Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Important Halacha Regarding Arba Minim

Five Towns Jewish Times

Recently an unofficial poll taken in Far Rockaway, New York revealed a startling and alarming fact.  Over 90% of women polled were unaware of the halacha of “Lachem.”  The Torah tells us of a requirement in the laws of Lulav and Esrog that applies on the first day of Sukkos.  The Arba Minim, the four kinds taken on Sukkos, must belong to the person who is performing the Mitzvah.  It may not be borrowed – it must be owned.  One may, of course, rely on the concept of “Matana al menas lehachzir” – a conditional gift where the recipient will eventually give back the item – but this is not akin to borrowing.  It is still considered ownership. [...]


  1. What about the concept of ishto k'gufo? No gift should be necessary if it is the wife who is using the lulav.

  2. If I buy a lulav/esrog, would I need to actually give it to my wife as a 'matana' for her to be 'yotzai'? The money I spent to buy it was from our common funds which makes it as much hers as mine to begin with. So why would I have to give it to her - it is already hers?

  3. Sholom: If that's how you consider the funds you use to purchase arbah minim and subsequently the arbah minim themselves, you may not be fulfilling the mitzvah yourself the first night! Why would your understanding be any better then arbah minim owned by a partnership (which do not fulfill the requirement of ownership for the first night of Sukkos)?!

  4. Then how is it my money? My wife and i both work. We put the money we earn into one account. I know that 'ma shekana ishto kanah baalah', but in this situation it is clear that a wife is saying 'aini nizonus vaini oseh' since she is working and doesn't rely only on her husband's money. I told her I was going out to buy a lulav/esrog. Do I have to say to hear to be mafker the money thatpartly belongs to her so that it is 'lachem' for me when I do the purchasing?

  5. Since the obligation to take the dalet minim doesn't apply to women, how does the question of "lechem" arise?


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