Friday, April 11, 2014

EXTORTION!!! - Schlesinger Twins: An inside view - Testimony of the twin's Georgian au pair

This statement is from the Georgian woman that worked for Beth. She submitted this statement to court and she was named as a witness but the judge ignored the application to hear her.


The letter that I posted here this morning from the au pair has been removed at her request after she and her husband have been threatened repeatedly with harasssing phone after I made this post - by people she was too afraid to mention. 

Among the threats was the loss of her job if this post was not immediately retracted.

What "nice" people live in Vienna!


  1. I feel for for Beth and the kids. There will be some people earning their free ticket to heaven for this ordeal, while others have special room waiting for them in the worst part of hell.
    Dear beth - we are with you, stay strong.

    1. HCTeddy we intend to put this right for Beth and the boys in this world, not the next!
      I hope we can count on your support!

  2. Yet again another mutual witness proves Beth's innocence, devotion to her children and fear of an evil husband, who was never there for his children. The man is sick and should be sectioned. He will get what he deserves in the end...punishment from G-d. Depriving those poor children of such a loving caring mother. How cruel. Nothing but an evil conspiracy. One has to worry about what is happening behind closed doors now that those children are alone in his control. The courts are clearly just as sick to be bribed into giving full custody (most likely for the sake of money) when evidence is so clear. European government will surely intervene soon enough and when justice finally comes the only people that will not be cheering will be the locals of Vienna involved in such controversy.

  3. How absolutely scandalous that the judge ignored the application to hear this witness.

    Somebody who was so close to see how Beth was as a wife and mother.

    The corrupt judge obviously did not predict that her actions would be told to the outside world!!

    The offenders who were highly connected to the judge were so desparate that Beth should lose her children.

    Why, why, why!!!

    This is not a custody case, this is a crime case.

    Give me one good reason why one should not think like this.

    1. Corruption can be money or favours!

      Perhaps one of the Rabbis or someone close to the Judge
      owed a favour?

      Isn't Judge Konstance Thau a convert to Judaism?

      There is no Beth Din in Vienna. How did she manage to convert. Does she owe a
      Rabbi a favour?

      Perhaps Michael knows something untoward about one of the Rabbis

      Why else are they scaring innocent witnesses and then speaking to others behind
      closed doors?

      We have to get to the bottom of this and we will! The truth will come out!

      If I used my real name, would I
      be threatened too I wonder?

  4. Leah I absolutely agree. This is a witness who has come forward and given her true account. This man is beyond evil. May g-d keep the boys safe. Beth you will get there in the end. To all the people in the jewish community who are to scared to come forward shame on you all.

  5. Beth- We are with you and your precious children and Hashem is with you.

  6. The question remains who is threatening any people who stand up for Beth?

    There are surely many more people in Vienna who don't agree with what is
    going on, but too afraid to speak out.

    There are those in the kindergarten who are being silenced, as they are
    unqualified and will not be able to get a job outside of Chabad and they will
    also be shunned by the Jewish

    Th court know they have made a wrong decision, but are too
    embarrassed by what has happened

    Others are too afraid to speak out because of threats.

    We know that some of Beth's Lawyers were also threatened.

    What is going on in Vienna and why?

    We have to get to the bottom of this
    and soon!

  7. Is there any way to access the withdrawn testimony (a hint will do)?

  8. If the father feels that the court has presented justified reasoning for Beth to be denied custody or at least better contact with her sons he should be posting the Courts decision and reasoning he is obviously revelling in
    all the attention at the expense of others, including his children.

    Michael Go on. Publish the decision and reasoning!

  9. I don't understand. Flower is criticizing the way this blog is run because only a selection of court documents have been published so far. Then, when DT attempted to publish more of the court evidence, Schlesinger and his corrupt cronies called for it to be taken down by threat of force. Once again another one of team Schlesinger's supporters has been totally discredited and undermined.

    Flower has already expressed no concern for the children, only the protection for a corrupt court process in a corrupt country. The corrupt Jewish community and corrupt chabad rabbis are entirely appropriate in Austria.

  10. Omg why is she not calling the police when she was threatend?

    1. Probably because she would be threatened more!
      Why was she thteatened yesterday and why did the Judge not allow her to be a witness for Beth?

      Tell us this isn't corruption!

  11. Oh my goodness, "Amongst the threats was the loss of her job", so what were the OTHER threats!!!

    Her husband has been threatened too!!!!

    So if this lovely lady was threatened with losing her job, her employers must be part of the corrupt gang.

    We must wonder who they are?!!!

    Surely these wicked people have given themselves away.

    I think its about time Governments got involved.

  12. @DT

    You are bashing a hole city.

    If you were my rabbi, i´d run into the next church and convert to anything.

    1. @flower

      Could you expain?

    2. What's the problem, flower? The Jewish community is being "bashed" because they don't care about a mother and her helpless children. It's as simple as that. You all know about it but nobody in the community has the guts to speak up using their own name and FOR THE MOTHER AND CHILDREN!

    3. @Fred

      I think they do care about the children, but they believe that they are better off with the father.

      In any case, this is a matter of the courts, and not one that is resolved at Kiddush in the main synagogue.

    4. flower,

      What is your comment about idolatry supposed to mean? Are you suggesting that you crave idolatry and are seeking some excuse to legitimize it?

      Why are you mentioning your idolatrous desires here?

  13. The judge, it appears, selected the evidence she wanted to use!

    She used the corrupt medical report on
    Beth, not the legitimate ones that said Beth was not depressed and had never
    suffered from any mental illness!

    Evidence from two witnesses was taken behind doors by the judge!

    Other evidence in Beth's favour was not allowed to come to Court.

    Witnesses, teachers and lawyers have been threatened, the latest as we have seen today!

    Austria. Is this how you conduct a fair trial?

  14. Well at least someone in Vienna is reading these posts....
    GOOD NIGHT...switch off your conscience...quickly

    1. Conscious! The shame is those Austrians havs no consciouses. Never mind about the boys. This is all
      about Michael Schlesinger
      and him winning!

      He doesn't care. He is enjoying all of this and so are
      his warpt mother and sister.

      How are the boys? Are they going to see their mum over
      Pesach and recite MaNistana
      like other children of their age?

      Beth is as good a mother as any others in Vienna. Let any
      of the mothers in Vienna tell
      us why she isn't and why they
      are siding with the father.

      Maybe they can all get together and do what is right
      for another mum. People can
      be silenced, or remain silent.

      Pesach is about freedom and Sammy and Benji need to be free to see their mother.

      Everytime you bite into a matzot is time to prick your
      conscience to help reunite two
      little boys with their mother!

      Let's see what the Austrian Jewish women are made of.

    2. I have an idea Peaches. How about the Austrian Jewish women demonstrating in front of the family court in Vienna for the little boys and their mother? That way they could show how much they care about them.

    3. Fred, they will be threatened

    4. Is there noone in this community who has civil courage?

  15. Shocked by Jewish behaviourApril 12, 2014 at 7:14 PM

    Where I live it was much later in the day when the ignored court statement was posted here, apparently with the writer's approval, and so I read the lot and copied it before it had to be taken down. How criminal some members of the Jewish community must be with their threats to the writer and her family! Either they are religious, hypocritical and criminal, or else secular and criminal. After seeing what this nanny wrote about the mother - how she cared for not only her sons on 2 hrs sleep a night, but also her husband when he returned home, one is left with the impression of an extremely loving mother and very caring wife.........or one who was too scared not to be the latter (my guess, not the nanny's)? The father may or may not have slept well as night work in hospitals does not always involved getting up more than, say, once or twice. She, who was utterly exhausted despite having a nanny for a short time each day, nevertheless continued to take care of her same-age babies and her husband just as if she had been a devoted wife with only one child. Now what reason would the threateners have for their criminal behaviour yesterday when the statement basically praised the mother? Really sick people, I assume. And Jews who have been commemorating Pesach like everyone else. What appalling human beings!

  16. Ive met this women today and she said beth used her name for publishing something she never wrote. Thats criminal. And you still all believe beth. I can just continuing loughing about you all. And you rabi hurensohn sorry eidenson are the biggest clown here. Posting something without checking the truth. Great rabi. I know you will not publish this anyway but at least you should start making tshuva.

    1. @ Naomi,

      How do you know this woman?

    2. @David

      Her name was in the letter, before it was removed.

    3. @DT

      Someone is clearly not saying the truth.

      It should be easy to get to the bottom of this. Just publish the ORGINAL (please no transcripts and translations) court document whith the submission of this statement. If you want to "protect" the au pair, feel free to remove her name.

    4. Naomi iv'e been reading your posts and you must be a very miserable person or otherwise a bored child. The things you write are at their best low level...

    5. Shocked by Jewish behaviourApril 13, 2014 at 10:12 PM

      Naomi Rosenzweig, firstly I don't believe you met the au pair who wrote the deleted statement. Secondly, if you did meet her, which I doubt, I bet she didn't say she never wrote it.

      A revoltingly uncouth person like yourself, who calls Rabbi Eidensohn a "son of a bitch", cannot be believed. In fact, you have no right to be posting on this blog if you are unable to stick to the rules of polite human behavior.

      You can be sure there isn't a single person here who believes someone with your chutzpe. Again, I am shocked by Jewish behavior. Are you a member of the Schlesinger family?

  17. something doesnt make sense here

    1. I read (or rather skimmed) the statement, it basically said what a good wife and mother Beth was, and there was something weird about the relationship with Michael. Hardly the kind of explosive material that would justify "extortion" and "harassing phone calls"

    2. It said in the statement, that the au pair works at ZPC. I dont know if you know, but ZPC is the official school of the jewish community in Vienna, the IKG. It is no big secret to say that Chabad Vienna and the IKG dislike each other, that would actually be an understatement. The Schlesingers though daven at Chabad, and the twins go a Chabad Kindergarten. Given this background, I wonder why anyone, who is appointed with enough power to endanger the job of the au pair at ZPC, would intervene on behalf of the Schlesinger side.

    3. And this is what puzzles me the most. I assume that we are talking about a written statement that was written a few years ago submitted by Beths lawyer to court, where it was not admitted, for whatever reason. Therefore, this statement has been in the posession of Beth and her lawyers. I guess it is also save to say, that DT has received this statement from Beth. So why would someone threaten the person who wrote it years ago, is not very "explosive" and it also not responsible for posting the statement online? I would understand if Beth or DT would be getting these phonecalls, but why the au pair?

    Needless to say, that the letter was transcript and translated, and comes from one of the affected parties, and must be treated with a healthy portion of scepticism.

    1. Come on, flower. Even by your standards you're stretching things a bit now!! When will you face reality? How do you know the earth isn't flat, maybe the moon landings never happened....

      Flower, wake up and join everyone else in civilization.

    2. @Flower...
      Please speak plainly.
      Are you accusing D"T of making this up?
      Are you saying that the letter was a fake and/or forgery?

      You are making lots of accusations and claims but you have yet to put forth any actual evidence.

    3. @stretch

      I consider myself very civilized. And I refuse to partake in a witch-hunt, because I dont believe the "evidence" that is being presented here. If you choose to believe it and go to war against an innocent jewish community, then please go ahead. I dont think that this will help Beth in any way.

    4. @flower

      Austrians do consider themselves very civilized and pristine.

      You do not want to believe the evidence, even though it is staring you right in the face.

      You refuse to partake in a witch-hunt. Nobody else has mentioned witch-hunt, maybe because you would be hunting yourself

    5. flower, please make yourself a bit clearer. Which evidence don't you believe? Do you believe some of it? How do you intend to back up YOUR claims?

      I don't believe you or your friends in Vienna are innocent which is why I back the idea of exposing this scandal as much as is necessary.

      The fact that you threw in the comment at the end questioning whether this will help Beth, shows you are not neutral and don't wish to change the current unjust situation.

      When you next speak to Schlesinger, tell him the whole world knows what he has done.

    6. @Herbicide

      I am not saying that DT made it up, but I am saying that he gets this material from someone who is not impartial.

      And I would like to declare that I dont make any accusations, but based on experience that I have, I dont believe the story with the au pair the way it is was presented here, and explained the reasons for that.

    7. @David

      I am not sure why you assume that I am Austrian.

      As of now, I have not seen any evidence to prove that the judgement is corrupt. If I were to see any real evidence, I will shut up and rest my case.

      I am not sure what you mean with your last sentence.

    8. @stretch

      I dont believe ANYTHING that is being posted on this blog, besides for the claim that Rabbi Biderman forwarded an email to Schlesinger, which he probably shoudlnt have done. The reason why I believe it: because the email was posted in orginal, no transcripts, no translations, and because it makes sense, given the fact that the Schlesingers daven in his shul.

      I dont make any claims. It is you and the other supporters of Beth who make claims. I am saying that I trust the rule of law in Austria. Courts have seen ALL evidence, and came to a conclusion. You didnt see any evidence. Just what one affected party has decided to share with you. If you want to be gullible, please go ahead.

      But if there is even a 0,1% chance that the reality is not as black/white as you think it is, then you need to look into it before participating in a public propaganda war.

      I actually believe that you are being used as a tool in this war, without realizing it.


      "The Austrian custody case over the three-year-old twins of Manchester-born Beth Alexander has been suspended while the judge in charge is investigated, Ms Alexander’s lawyer has confirmed.

      Lawyer Dr Helmut Krenn said the case has been suspended while the court investigates whether the judge, Susanne Goettlicher, acted improperly by allowing another judge, Konstanz Thau, to intervene in the case. Dr Krenn said: “I applied to transfer the case to another court because of the intervention. I don’t know when we will know the answer.”

      Judge Thau is believed to be a member of the Austrian Jewish community and a friend of the twins’ father, Dr Michael Schlesinger.

      Ms Alexander said: “I hope they will look into the case and expose the irregularities and that I will then get a fair and transparent trial.”

      This news story is from February 2013. Can anyone please cofirm with Dr. Krenn why the suspension on the case was lifted, without any news on the outcome of the investigation?

    10. @Flower

      First you said no investigation took place because there were no handcuffs and paparazi, and now you are posting stories about investigations...

      flowerApril 11, 2014 at 10:07 AM
      I will try a different approach.

      Did you, and all the others that are contributing blindly to a vicious campaign, ever ask yourselves, why we never heard anything about those investigations? Why didnt we see paparazzi pictures of judges being carried away from their court houses in handcuffs?

      Its a simple question: given the obvious corruption and conspiracy, combined with an investigation of the judges, where are the results? the indictments? I wonder if you ever thought about this.

      So now we see that there investigations to which the results were never published, while one lawyer after another requited themselves from Beth's case in a manner that is ethically objectionable in every other Western nation.

      But hey... the Austrians never admitted that the Nazis were wrong, so I doubt that they will admit that a judge was wrong.

    11. Re. Flower's concern about "witch-hunt" and David's belittling it by saying "nobody else has mentioned it" - I hereby go on record as MENTIONING IT, quite a few times, in different wordings.

      There is a lynch mob mentality growing here, increasingly childish and brutal in the language being used. People, stop and think about how the Chofetz Chaiim would look at this! Encouraging this blog owner to continue his research and offer civilized recommendations / protests to the Vienna community is one thing; petitioning the Austrian and British governments is also good. And as I've suggested before, there may even be a place for all concerned readers of this blog to sign a dignified yet fiercely concerned about the TORAH way of resolving the custody issue with these children, and send it to Dr S and his Rabbi.

      But witch hunt remains a real concern.

      Flower is not alone....

    12. @RMT

      What I said is that Beth claims that there are investigations. All I am asking: where are the obvious consequences of those investigations.

      You dont even read what I am writing, do you?

      And I was waiting for the "Nazi" comment. Its a sign that you are out of arguments.

    13. Yy the British Government is involved and don't need more petitioning. It is the Jewish community in Vienna, their lay leaders and Rabbis who need

      They are the people who are
      being hostile to Beth and are not
      addressing the situation with any
      compassion or Dereh Heretz!

    14. And I was waiting for the "Nazi" comment. Its a sign that you are out of arguments.
      Actually the Nazi comment is about a dawning realization that Austrians are somehow culturally impaired from being able to admit wrong doing. If they cannot recognize that the Anschluss govt was not only a mistake but a human tragedy, I really don't see how they could admit that something as comparatively trivial as a court case was done in error.

    15. @DT

      Why didnt you publish my comment ("I will try a different approach...) exposing how RMT manipulated the above quotation from my comment on friday and twisted the context of what I said? Shouldnt the world that what a character this "Rabbi" is?

    16. correction:"...shouldnt the world KNOW what..."

    17. "flower"

      Buddy, the world is seeing what type of character you are! You're the one taking comments out of context, as well as continuously lying.

      When are you going to the church you said you'd like to go to?

  18. The person(s?) who is(are?) alleged to have committed the criminal act of threatening the nanny and her family can only be people from the ZPC school who is/are in a position of authority over her. It must be someone who has something against the mother and her children and supports the father - could possibly be a good friend of his. I personally wonder if this woman called "Janet" could have something to do with it as she might now be furious at having found her conversation with the mother on this blog, revealing her evil intentions when "Janet" deceived her at Esra.

    1. @Fred

      Even if "Janet" would now be furious at Beth, why would she call and threaten the au pair for a statement, that she wrote years ago? And why would she demand of her to remove it from this blog, if she is obviously not responsible for putting it up online.

    2. Oh my goodness - you ARE Austrian, flower!

    3. @Thoughful

      I dont recall posting a copy of my passport on this blog.

      In any case I fail to see how my citizenship is relevant. Is that the way you try to refute my arguments?

    4. flower,

      you've stated several times that you are NOT Austrian! Now you've reveled that you are Austrian, and you ask how it's relevant?! You've proven yourself to be a deceitful liar. It's relevant as in that anything you post can be assumed to be a lie.

      Anything you post flower, is only for the purpose of deciet.

    5. flower has to be a German-speaker, and as we are unlikely to have many Swiss or Germans arguing nonsense here with such a passion, the only answer to the riddle must be that he or she is.. AUSTRIAN!

  19. The question is Flower why was the au pair's statement was not allowed to be admitted into the Court. If as you say it was not that explosive? Why not?Why was nothing in Beth's favour allowed into Court.

    It is very easy to silence a foreign work
    er as happened yesterday. The threat
    did not have to come from the IKG. She
    may work in other places as well and
    she is a member of the Jewish
    community who are truly against
    helping to bring some sense into this
    awful situation.

    What do you think?

    1. @Oscar

      I really dont know why it wasnt admitted. But I can tell you who knows: Both parties of this court case. They know because the court must provide a reason why they didnt accept it as evidence. So you might want to ask one of the two parties. Preferably the one party that provided the statement to be published on this blog.

    2. You and I may think the Court should give proper reasoning but what reason there possibly be for rejecting a witness in court? You
      said yourself that this witness
      was hardly explosive. It makes no sense does it?

    3. @Oscar

      We are going in circles:

      I dont know why it was rejected, but I had the court documentation, I would.

    4. What would you do Flower?
      You didn't finish your sentence!

    5. @Oscar

      You are either not capable of understanding what I am saying, or unwilling to do so.

      In any case I dont see any point in engaging in further dialogue with you.

    6. Shocked by Jewish behaviourApril 13, 2014 at 10:21 PM

      Flower, you have written nonsense! I suppose you've forgotten the crucial word "if", as in "but if I had the court doc.......". Please don't deny mistakes!


    WELL DONE!!!!





  21. Heaven help not only those poor little boys but us all! Naomi Rosenzweig, close rellie of Bubbe's and Sarah's, is back! Flower is unable to spell one minute and waxing eloquent the next (could (s)he be someone of importance and influence who is losing it pretty fast?), not to mention his/her forgetting to be polite to a rabbi, and Viktoria Frankel is hallucinating about ancient Egypt! Where are we going?

    1. @ Fred, Michael Schlesinger could get us all assessed by one of his psychiatrist cronies

    2. And himself of course Victoria!
      That HC Teddy could also do with some assessing
      He talks about going to heaven
      and hell in the next world. Then in another comment he is offering to bring in the cavalry to protect the
      innocent people who want to
      speak out, but are too afraid to
      do so. He talks about the mafis in
      Vienna. Maybe he thinks himsel as the Godfather? Maybe he is!

      Where is this person from? Does he know himself?

    3. @Fred

      Is this your way of adressing the arguments of your oponent, by complaining about the spelling?

      And to which Rabbi was I unpolite? If you refer to DT and/or RMT, they are both not considered Rabbis in my eyes.

    4. Dean=bobe=naomi rozenzweig=flower... and I won't be suprised if they are also using 'Teddy'... same ppl, same low level way of addressing this whole fiasco.
      Why don't you approach the strong things that Daat Tora is posting here?

    5. @James

      I A; approaching the things that DT is saying. It seems to me that you are not really reading and/or comprehending what I am writing.

    6. Flower, " If you refer to DT and/or RMT, they are both not considered Rabbis in my eyes.". Let me guess, you consider Corrupt Chabad Rabbi Biderman as your Rabbi? Or perhaps Rabbi Pardes who has already had his own personal experience of controversy in his own family? Are these the people you regard as Rabbis?

      Rabbi Eidensohn and Rabbi Tzdadok, who chase Emes and Justice, you dismiss with such contempt?

      There is only one place you must live, and that is Vienna! They say a town deserves the Rabbis they appoint. You deserve Biderman, Pardes and Eisenberg!

    7. @Rebbe

      No, I dont consider any of those my Rabbis.

      Just out of curiousity, what do you see wrong with Rav Pardes? Is he also corrupt? What controversy are you referring to?

    8. @Rebbe

      I want an answer from you. Do you consider Rav Pardes corrupt?

    9. Flower, you demand many answers without providing any when they are requested from you! If you want to know what I think of him I suggest you search online for haim pardes on the site, the awareness center. Vienna...what a place!!!


    11. "And to which Rabbi was I unpolite? If you refer to DT and/or RMT, they are both not considered Rabbis in my eyes."

      This comment was made by flower, who has done us the favor of departing from the blog after making a complete fool of him- or herself. But let's think about who would not consider two genuine rabbis rabbis. Could it possibly be a Chabad rabbi? Biderman or Pardes (but Pardes the son, not the father in Tel Aviv). Has one of them been acting in this unconstructive way here?

  22. Why are these two righteous upstanding men who are qualified Rabbis not qualified Rabbis in your eyes? Which Rabbi do you adhere to?
    Perhaps we can have his input!

  23. All this so called evidence letters are as you can see 3 years old. Why does beth just publishing now. I would like beth to publish the original document signed by these ladies with the court stamp and the received date at court. As long she doesnt publish this its just shows again beth is using her many hidden caracters which is part of her diseas (schizo)
    Have a great yom tow.

    1. @Naomi,

      Why are you so hateful towards Beth, Naomi.

      She has lost the children she gave birth to.

      Have you given birth, or if you are male, your wife?

      Naomi, Beth is not mentally ill or diseased.

      Why are you trying to convince yourself and others she is.

      What is your motive?

    2. Shocked by Jewish behaviourApril 13, 2014 at 10:43 PM

      Aha. The legendary N Rosenzweig is a psychiatrist. Is she or he the one who accompanied Dr Schlesinger to have the mother committed to a mental hospital? Probably.

      Because that one, who is a bosom pal of the intern (Dr S) who passed himself off to the police as a psychiatrist although he wasn't one, LIED to the police that Beth was paranoid schizophrenic although he had never met her.

      So, Naomi, now we know. YOU are Dr Schlesinger's colleague from the hospital who, as a well-known psychiatrist in Vienna, dared to diagnose a serious mental illness in a "patient" he had never met. The cheek of some people who call themselves doctors! In Vienna.

      But wait a moment! Would a well-known psychiatrist in Vienna from a prestigious hospital be such a fool as to call a famous rabbi with a PhD a "son of a bitch"? Not impossible, but not so likely either. So Naomi, the hater, are you merely pretending to be a psychiatrist but are in fact closely related to Dr Schlesinger? After all, it seems to have been his idea to plaster the mother with such an absurd diagnosis.

      We all know what ESRA said: a mild depressive reaction brought about by the stress of having to bring up twins and take care of herself and her husband as well.

      So please give up this pathetic mud-slinging, Naomi, whoever you are. We are not impressed by your foolishness.

    3. naomi rosenzweigApril 13, 2014 at 1:22 PM
      As long she doesnt publish this its just shows again beth is using her many hidden caracters which is part of her diseas (schizo)

      Maybe in addition to getting some English lessons you may also want to take a psych class or three. many hidden caracters is not a symptom of Schizophrenia in any of its subtypes and most especially not the one that Dr. Shclessinger was trying to claim Beth had(Paranoid). Rather it is a different disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

  24. if she publishes it then the ladies that signed these would be threatened. This is why its so corrupt. corruption rings eventually weaken and in the end the people that think they have won will be the losers. All it takes is for something to crack. I feel its very near.
    I think Naomi sounds like a schizo. Enjoy your yom tov with your boys you nutter

  25. Why are you asking Beth to publish these items. If the father believes that the court reasoning is just, why don't you ask him to publish it and be dome with this whole affair?

  26. Apparently if you are Austrian its against the law to publish court decisions..

    1. I never heard that. But even if that were true, Beth is not Austrian.

    2. @flower
      You are truly a special type of person. You have insisted that you are an expert in Austrian legal procedures. Meanwhile you have been demanding that Beth violate Austrian law. Something which would only serve to harm her custody case. Especially as Beth is a resident of Austria and thus subject to Austrian law.

    3. Do I understand this correctly that it is against the law to publish the court's reasoning. If this is so why are the Austrians insisting that
      Beth publishes it? To make her break the law?

      As the father has such close connections with the judges, perhaps, in the circumstances, he can get permission from them to
      publish the decision to put an end to all of this!

    4. @RMT

      I am starting to have doubts regarding your intellectual capabilities.

      Hana Lebetkin stated that she thinks it illegal for an AUSTRIAN to publish court decions, to which I replied that she is not Austrian.

      But I will check with an Austrian lawyer if it is indeed illegal to publicize court decisions.

    5. You have to laugh at flower.

      It's been a long time since he's used that argument (under whichever moniker he had been using at the time.)

      Now again. Once he has no answer he resorts to "You're not just a fool, but an ignorant one" and variations of the same unsubstantive drivel when he does not have a response.

      Oh yeah, can also claim that Rabbi Micheal Tzadok is just anti Chabad?


    6. flowerApril 13, 2014 at 7:55 PM
      I never heard that. But even if that were true, Beth is not Austrian.

      Right here with your even if statement you are saying that Beth should violate Austrian law, because she is not a citizen. Whereas it is common knowledge that you are subject to the laws of whatever country you are in, whether you are citizen, a resident or even just a tourist.

      Why do you want Beth to do something that will harm her case?

  27. Naomi get some proper english lessons. You cant spell and the information you are providing is absolute rubbish.

  28. @ flower

    flower, nothing in this world is 100% foolproof.. It is impossible for you or anybody to say that the Austrian Court system cannot be open to abuse and corruption.

    At the end of the day as we know, money can be the root of all evil.

    In the past, quite often, people in high places, or who are highly connected, have found to be corrupt.

    Again how can you be so sure corruption can not hit an Austrian court.

    If you still defend that it is not possible that an Austrian court cannot be touched by corruption, I think you are leaving yourself open to people suspecting and questioning that perhaps you yourself are trying to cover something up.

    You say you are not the father, you could be the judge for all we know, or anybody else who people have seen to side with the father, or maybe a rabbi.

    To compliment you, you do seem very intelligent and articulate.

    1. @Leah

      Thank you for your nice compliment :)

      I am not saying that there is no corruption, even in this case. But it is very unlikely. And as long as DT keeps making claims but is unable to deliver any hard evidence, I will not be convinced. I wish he would publish the original court reasonings, so we can all finally get the full, real and truthful picture, and not only bits and pieces, that are transcripted and translated.

      My guess is that this will never happen. I would be happy if he proves me wrong.

    2. @Leah

      Also, what money are you referring to? The Schlesingers have money?

    3. @ flower,

      When nothing makes sense about this case, it becomes very sinister indeed.

      Everybody who has known Beth in every walk of her life will testify that she is a completely sane, intelligent, loving, caring young mother.

      Whatever the sinister goings on behind this case, finances can come from any source.

      Again professional people have gone through the documents and confirm this is a grave injustice.

      Remember Michael Schlesinger and the children have not been assessed. Only Beth.

  29. As Beth seems to be publishing small chunks a bit at a time, why doesn't the father just publish the reasoning to put an end to this scandle. Because he is
    not doing so, it gives us all the more
    reason to believe the decision is

    This case is involving thousands people around the world and will not
    stop until resolved.

    Why is the father resisting?
    Why is he waiting for Beth?


  30. I think the problem here is this. If Beth publishes the final decision or Michael does this will go against them both so thats why they are both not doing this.
    I feel as frustrated as you all but looking at this logically thats what I think.
    its just so sad that the kids are in the middle. that's my main concern.
    I dont care about what he says and she says.
    That to me is all irrelevant. its the boys that will have the issues not the parents. can someone please agree?

  31. @ Flower- I do not believe the Schlesinger family have money at all as if they did why would they make Beth pay so much maintenance a month for the boys. What i do believe is that they seem to know all the correct people in the right places. You may disagree but I truely believe this.
    If you have a judge that is known in your community it should in my eyes be band for that judge to act on a case involving people she would know.. Do you agree with that?
    I dont understand myself why this Thau got involved in the first place.. she knew Michael before this court case and as we have seen Biderman has sent her emails directly. This is absolutely crazy how a rabbi has a judges email address..
    In my country this does not happen. This is not legal at all. I believe in Austria this is the case to..
    Why would anyone anyone contact a judge???

    Please answer me thanks

    1. @Lawyer on Call

      I`ll be honest with you, I dont understand that part either. I also dont know why Thau had anything to do with this dispute, as far as I understand she was not the judge in this case.

    2. @flower

      Perhaps you can make your own enquiries in the Vienna "Jewish" community and explain to us all here why Thau was involved and just what Biderman was doing with Thau?

      What does it take to show you what corruption looks like???

  32. Flower

    If you know that Thau was not involved in this case
    You obviously know this information because you are extremely close to Michael Schlesinger to know this, why
    did Biderman send Beth's confidential emails to her?

    1. @Anthony

      I didnt say I know that she is not involved. I said "as far as I understand", that means from what I read in this and Beths blog. But I might be mistaked, I really dont know.

      And no, I am not close to Michael Schlesinger, I actually dont know him.

    2. "And no, I am not close to Michael Schlesinger, I actually dont know him."

      Ha ha. You've proven yourself to lie so many times. Is this part of "dovor hamiskabel"? What honor you are bringing to the rebbe.

    3. That now dead and gone flower who has no respect for Rabbi E or Rabbi T MUST know Michael Schlesinger. Nothing else is possible.

    4. Flower probably is Michael Schlesinger. We don't wish him harm only sanity.
      Perhaps he can ressurect and be
      a blossoming flower! Am I dreaming? If the questions aren't being answered perhaps we are entering the
      another festival of miracles or just plain good sense?

  33. hey Flower
    Did you check with an Austrian lawyer yet ???

    "But I will check with an Austrian lawyer if it is indeed illegal to publicize court decisions."


  34. Flower for someone who doesn't know Michael Schlesinger you are really spending a lot of time defending him!

    What is your opinion regarding the boys? Why do you think they don't talk? They don't talk any more tban
    they did when they were so brutally
    taken from their mother at two.
    Don't you think it may because they
    need their mother ?

  35. Can't stop thinking about the Jewish community in Vienna and the hatred it exudes. Precisely the opposite of what you'd expect from people whose families and ancestors suffered pogroms and the holocaust. It's so hard to understand why they are like this.

    Whoever threatened Nora the au pair was, I suppose, doing it to hurt Beth. My guesses are the person or people who were so cruel to Nora were most likely from the Schlesinger family or else someone who works above N at the ZPC school and used her to project their anger onto Beth. Nora praised Beth as a mother and wife and the threatener or threateners clearly hate her guts for this.

    What tragic events in a community that should know better.

  36. The behaviour of the Schlesinger family and the Jewish community in Austria is totally unexplainabe.

    Why would any of them want to watch while two little children are taken away from their perfectly good capable and loving mother for no good reason?

  37. You're right James. Just like many people in Austria silently watched their Jewish friends and neighbours disappearing before the war, today's Vienna Jews are doing the same as their Austrian counterparts in those troubled times. Self-absorbed, they watch the Schlesinger twins being deprived of their mother's care and love, as silently as the Austrian neighbours watched the Jewish population disappearing 75 years ago.

  38. I just saw a little booklet in English entitled "Jewish Vienna - Heritage and Mission" for tourists to Vienna. To my horror, on the page I opened it at, there was a section about what was going on there in 1938. It said,"Jews were kicked...........And again, many preferred to look away.." My immediate thought - deja vu! We've heard how Michael Schlesinger treated his wife - pushing and kicking her and her family and trying to have her committed to a mental hospital. And we've seen the leaders of the Vienna community look away. What a terrible thing. It didn't just happen in 1938. It's been happening before our eyes - TODAY. Just like Thoughtful said.

  39. The big question is haven't the Austrian Jewish Community learned from the past?

    Why are they looking away?

    Why are they not giving their own
    reasons for looking away in this very
    sad case?

    Are they just willing to accept the
    decision of a court, who does not
    monitor, or see the unhappiness and under achievement of these two little boys eeveryday!

    I am sure they wouldn't accept a simple parking fine so easily!

    How are the Austrian Jewish Community justifying just sitting back
    and hoping this ongoimg problem will

    It won't, because the boys are
    continuing to deteriate whilst they are
    being denied their mother!

    This problem will never fade because
    Beth and her supporters will always
    work in the best interests of the boys!

    It will be awful for Austria if this matter is not resolved soon, as it will be
    another atrocity in History books and
    as The British Board of Deputies said "a stain on Austria"!

    I am sure the Austrians will not look favourably on the Austian Jewish
    Community for that!

    The Austrian Jewish Community really do need to do some soul searching!


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