Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weberman's victim's husband receives death threat

NYPost  The husband of the brave Orthodox Jewish teen whose testimony helped convict the once-prominent Jewish counselor who sexually abused her is receiving death threats, The Post has learned.

“I know my Jewish rights . . . I am allowed to kill you and that [is] what I am going to do,” a thuggish coward posted Monday on the Facebook page of Boorey Deutsch, husband of imprisoned perv Nechemya Weberman’s now-18-year-old victim.

“I AM GOING TO KILL YOU WITH IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS you may be stronger than one thousand satmar people but not stronger than a gun bullet,” the posting raged.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is investigating the threat, spokeswoman Mia Goldberg confirmed.


  1. This is what happen when the leadership purposely tries to keep the public ignorant. No english, no academics, and no Torah either. What a shame.

    1. No, this is what happens when elements of leadership promote violence by followers. Plain ignorance would not produce this result.

    2. Lazer is right No one promoted violence in this case. Just being led to believe that someone is a villain will automatically promote at least a small percent of the masses to take vigilant action, because there always exist the presence of some naturally wile vigilant people who need only a cause.

    3. Vigilant is way too kind a term, and I doubt that anyone would have sprung into action in this case had not some leaders used incendiary language beforehand. It's not necessary to give a direct command.

    4. Believe me, if those leaders were 'implying' that it is their will for violence to me enacted here, you would have the multitudes and the mainstream members of that community committing violent acts here big time. The fact that it is only one case that we know of that made such a threat, proves that this is not the case.

    5. Incendiary language is not necessarily "beat 'em up". It's language to create strong distaste for a person or group. If that was dialed down, the loonies would not so often pick such targets.

  2. Papaguy, Of hashomayim yolich et hakolOctober 23, 2013 at 9:30 PM

    The nsa knows exactly who sent the threat and from where, they are on your tracks. BTW are you from any of the asseres bnei haman who committed murder on this girl many times over? If so, you might just join him for a life time. Avos yochlu boser, veshinei banim tikheno.

  3. why can't the "leadership" at satmar make an unequivocal statement saying that while we disagree with the husbands "reprehensible actions", illegal violence is still a completely unacceptable response and anyone who acts in such a way will not receive any support or cover from anash and will no longer be part of our community ?

  4. There are two sets of Asseret hadibros 1 4 U & 1 4 XOctober 29, 2013 at 1:35 AM

    Who wasted away yechezkel Shamess?


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