Friday, September 3, 2010

Child abuse:Amish try to deal with it internally

New York Times hat tip Ben Torah

A troubled young man from this remote stretch of eastern Missouri, Chester Mast had traveled north in the summer of 2004 to stay with his extended family in Wisconsin. Mr. Mast, a member of a conservative Amish community here that eschews conveniences like electricity and telephones, was meant to apprentice with his uncle, a carpenter. [...]


  1. Rabbi E - It appears that only 2 posts are being listed on each page again. Maybe this feature gets switched up every month automatically or something? Anyway, just thought I'd let you know, since last time you changed it to show more posts when that happened.

  2. Strange. I had a 'Noah Schwartz' for an uncle as well.

  3. Yes, we know. Major scandal.

    They have no efficient structures to fight it and should go to the police, which they don't.

    What's even worse in their case is that they often live in isolated farms, where this kind of occurence seems to be more comon.

    There are a few extensive stories about how sexual abuse was neither stopped nor punished, the victims rejected and ostracised.

    They also seem to have the same set of priorities as chareidiim: You violate one of their rules, you're out, you molest children, you're welcome (as long as you do not flout the other rules).

  4. Well, one thing we COULD learn from them is the premium placed on telling the truth.

  5. Have you seen the news report about an allegation of sexual abuse by a father against his son in Kiryas Yoel?


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