you , because you can't fool a fool - he is already a fool. The situation is a reflection of the verdict - even if the husband was a complete tzadik , the kids deserve a mother in their lives. They take kids away from their mother and force her to pay for it - only German cruety and German culure that made the hearts of jewish fools into stone can explain the situation and exclusion and lack of support of the Viennese community for Beth and her kids

    2. Well, it seems, you are then seriously fooling yourself. None of us has seen the verdict yet. It is obvious, that she is hiding something. What is she afraid of?
      How can you have a good conscious to support maybe a complete incapable mother. Perhaps she cares for them, objectively, but perhaps, she is also completely incapable of taking proper care of them. What is the issue of not communicating the verdict? I cannot take this seriously in the meantime.Better stay with a busy working father, then perhaps with a mother, who neglects their physical needs or is even abusive. We all don' t know the facts until she doesn' t publish the reasoning. What she has been publishing so far I'd simply ridiculous and doesn' t prove her case.

    3. "Fooling us": Silly name to give yourself. Makes you look a bit of a fool (and probably a member of the Schlesinger family once more). Perhaps improve your English before writing any more comments like the above one (12.01 am).

      As the mother has had unsupervised visits for so long now, there is no reason to believe she is anything but very capable of taking care of her children. As several people have already explained, statements of the judge's re, for instance, the use of suppositories, were absurd and indicate her total lack of knowledge of such matters. She works in Vienna in a family court and yet is unaware of the age groups the children's museum caters to. This is some of the nonsense in her decision - accusing the mother of taking the twins to entertainment that she considered unsuitable for them - which I have been privy to.

      Why would you dream of suggesting that the mother might be abusive? I think you know the facts only too well and also the ridiculous nature of much of the judge's argumentation. You will also know how gullible she was, taking all the father's evidence at face value.

      I believe you are the person who wrote only a week ago that you didn't care where the children were on shabbes. It's extremely hypocritical of you to suddenly fake such concern about their welfare.

  23. These repeated violations of the one-sided custody agreement by Mr. Schlesinger are ridiculous and should be emphasized at every opportunity.

  24. Btw you can google casino poker rabbiner wien and you can read about the dear chief rabi who was seen there many times even on shabes

    1. Aha. So you saw him there, Schlesinger family member, did you? On Shabes? And what were you doing there on that important day of the week?

    2. We would like to see the exact link please! (Assuming one exists!!!)

    3. it says a rabbi plays poker. Nothing about shabbes.

    4. Nor about an identifiable rabbi. It could have been in Fasching, when Austrians of all ages dress up.... How about the link, franz?

    5. I googled and googled and googled, and the only thing I could find was this:

      The only way for Michael to know that R' Eisenberg is there on Friday night if he himself is there too. Indeed, I think the way he came up with such an accusation in the first place shows that it is probably Michael himself who spends some Friday nights in such a fashion. His obviously impulsive nature makes this scenario more than likely, as well as the fact that he has a history of accusing other people of wrongdoings committed by himself. Remember how he accused Beth of neglecting the children, of being a paranoid schizophrenic and being manipulative.

      Typical schoolyard bully behaviour, blaming your farts on other people.

      A further reason why I think that he probably frequents the above mentioned poker clubs is because owing to his calculated, manipulative nature, he must be VERY good at it. He must be winning a fortune there.

      The article above mentions that these clubs are frequented by very high profile people, including politicians. Is that where he makes his connections with people high-up, I wonder? And are these people willing to help him with his childish revenge campaign because they are desperate to recover they lost when playing poker with him?

      A wild accusation, perhaps. But not any wilder than the accusation that R' Eisenberg plays poker on Friday night.

    6. Also, consider the fact that as a trainee doctor, Michael obviously had to work on Shabbat on a regular basis. I think that alone makes him a very likely candidate to break Shabbat, as he is already used to doing it, under some circumstances at least.

    7. I googled and googled and googled, and the only thing I could find was this:

      The only way for Michael to know that R' Eisenberg is there on Friday night if he himself is there too. Indeed, I think the way he came up with such an accusation in the first place shows that it is probably Michael himself who spends some Friday nights in such a fashion. His obviously impulsive nature makes this scenario more than likely, as well as the fact that he has a history of accusing other people of wrongdoings committed by himself. Remember how he accused Beth of neglecting the children, of being a paranoid schizophrenic and being manipulative.

      Typical schoolyard bully behaviour, blaming your farts on other people.

      A further reason why I think that he probably frequents the above mentioned poker clubs is because owing to his calculated, manipulative nature, he must be VERY good at it. He must be winning a fortune there.

      The article above mentions that these clubs are frequented by very high profile people, including politicians. Is that where he makes his connections with people high-up, I wonder? And are these people willing to help him with his childish revenge campaign because they are desperate to recover what they lost when playing poker with him?

      A wild accusation, perhaps. But not any wilder than the accusation that R' Eisenberg plays poker on Friday night.

    8. Esther LowensteinMay 1, 2014 at 1:00 AM

      A beautiful quote by Winston Churchill might be appropriate at this point:

      ""A lie gets halfway around the world before truth has a chance to get its pants on."

  25. Dyan Ehrentrau needs to be approached. I understand he went to Vienna to facilitate the Get and can't see why he would not want to be involved again, especially when he is made aware of how badly the two little boys are doing!

  26. To remind all: Rabbi Eisenberg is not allowed by court order to help with the handover of the children.

    1. And Dr Schlesinger is obliged by court order to take his children to a pre-arranged place at certain times for them to visit their mother. He has missed many more than 50 of these visits, therefore court orders in Vienna are worthless.

    2. Austria Is CorruptApril 30, 2014 at 2:35 AM

      Does it state in the court order that the handovers should be done by unqualified persons outside a McDonalds burger bar?

      There is no legal reason why Schlesinger can't agree for the handovers to be done by Rabbi Eisenberg. Schlesinger is not agreeing to this out of spite. Nothing more!

    3. Hey Fred! Is this father immune to Austrian law or is the judge just weak and incompetent? How can a man fail to carry out court orders on so many occasions and not get punished for it? And still have custody?

  27. Why would the court want a Brazilian woman to hand over two small children inside a supermarket at a fee of 50 euros rather than under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi of Vienna?

    Are you having a laugh?

    1. Absolute travesty for Beth who must be financially crippled not to overlook the emotional toll on her life ; plus that of her poor parents and father in law and the precious twin boys.May I enquire what interest ,warmth or love would this Brazilian woman have for these gorgeous wee boys but a financial interest only ???!!!!!! Arhetorical question purely as answer is pellucidly obvious .Just signed the petition for Beth Alexander to get her pre c ious angels back before they are irretrievably harmed .Best wishes for avery speedy and positive resolution .Shalom .

  28. We don't need a verdict from the court. When did they last see the children?
    It is clear that the father can't cope with them?

    He hasn't even managed to teach them
    to talk like all other children.

    The British Government need to ask some serious questions about what is
    going on in Vienna.

    Also why the court has no respect for their Chief Rabbi. If that is the case
    maybe the Jews are not safe in
    Vienna. Who will protect them?
    Are we seeing history repeating itself In Vienna? History also seems to be repeating itself in the Schlesinger family with the denial of parents in children s lives.

    What is happening in Vienna?

  29. Rabbi Eisenberg is considered biased and untrustworthy by the court because of his passed behaviour in this matter. As to the Brazilian lady, again, but for the information fed by by Beth herself, we don' t really know anything about her and her background.
    I agree with the statement above, time to publish the court' s reasoning asap.

    1. "Rabbi Eisenberg is considered biased and untrustworthy by the court because of his passed behaviour in this matter."

      Is this another one of your baseless allegations against the Chief Rabbi of Austria? What reasons do you have for saying this?

      Time to live up to your own standards and publish some evidence to back up your own crazy accusations.

    2. What do the court know about Rabbi Eisenberg? Was he ever a witness in the court? Otherwise how else would they know?

      Why would the court think he was baised and to whom was he
      baised Beth or Michael?

      Why was he untrustworthy. What
      did he tell the court that made
      them believe he was?

      Please answer or we must take your claims as unfounded and

    3. Substantiate, the people speaking on behalf of Schlesinger on this blog have no intention of answering any question that has a difficult answer. They are frequently libelous and think people are fooled because they write lies on anonymous comments.

      The readers have a clear picture of these lies, it is only the people in Vienna who take their comments seriously. It is their culture.

    4. Fooled by the Schlesingers? Now that's an amusing comment! Everybody can identify this toxic lot instantly. Who are they all? Currently we have franzklammer. He's an oldie - just been revived. The others are the poisonous weirdos - Bubbe, Sarah, Naomi Rosenzweig, for instance. And many more of their ilk.

  30. Suggestion about the idea of a group of rabbis becoming involved in resolving this crisis in the best interests of the little boys: Each party chooses a rabbi and then those two rabbis appoint a third rabbi. These three rabbis would then have discussions with both parties and come up with possible solutions to present to the parties until an acceptable arrangement is agreed upon by both. Once a verbal agreement is PG reached, the parties would then be able to consult their legal counsels before a written agreement is signed.We need tachlis here - the hour is getting late! Enough mudslinging! Any further suggestions?

    1. Sounds like an excellent idea. All we need now is for one of the spokespeople for Schlesinger (who feature regularly as commentators on this blog) to indicate whether Schlesinger would agree.

    2. It's good to see someone being so constructive, RR. I like your idea and I imagine that if there were high-level discussions such as you suggest, this might be a turning-point. As you say, something has to happen soon. The boys will turning 5 in a few weeks, which means they'll be up to school age for the year beginning in Sept 2015. At the moment, from what we've seen on the video where they were rolling pastry and heard from various observers, they are far behind in their development, particularly in speech. If they don't catch up soon, it could be that they never will. This would be tragic if we consider what alert, bright-eyed children they were when being cared for by their mother full-time.

  31. We need both parties to agree and perhaps this should be dealt with in a behind-the-scenes way. Daas Torah, could you recommend someone neutral to approach Beth and Michael about this idea and try to get it going? And I don't believe we bloggers need to be involved in the proposed process, further than knowing whether they agree or not. Obviously if one party disagrees then we are all back to the blogging block! If they both agree, there could be a sign of light at the end of this dark and dismal tunnel - especially for the little boys.

    1. This neutral person should IMO be from a community outside Austria but someone who would be willing to come here and meet with the rabbis you've suggested, RR. You're to be greatly commended for your positive approach BTW!

    2. Noemi in Vienna, what I'm suggesting is that a neutral person (from any walk of life) initially approach the parties (in person, by phone or email) to ascertain if they are willing to go ahead with the proposal to each appoint a rabbi, which rabbis would then together appoint a third rabbi and the three would carry the process forward. Do you believe that this neutral initiating person must be from outside Austria and should he/she be in consultation with the three rabbis once the process gets going PG? Perhaps feedback from this blog will give an indication of where the parties stand, but they need to respond personally for anything to happen and that's where the neutral initiator could come into play.

  32. I agree with both RR and agree. The Schlesinger camp should agree if they want to be seen to be doing the very best for the children.

  33. I have the best idea. We should involve ahmadinejad in this topic. Maybe he can discuss this with the chief rabi while playing poker together. Then beth should go to iran but only with a oneway ticket.

    1. Franz, have you given up and resorted to posting more exotic comments now. After all, you never regarded truth as a relevant concept anyway.

      Where is the newspaper report about chief rabbi eisenberg?

      ....and please stop smoking whatever it is you're on!!

    2. @franzklammer,

      Ahmadinejad your best mate then?

      You and your double naomi roisenweig or poisonweed whatever you decide to call her, would make a nice little threesome with Ahmadinejad. Perhaps he would invite you both to Iran for your holidays. Iran would really suit you, and you would be a long way from the children.

    3. By now I am convinced that Michael Schlesinger is a poker addict.

  34. What a bizarre thing to bring the estranged grandfather into the picture. It is obvious, she only wants to provoke and escalate the situation further. A real caring mother doesn't behave like that. She surely enjoys the public attention. If she was serious, she would try to make a serious effort to communicate with her ex in private, improve the relationship and extend her visiting rights. So far, she has only proven to be a viscous, bitter lady. She can't fight the final ruling anyway, so better make the best out of it. It is obvious, that the situation cannot improve with her terrible behaviour in public.

    1. Observer, keep taking the pills!!!

    2. real, I quite agree with you. As well as anti depressant pills, the drug companies need to manufacture an anti-evil drug for Austria. They will make a fortune!!

    3. Ostracized grandfatherApril 30, 2014 at 9:06 PM


      "viscous" ???

    4. It is amazing how everyone, who dares to say something negative about Beth is immediately attacked in an extremely low manner. And, yes, it always hurts to hear the truth. I agree with Observer - it all sounds logical.

    5. Not Observer EitherApril 30, 2014 at 11:42 PM

      It only sounds logical if you live in Vienna. If the truth is so obvious, why are you not posting the link after making accusations against Chief Rabbi Eisenberg?

      You must think we were born yesterday!!!!

    6. I think Observer = Not Observer

      A curious piece of logic.

      Whoever you are (ie whichever Schlesinger family member), you need to develop an English sense of humour! Makes the tribulations of life much easier to bear!

    7. Observer ,
      If you deny grandparents their grandchildren you are transgressing of the 10 commandments - lo tignov = don't kidnap

  35. What has this got to do with the court?
    Has the judge seen the children lately.
    What will she answer when asked
    why the children are doing so badly in the fathers care. There is no denying it, nor can she!

  36. I suspect Judge G has not seen the children since the day she barged into the Chabad kindergarten to do an inspection! Now when was that? A long, long time ago, if I remember rightly. But as she seems to fancy herself as an expert on child development and perhaps even has some secret qualifications on this subject, it's actually high time she popped in again and investigated how the boys are communicating with their peers, for example.

  37. Michael, you are an idiot.

    Let me elaborate upon that.

    You've been doing the wrong thing all along. You want to punish your ex-wife? Give them the children. She's going to regret all the sins she has committed and even the ones she has not. Her life is going to be HELL. You're saying that she wasn't coping with them and became depressed when she had to look after them. As probably she won't even be able to work the hours she's working now, she will live in abject poverty. And her prospects to remarry will be reduced to nil, while simultaneously you will have more time and energy for finding better women, and you won't have to be embarrassed of those two little monsters. They obviously inherited her bad genes.

    She's demanding that you return the children because, in case you haven't noticed, she is stupid. She doesn't know what's good for her, and then she bitterly regrets her decisions. Take, for example, the fact that she decided to move to Austria, without knowing the language or having any connections. Or that she pursued a completely useless degree in humanities and now she is incapable of even supporting herself. What a loser.

    What, what do you say? That you wouldn't do that because you care for the children?Come on, don't be kidding yourself and me. Philippinos are looking after them on Friday nights while you are building your network in the poker club

    1. Esther LowensteinMay 1, 2014 at 12:05 AM

      And, Miri, either not talking to them at all or speaking their local Philippino language to them :-( I wonder if Michael Schlesinger, the man judged to be the "better" parent because he changed activities in a short observation session when the kids got bored (!!!), is home in the evenings with them at all.. Night duty at the hospital perhaps 3x/wk (lots more money that way), poker, say, another 3 (even more money)! That would leave only 1 free night to read them stories, clown around with them and teach them card games. Poor little mites.....

  38. Instead of posting all this utter rubbish about such irrelevant things. The poker playing, the crazy families etc. Can the 2 grown up adults come together and mediate
    No one seems to give 2 toots about these poor kids.. They need both parents equal time and I bet you any money they will start to thrive.
    Beth and Michael are both not evil people but have BOTH found themselves in this utter mess.
    Come on guys cut the rubbish and mediate for Sammy and Benji who cannot express their wishes. You are ruining their lives

  39. You are a pathetic loser, dr Schlesinger, and all the Vienna community knows that. Even YOU know that, otherwise you wouldn't need to be rubbing shoulders with politicians to feel good about yourself. Most fathers would never want to have anything to do with such retarded kids, how can you be such an idiot that you're holding on to them? I mean, they look weird and cannot even speak. They must have inherited the stupidity from their mother. Don't you realise that they bring shame upon your family? If I were you, I would deny that I have anything to do with them and I would have accused my ex-wife that she had them from the postman! Yet you pay (!!) presumably a fortune every month to Philippino women just so they could live with you. Don't you realise that people in the community are laughing at you behind your back?? Because that's what they are doing, I can tell you, dr Schlesinger, that's what they are doing!

    1. Esther LowensteinMay 1, 2014 at 2:11 AM

      Well, now that Dr Schlesinger has opened his private practice in the 4th district of Vienna and the masses are streaming in for psychotherapy, medication, etc with this highly qualified, well-balanced, charismatic doc, there'll be tons of lovely money to pay the bills instead of him being helped out by ESRA and the law firm that's been giving him legal aid for so long. Wow! He won't need that any more charity now, will he? His poker wins probably finance the nannies! And then he's demanding maintenance from Beth, who earns so much less than he does. Money pouring in from all directions! Lucky man.

    2. Miri miri miri. I would say everyone is loughing about this silly mother who couldnt cope with two children nebach. It doesnt happen very often that a mother loses custody. And they dont laugh behind her back but in her ugly face. Hahhahahahahha

    3. @ franzklammer/true hero you are 100% the father.. Shame on you. You are just pathetic and showing everyone the type of man you are... you are using multiple names. Dont pull the wool over our eyes.
      Grow up

    4. @franzklammer Absolutely, Beth is the laughing stock of the community, I didn't question that. But they are laughing at you just as much, Michael, don't have any doubt about that. Another Schlesinger who couldn't make his marriage work...! Nebbich. They think you are two selfish, immature people who should never have reproduced in the first place. I can assure you that they also think you're an idiot for not returning the kids. It's not good for you on the long term, they will just drain you of your energy and your resources and don't have much to offer in return - they can't even talk or anything. You'll never be able to take pride in them!

  40. Yes, Schlesinger is becoming the laughing stock of the town! He probably enjoys it because, he must be pretty bored. No friends, a
    disfunctional family and ths burden of
    two backward children. What a life!
    Why would anyone want to lumber
    themselves like he is. What's will he do
    with the children when they can't be
    admitted into mainstream school
    because they are so far behind?
    Employ phillopinos full time?

  41. Dr Schlesinger is a true hero. Despite all seemingly difficulties he is completely taken csre of his children. Kol Hakavod. It just proves one thing:
    there is something really wrong with the mother. Otherwise, the court would not have rewarded custody to the father and he wouldn' t take all that hardship upon himself. Kudos to this amazing father.

    1. No he is a selfish man, How can anyone call this man a hero???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Depriving the children a mother. Disgraceful
      I hope Vienna see this man for what he is...

    2. This whole custody case is becoming a lot like an auction where two parties keep outbidding each other for an item that everyone knows is worth a fraction of what is being offered. Michael, have you ever heard of what they call "Fluch des Gewinners"?

    3. Has the court ever seen the boys and do they keep a check to see how they are doing with the father?

      If the judge saw the boys now could she hold her hand on her heart and say she made the right
      decision, especially as there is
      nothing wrong with the mother!

    4. true hero,
      It is obvious that you are an Austrian judge of family court.

  42. Steve cohen you are 100 % the mother shame on you you are just pathetic and bla bla bla

  43. @ franzklammer/true hero. If the mother was so ugly why did you marry her???

  44. Well said Steve Cohen- Also want to add the boys look exactly like Beth so everytime he looks at them he must see her..
    What a loser he is. The kids will never ever thrive with him. He needs to grow up.
    How old is he?? He is acting like an immature child

    1. Brian I agree the boys do look like Beth. It makes me wonder if Michael is actually the father at all! No disrespect to Beth, of course, but it does make one wonder!

      Also looking at them both must haunt him, as they must constantly remind him of their mother, who he hates so

  45. Why don't we hear anything from any of the Austrians about the boys, except that they were seen on Yom
    Tov wearing the matching ties to their
    Ties why would a five year old want to
    wear a tie? Didn't they protest or are
    they so conrolled by the father that
    they are so scared of him. Perhaps this
    is why they can't talk. They are so scared of him!

    The boys must be rescued and returned to the safety and care of their

    The court made such a grave mistake!

  46. Ties are a bit formal for five years olds.
    Can't be very comfortable when they are playing with their friends!

    How do the boys friends dress?

    Perhaps some of the boys friends
    parents would like to comment. After
    all they must regularly see the boys
    and hopefully can tell us how well they
    are doing in the fathers care.

    So far we have not heard from anyone that the boys are on par with other
    children of the same age.

    Have any of you invited Michael and the boys for Shabbat. Maybe you can tell us how the boys really are.

    Shabbat Shalom

    1. A Concerned FatherMay 4, 2014 at 9:01 AM

      Why is Michael so hostile to Beth.

      Why won't he let her see them more?

      It doesn't make sense and needs explaining please!

  47. An absolute travesty for this wonderful mother Beth plus her parents and,her poor maligned father in law .Of course it goes without saying that it is a deeper travesty for the two little boys Benjamin and,Samuel .May our gracious Lord shine upon them .Abrazilian workerhanding over these wee boys to Beth is bothcruel and I.moral .I reckon she is a mere pawn in the dastardly Dr Michael's game.These beautiful boys plus their Mum are being humiliated and degraded at every turn and it is such a traumatic and sad situation .
    I am praying these lovely children and their Mum shall be reunited fully very soon .Shalom dear Beth .dear Jonny and Mr and Mrs Alexander.

  48. Perfect SolutionMay 5, 2014 at 9:48 AM

    True Hero.
    To what hardship do you refer?
    Brining up children is not easy, even when they are thriving normally!

    Michael Schlesinger can relieve himself of the hardship of rearing two
    complicated, under achieving children.
    He is vety lucky. He has a place to get
    rid of them to. He doesn't need to be a
    saint and no one is admiring him for
    what he is doing!

    He has an easy option. He can rid his
    hardship now. Give the boys over to
    Beth and push his hardship over to

    He will be getting rid of his burden and
    punishing Beth, all in one go!

    He can then get on with his life, pursue his career, travel. Enjoy himsel. The world is his oyster. Any normal person would go for it!

    It has to be the perfect solution!

  49. Solving problemsMay 7, 2014 at 2:58 AM

    This comment has just been posted under Rabbi Horowitz's statement, "Time to talk sex":

    ".... I was tricked into a marriage with a man that I can only assume was homosexual. I was too naive to even recognise the problems."

    There must be a lot of Orthodox men with this sexual profile. Handing children back to their mothers and getting civil divorces would mean a release from hardship, like you describe, Perfect Solution, for men who yielded to pressure to marry when they must have known that path was leading them in the wrong direction.

  50. Interesting that a bit further on, in the full version of the Daily Telegraph article about the Schlesinger twins, you can read this:

    'During the honeymoon, according to Mrs Schlesinger, Michael complained of feeling unwell and spent most of the time outside the hotel, avoiding her.'

    Sounds like he might have been pregnant... no, can't be, men don't have babies! So what was up? Not really our business, such a private matter, but Solving problems has asked an important question. What in fact happens in most cases when marriage to the opposite sex was quite clearly the wrong decision? Wouldn't it be awful if the Schlesinger twins were the victims of a problem like this?


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