Friday, April 26, 2013

District Court says woman wearing talis at Kotel is ok

Haaretz   The Jerusalem District Court ruled Thursday that women praying at the Western Wall with prayer shawls and tefillin does not constitute a violation of “local custom” or a provocation, and therefore, no justification exists for detaining and interrogating women who engage in these practices. 

The ruling is a major victory for the Women of the Wall organization in its ongoing battle against police and the Orthodox authorities in charge of prayer rules at the holy site. 

The district court also ruled that contrary to police interpretations of a previous Supreme Court ruling, there is no prohibition preventing women from holding their own prayer services at the Western Wall nor any requirement that they congregate instead at the nearby Robinson’s Arch.[...]

Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz said he will look into the ruling and consult with state's legal representative to examine its consequences.  
"The Western Wall is the last unifying place we have," he said. "It is easy to enflame the Western Wall it divineness. It is much more difficult to the find the middle route that will allow everyone to feel included and wanted at the Western Wall."
"I beg the authorities as well as the silent majority who care deeply for the Wall, to prevent extremists from turning it into a site antagonism between brothers," Rabinowitz added.
'Women needlessly abused for years'


  1. The police seem to understand what the court does not.If it circulated in Charedi circles that reform leader,Anat Hoffman is creating a synagogue at the kosel there could be a riot or riots.The police are so strict with these people in order not to have to deal with that possibility.It would be a huge headache for them.

  2. Rav chaim k saud noway can we let this happen... The satmar was right when he predicted this.

  3. Why are these so-called judges doing this to us? Why?

    The same antizionist "intelligentsia" mostly of german jewish origin still control the meaningful venues of power in the state of israel, and they desire the destruction of the Jewish people.

    1. you do know that judge sobel learned in chorev and hebron right? this is the guy who desires the destruction of the jewish people?

  4. the only problem i have with this court ruling,how come the freedom to worship does not apply to Jews who want to pray on the temple mount?
    i guess these leftist cowards would not dare to rule against their Arab friends

  5. Is it an aveira for a woman to wear a Tallis? What about counting the omer or saying Krias Shema?

    1. Yes it is an aveira. Because it is not being done in the spirit of Rashi's daughters as a lifnei mishuris hadin. It is being done as a rebellion by women against men.

      Feminism will annihilate any civilization it takes root in. I use those words without exaggeration.


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