Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rav Eliashiv:Rabbinic authority/Transcript

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  1. Well R' Elyashiv sounds a whole lot more sensible than his interlocutors, who seem to be on a female bashing mission. There wasn't a question about whether you can be mekabel a mechanech who cheats in business and whose wife is a tzadeykes. Why do they assume all ills stem from a female? Unbelievable.

  2. So tirering to hear a multiple of questions focusing on Tzinuus and Tzinuus that where we are at ONLY?

  3. This is not a surprise to those who always said that r' Elyashiv is being manipulated by his handlers. It is sad to see the so called godol hador getting his strings pulled by others in order to get the "right" answered from him and how r' Mishkovsky puts words in his mouth. It also sad to see r' Mishkovsky talks to him like he is retard child

    So at least everyone knows now how these chumras and psaks are being created (r' Elyashiv talks in general terms and his handlers make it halacha from Sinai).

    It was funny to hear Mishkovsky asks "the Cofetz Chayim says this and that, is that true? "

    It also raises doubts about r' Elyashiv general health and clarity.

  4. Recipients and PublicityNovember 30, 2009 at 1:07 PM

    This video reveals a lot. Firstly it shows the sterling amazing good middos and patience of Rav Eliashiv. Here is a man of about 100 years old and he sits patiently and calmly, focused and alert to welcome and put up with what can only be called verbal abuse from a bunch of mysoginistic grobbe yungen who mostly dwell on anti-female topics.

    Would these same interrogators of Rav Eliashiv, in his own home yet, accept such a tone and style from their own students and children? Definitely not! They would no doubt give a potch (slap across the face) to anyone a quarter of their age for talking to them the way they dare to address Rav Eliashiv with their aggressive body language and bullying words invading Rav Eliashiv's own home space.

    Yet here they are, in splendid color and sound, recording their abominable harrasments of Rav Eliashiv as the dude on the left shoots his questions in rapid-fire forcing Rav Eliashiv to respond in almost yes-or-no fashion.

    This is also teh style of R Nachum Eisenstein who comes into Rav Eliashiv very often to "ask his shaylos" regarding conversions in an abrasive manner. This seems to be an Israeli cultural thing as the chutzpadikke style of Sabras is practiced even by so-called rabbonim when talking to their RASHKEBEHAG.

    They talk of the Chofetz Chaim and Halachos of tznius, but one cannot imagine that either the Chofetz Chaim or anyone really serious about the Halachos of tznius would approach a Gadol Hador with such shameless lack of derech eretz and outright chutzpa.

    Do they think Rav Eliashiv is their high school chavrusa to "shlog op"?

    It is just so pathetic to think that Halachic policies for the frum world get "legislated" and "decreed" upon unsuspecting people like this.

  5. There's a lot more that gets revealed here, which has to do with access to the Rav.

    Bums like Mashinsky pursuing their personal agendas receive 1/2 hr of face time, while important Rabbonim (like Rav Hershel Shachter) with important shailos are given the bum's rush after a few minutes. In the case of Rav Herschel, he was kicked out before he could even get to asking the question.

    It would seem that the Rav is a prisoner of his handlers' deviousness.

  6. For some insight into what goes on around R' Eliashev, you might be interested in hearing a lecture by Rabbi Nathan Kamenetsky which he called "Anatomy of a Ban". He recounts how R' Elyashiv was manipulated into banning "The Making of a Godol" BTW, R' Kamenetsky speaks of R' Elyashiv with the highest respect. It is well worth the hour so so it takes to listen.

    The lecture can be downloaded from the YU Torah website. If the Tiny URL link below does not work, just go to and browse the speaker list.

  7. Recipients and PublicityDecember 2, 2009 at 1:11 PM

    What happened to the video link? Someone got upset that they didn't look so good acting like boors?

  8. Recipients and Publicity said...

    What happened to the video link? Someone got upset that they didn't look so good acting like boors?
    Just checked it and it is working fine


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