Thursday, October 31, 2013

SABJE (South African Board of Jewish Education) issues an apology OVER THIRTY YEARS LATER for sex abuse

King David School Foundation   "SABJE makes Bold Apology 

This is a reproduction of a letter of apology sent out by SABJE to the current parent body at King David, dealing with past abuse perpetrated by a member of staff who was employed at King David. 

Dear King David Community

The South African Board of Jewish Education is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment which fosters the most appropriate environment for excellent education to take place. This is a responsibility which we take seriously as it underpins the key relationship that of the teacher to the student.

It was therefore with agreed sense of disbelief, pain and anger that we, the current Executive,  was made aware of the inappropriate behavior of a male staff member who worked in a senior position at King David Primary School Linksfield in the 60's, 70’s and early 80’s. Our investigations into the records and events of the time have revealed that these allegations were in fact true and were the cause of such staff member being fired.  Our efforts also revealed that no official apology was ever made at the time to those harmed by the behaviours and so we as a Board holding our fiduciary position in perpetual succession have taken it upon ourselves to do so.  We unreservedly apologise to all ex-Davidians from that era for any harm be it of a physical or emotional nature experienced under the tutelage of such a teacher and under the watch of the Board executives of the time.  Such behaviour being antithetical to what we as a school system stand for.

This process has led to much introspection and a review of related policies and practices that address the safety of all members of the King David Schools.  While we cannot change the past, the new policy implemented and the education of staff and students on this policy, we believe, will assure an ongoing safe environment.

The policy is available online at for your perusal and all staff will be bound by the policy as part of our employee policies.  New employees will also be required to sign a behavioural code.

The King David Schools will apply a zero tolerance attitude to any such behavior and with regard to the new policy: [...]

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