Sunday, November 8, 2009

Conversion confusion in Israel


Many converts wishing to get married face objections by chief city rabbis, religious councils who refuse to register them, claiming they 'do not observe mitzvot' [...]


  1. Who is Seth (Shaul) Farber?November 8, 2009 at 5:25 PM

    This guy is another fraud posing as orthodox. He once gave a press interview stating his agenda which does not follow halacha. He is only interested in some feel-good Liberal agenda of not hurting anyone's feelings even if the conversion is not legitimate.

    He is also a disgrace to his ancestor the Chasam Sofer who he brags he descends from.

  2. There is a Conservative rabbi in town whose sons became left wing modern orthodox. The older one especially may mean well but he is such a grubbah am haaretz of very mediocre intelligence that he doesn't know his head from his foot. He says things in the name of Rav Soloveitchik that were definitely never said because they contradict Shas & Shulchan Aruch. He is very dangerous because in the words of one Toronto rov, "er iz an am haaretz vos meint as er iz a talmid chochom." He was the only shul rabbi in the history of the city who was not allowed to sit on the beis din. He and his brother in New York are involved in gerus cases and use Seth Farber as an instrument to assist them. These clowns believe like the YCT crowd that freye rabbis are just as authentic as real rabbonim.

  3. Ra-Bonim of the RabbanutNovember 8, 2009 at 8:02 PM

    Some rabbanut rabbis have been producing phony gerim for years and some who are supposedly cleaning up the mess in concert with Tropper are being metzayer real gerim. It's not clear if they are also opposed to phony gerim from Tropper's EJF at the same time. All this can very confusing to people on the outside.

    Why can't there be a happy medium?

  4. Rabbi Shaul Farber, director of the Jewish Life Information Center (ITIM), said on Thursday that "it is not plausible that marriage registrars who are employed by the country and are getting paid by the Chief Rabbinate will make up their own mind whether to recognize documents issued by their employers."
    What wrong with what rabbi Farber says ? those rabbis are employee of the states and if they do not like the way the employer operate they are free to get another job.

    I think the vendata against rabbi Farber is because he is Modern orthodox, I think ITIM help people in other issues secular Israelis need the rabbinate.

  5. Who is Seth (Shaul) Farber?November 9, 2009 at 2:51 AM

    It's true that Farber does some good but the problem is not that he is modern orthodox. Halevai that he was just that. He is so far left in the so called modern spectrum that by his own admission in a newspaper interview he is not following halacha although he would probably disagree (and say that his krum definition of things does constitute following halacha).

  6. The Conservative rabbi is Joseph Kelman, younger brother of former Conservative supreme head Wolf Kelman who invented the abridged Conservative siddur. He claimed to still be frum but was careful to never use the word orthodox (except when referring to what he called his Bobover roots) and spoke in a microphone every Shabbos and Yomtov and "davened" with women for 40 years.

    Joseph's oldest son is Jay Kelman who runs the Torah in Motion group. ... His father would come by often and be seated in the mizrach seat of the old rov if the rov was away for Shabbos....
    Jay's younger brother Maury is a lawyer on Manhattan's West Side who likes getting his rabbi name in the Jewish papers as an advocate for gerim. The Kelman family promotes Maury as the former rov of some moshav in Israel that no one seems to have heard of.


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