Friday, September 3, 2010

Rav Moshe Sternbuch - Expressing Gratitude


  1. the very fact that you closed the comment on bais din shows what a real rosho you are.

    Bais Din is powerless because of thugs like you, who refuse to listen to halocho.

    obviously, you have hoodwinked a broken man who lost his wife into thinking you are a ben torah.

    you are a sheygetz just like Dovid cohen who admits he has an anger problem.

    the halocho is clear as paskened by rav elyashiv, rav wosner and rav nissim karelitz, and also agreed to by rav shternbuch: in ordfer to go to arko'oys both parties need to be in front of a bais din and the matter has to be investigated and the words of the gedolim were "the matter must be as clear to them as they know their own sister.

    dovid cohen yemach shemo gives heterim not as a bais din without even speraking to both sides.

    you will rot like he will.

    you are a mizrochist who support the kefirah of the BDA. I know very well what a rosho you are and your time will come.

  2. Is this EMES is Roni/Tropper (the shtuper menuval) who after you banned him went to Yudel using the screen name EMES to conplain about you. ?


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