Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Modesty Squad targeted by Jerusalem police IV

Ultra-Orthodox Jews rioted in Jerusalem on Monday in protest of the recent arrest of Shmuel Weisfish, a member of the haredi community's chastity squad who was allegedly involved in the torching of a store selling MP4 players in violation of a ruling of the Orthodox Court of Justice.
Demonstrators set garbage cans on fire on Shmuel Hanavi, Dvora Hanevia, Hanevi'im and Shivtei Yisrael streets in the capital. Police officers dispatched to the scene closed the streets for traffic and cleared the roads, some of which were reopened a short while later. A court ordered that Weisfish remain in custody until Thursday. He was arrested about a month ago.

Another pashkevil distributed within the haredi community last week read, "The zionazi police arrested yeshiva student Shmuel Weisfish for his alleged participation in activity aimed against those who pollute our camp, such as the stores that sell profanity. The safeguarding of the Torah is considered a crime in this country of Sodom and Gomorrha. The haredi sect will fight back against its accusers.

However, a source in the Orthodox Court of Justice told Ynet that the haredi public "opposes the attacks on the store and is against the riots carried out by the extremists."

According to him, the Jewish extremists are looking to "ban films altogether so everyone will study Torah, but some community members want to listen to a song or watch a movie. The extremists do not understand this."

The source further claimed that the extremists' actions are undermining the Orthodox rabbis' authority.


  1. I hope the Rabbis go on record quickly.
    Joel Rich

  2. I believe that many of the "Jewish" extremists are Christian infiltrators.

    Christian infiltrators posing as Muslim converts have been an acknowledged problem for Muslims the world over.

    "Former Muslim Trains Christians to Witness in Local Mosques"Chad Groening, May 16, 2005 http://www.crosswalk.com/1330327/

    See also "Islam and Christian Witness:Sharing the Faith with Muslims" by Martin Goldsmith.

    There are thousands of devoted Christians who are taking shahada in mosques around the world only in order that they will better be able to witness to Muslims. And they are being quite successful in their efforts to convert Muslims to Christianity.

    Samuel Zwemer, pioneer missionary
    of the Reformed Church in America
    and mentor to many mission witnesses to Muslims, challenged his readers with these words:
    "We must become Muslims to the
    Muslims if we would gain them for

    There is no question that there have been dramatic changes within Orthodox Judaism over the past decade and divisiveness among Orthodox Jews has become painfully acute.

    There has been significant Christian missionary infiltration in Orthodox communities throughout the world.

    This guide on witnessing to Jews instructs Christian missionaries to "look for the mezuzah on the doorposts" and to identify "Chassidic or ultra-Orthodox Jews by their very conspicuous dress".


    I attended a simcha in a Gerer Chassidic shteibel a few years ago. While I was there a group of women came in, dressed in Chassidic garb, wearing wigs with hats and seamed stockings. They were speaking in Yiddish to some of the ladies in the shul. Because I am a native Spanish speaker, I addressed one of the women in Spanish. As she answered me back, she automatically added "in Christ" to her greeting.

    I notified the Gabbai who was SHOCKED and they were asked to leave. But I am sure this was not the first nor the only Chassidic shul they had visited.

  3. Doesnt law and order play a part in the world of Torah? If we desire living in a civilized world, it is essential to uphold the laws against violence. By fighting for Shmuel's freedom without him serving for his acts of violence, is a tremendous CHILUL HASHEM.

  4. I would like to know who it was that said early in their developing that Chassidim were a cult?

    The thought has never entered my mind until very recently, because of some very extreme behavior that seems very opposite to, "The Torah, its ways are the ways of pleasantness." We have halacha and mitzvos! But the recent excesses of so-called piety et al., seem to express a deterioration or disintegration of an idea/belief that simply dissolved because it has no real authenticity!

    Could someone address this please.


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