Sunday, March 12, 2017

Is Trump viewed as so infallible that even posting critical comments destroys my crediblity?!

Ever since I have been posting articles about Trump - in particular his blatant lies - I have received comments that this inappropriate. There are two explanation give.1) Because the topic is viewed as irrelevant to a Jew and thus I am wasting energy to do so. 2) Because criticism of Trump is mistaken since he is fighting the evil of Obama and the Clintons and therefore there is something wrong with my understanding of truth and reality if I dare suggest he is a liar and buffoon.

I have not taken these comments too seriously. I have noted that Trump propensity to lie is causing real damage - not just to America  - but to the world. That he is bringing about an unhealthy change in the relationship to truth and democracy. While there can be legitimate differences in how to govern or what programs are viewed as legitimate - but that there should be no argument about the importance of truth. There is no question that Trump makes up "alternative facts' such as that 3 million illegal voters cast votes for Clinton. That he makes false accusations such as that his phone was tapped by Obama - without any proof. Etc etc etc.

This week I received a new claim. My correspondent - who has a solid reputation - wrote the following. Up until I started posting about Trump I was viewed by many as the source of truth dealing with things such as child abuse, halacha, rabbinic scandals (e.g, Tropper) and the incredible perversion of halacha and rabbinic leadership - the Kaminetsky-Greenblatt Heter.

My correspondent said he personally knows many people - including rabbis - who view me a credbile source of information and especially for the Kaminetsky-Greenblatt Heter I am the only source. He therefore expressed pain that he had gotten feedback from various people including rabbonim - that what they perceived as my irrational obsession with Trump - had destroyed my crediblity on all the other issues.

In other words, despite my full documentation of the Kamientsky-Greenblatt heter - these people have decided that since I am a nut there is no reason to be concerned about the Kaminetsky-Greenblatt Heter or anything else that I might discuss.

My understandings is that rabbis who will dismiss all the documentation solely because it has been reported by someone who is critical of Trump - means simply they are looking for any excuse to duck responsiblity for the matter. However my correspondent disagreed.

Out of the respect I have for this individual, I decided to make a poll to ascertain what is the dominant view there. There are 2 issues that have two alternatives. Thus there are four question and everyone should check two boxes.

1) Do the posting about Trump in fact destroy my credibility about the Kaminetsky-Greenblatt Heter and other matters and 2) Is this an important question.


  1. Trying to normalize Trump by bringing up real and fake comparison with Clinton is simply a bad joke and a waste of everyone s time

  2. One thing you can never show a comparison between Trump and Clinton is you cannot show any equivalent mitzvah between what Trump did for the girl Megan with brittle bone disease, what he did for Melissa Young who is suffering from an incurable and most notable to our people what he did for Avraham Moshe Ten. I will say it a thousand times over and over. When the choice was between two despicable people I chose the one who at least demonstrated he had redeeming qualities.

  3. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can redeem a kofer ba'ikkar (a denier of reality), according to our Torah. That is why the 1st commandment for both jews and benie noach is to recognise/know Hashem!


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