Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rav Sternbuch: Media reports of his "Mizrachi speech" are not accurate

Rav Sternbuch has been visiting Tzfas for a few days. Someone who just visited him told me that Rav Sternbuch was very upset with the media accounts of what he allegedly said at the recent Satmar dinner.  He claims that "many things were inserted by the reporter that he never said."

I hope to get greater clarification in the near future.


  1. Media reports are NEVER accurate.

  2. That was what I said from the beginning. The B'Chadrei folks are not great on journalistic accuracy or integrity.

  3. Why not get a tape recording or video of the event? Most mosdos have one.

  4. So RDE, you defended what he said upon seeing it printed. But when Rav Sternbuch saw it printed, he was upset and offended that they printed things he is now claiming he didn't and/or wouldn't say. Shouldn't this cause you pause?

    At very least, one must conclude that you and your rav must have disparate views about what is acceptable and appropriate dialogue amongst different groups within the Orthodox Jewish world.

    1. The basic point in what was reported in his name was similar to Rav Steinmen and other chareidi leaders have been saying. That basic message is what I provided justification. The particular wording is what is incorrect. I have not heard what words were added.

      As I have stated before we do in fact have points of disagreement - nothing I view as huge. As I also have noted he is not my rav in the sense of accepting whatever he says. He is someone I greatly respect and consult with on major issues and whose views largely coincide with mine. He is a tremendous talmid chachom with an interesting mix of conservative tendencies and open mindedness combined with liberal doses of commonsense.

    2. "As I also have noted he is not my rav in the sense of accepting whatever he says"

      I don't believe that's the function of a Rav, anyway, so I don't expect that to be the case.
      The relevance of you having a difference of opinion with Rav Shternbuch only comes into play when you actually cite him as justification for your own view. It would have to be in cases where coinciding of views can still be reasonably interpreted from what he is saying. But in some cases that won't be possible.


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