Thursday, October 31, 2013

Intimidation because of publicizing abuse causes Zephaniah Waks to leave Australia

Manny Waks reports on Facebook     I am bitterly disappointed to share that due to the ongoing harassment, intimidation and discrimination from leaders and members of the Yeshivah Centre, which has effectively led to my parents’ excommunication from their community of almost 30 years (carried out by Yeshivah leaders and most of its members), my parents (Zephaniah and Chaya Waks) have made the difficult decision to sell their family home and relocate. My parents will now spend half of the year in Israel, and as they own a wig business in Melbourne (, they will live in an apartment near their shop (located some distance away from the Yeshivah community) for the periods they will be in Australia.

Their home, my childhood home, was officially put on the market yesterday.

It is a sad day when the bullies, especially those cloaked in religion, have had such a major impact as to force a family to leave their home. However, thankfully my parents have not given up the fight and they will continue to be vocal about the issue of child sexual abuse. Importantly, they will continue to hold the Yeshivah Centre to full account in any way they can, including through the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

After years of service to the Yeshivah community (e.g. my mother was President of N’shei Chabad “Women of Chabad” for a few years and my parents regularly hosted countless people for the Sabbath and Jewish holidays), less than a handful of community members have stood by them. This is an indictment of the Yeshivah/Chabad community.

But then again, I guess my parents’ farewell is as bright as their welcome was to the Yeshivah community some 30 years ago. It commenced with racist taunts and violence (as per yesterday's Facebook post:, and is concluding with bullying and excommunication. Sadly, the modus operandi of the Yeshivah community and its leaders seems to have remained unchanged in at least three decades.

But they will need to answer for this – to their conscience, the community, and ultimately, when they meet their Creator.

I have no doubt that justice will prevail.


  1. This bullying, harassing and intimidation come from the higher ups through their goon squads, underground military, men in black networking and offering their services to these so called ra bonim as witnessed by the Kolko and other cases. Of course they have something to hide, therefore they create an iron wall with obstacles, such as lashan hara, but never concerned about chilul hashem. To them, kivyachol is expendable over personal shame, r'l'. Indeed, they punish the masses with divrei kzovim as if pidyon shviyim for selfish treats. What is the qualification to become a chaver - shomro nafshi ki chosid oni in joining the goon squad, the highest on the list is to be a mishkav zochor as you can see most members that volunteer parading around with their jackets with their member symbol walking around so vichtig, packets of keys on their behinds, holding on to their radios as if a pacifier, they wouldn't dare leave home without it. That already gives you protection and security for you to be in safe territory, each member of the same interest will scratch the others back, no pun intended. You are in a position of intimidating anyone accusing you of such offences with full backup of these ra bonim. They are also in need of these henchmen's protection just as well as like the Grand rabbi of marakesh, Britain, vechulay vechulay. These same perverts, get their kicks from using all kinds of sadistic weapons at their disposal, prods, drowning in bathtubs, force marriage breakups, busting skulls, breaking bones, bashing faces, to mention but a few. That's how they keep themselves and each other in power. Should you try to fight back, they have a networking of the shammosim texting them the whereabouts of their nirdofim, keeping tab on you fully covered at all times. They will even recruit the outside authorities on you with all kinds of alilas dam, and of course all is done under disguise of leshem shamayim. Recently, these goon squads have been busted by the feds caught red handed with their malachei chabolo, and yedei eisov, ski masks and all other klei chomos and klei zayin, have started to sing. Busloads of these thugs, doson vaviroms, many people of the cloth, are joining the club, being arrested. Venahpoich hi asher yishleti hayhidim, and a new world order is on the horizon b'h'. Kulom menoafim rodfei shalmoinim becherposeini. Ve'al al kol eile yeviacho E' bimishpot.

  2. Hagm lichboish es hamalka imi baboyisNovember 1, 2013 at 3:52 AM

    They have been fighting for over a year who should have jurisdiction over the 100 community Safety surveilence cameras in B.P. and Flatbush for first view in order to be able to edit, censure and erase. Imagine that a maaseh Epstein, Yaakov, in midst of performing martial arts on a kidnapped forced get victim is captured on the video. Or suppose in midst of harassments an intimdation ordered to be ostracized by these thugs and bullies, that would put the pepittah hoyzens in harms way and locked away for good. Ma osu chacahmim, they put a gatekeeper to filter out the maaseh taatuim with secure 24/7. Don' you worry, the feds are in it. If you don't believe it, ask Snowden, NSA and wikipedophilia. Ayin roeh, veoizen shomaas, vechol maasecho besefer nichtovim.

  3. I think we need to be מקבל את האמת ממי שאמרו.

    (כל אהבה שאין עמה תוכחה אינה אהבה! (מדרש רבה בראשית נ"ד-ג

    I believe that, unfortunately, Waks DOES have a very valid point. After writing about the pervasive discrimination and systematic lack of empathy he suffered growing up in a FRUM community and about being constantly bullied by other FRUM children because of his skin color (his mother is of Yemenite extraction and he has dark skin), he writes:

    … "the fundamental issue with the ultra-Orthodox community is that there is a refusal to accept the deep flaws that exist within this community. … When a community chooses to preach, it must also practise that which it preaches. Fundamental religious principles taught in the ultra-Orthodox classrooms were, and are, all too frequently breached. Sadly, the hypocrisies are pervasive. It is time to ensure attitudes and actions are changed in order to prevent a repeat of what has transpired here and in other places, literally for decades. It is time to live by example. The disingenuous "holier than thou" attitude must cease immediately. That’s a good place to start."

    Religious Judaism has since lost Manny Waks, and it seems that the incorrigible Chilil Hashem that he witnessed was a large factor. Should we be surprised? Didn’t Chazal foretell this possibility?

    יומא פו. - היכי דמי חילול השם? .... אביי אמר כדתניא {דברים ו-ה} ואהבת את ה' אלהיך שיהא שם שמים מתאהב על ידך שיהא קורא ושונה ומשמש ת''ח ויהא משאו ומתנו בנחת עם הבריות מה הבריות אומרות עליו אשרי אביו שלמדו תורה אשרי רבו שלמדו תורה אוי להם לבריות שלא למדו תורה פלוני שלמדו תורה ראו כמה נאים דרכיו כמה מתוקנים מעשיו עליו הכתוב אומר {ישעיה מט-ג} ויאמר לי עבדי אתה ישראל אשר בך אתפאר אבל מי שקורא ושונה ומשמש ת''ח ואין משאו ומתנו באמונה ואין דבורו בנחת עם הבריות מה הבריות אומרות עליו אוי לו לפלוני שלמד תורה אוי לו לאביו שלמדו תורה אוי לו לרבו שלמדו תורה פלוני שלמד תורה ראו כמה מקולקלין מעשיו וכמה מכוערין דרכיו ועליו הכתוב אומר {יחזקאל לו-כ} באמור להם עם ה' אלה ומארצו יצאו

    What are we to do? First, we need to follow the dictum of the פלא יועץ, ערך הודאה:

    ענין הודאה המורה שבח... יש הודאה טובה, כגון להיות מודה על האמת (ומדה זו צריכה רבה ובפרט לתלמידי חכמים העוסקים בהלכה שיקבל את האמת תכף ומיד ממי שאמרו אפלו מקטן שבקטנים יודה ולא יבוש לומר אפלו בפני רבים, האמת אתך ודברים שאמרתי טעות הם בידי, ולא ימשכן עצמו בשנויי דחיקי ובדחיות להעמיד דבריו ולאהבת הנצוח ויהיה העקב למישור דנפק מנה חרבא להתיר אסורין ולהרבות המחלקת והשנאה ואין תורתו רצויה רחמנא לצלן ולשיזבן מהאי דעתא

    Once we accept the dictum of שיקבל את האמת תכף ומיד ממי שאמרו אפלו מקטן שבקטנים there is SO MUCH hope. But until then……………………………..

    PS: Question to moshiach: What's "marakesh"?


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