Friday, November 27, 2009

Battle heats up regarding "conversions"


The Knesset Immigration and Absorption Committee held a pitched debate following the refusal of the chief rabbis of several cities and marriage registrars to list the marriage of non-Jews who underwent fictitious conversions. Knesset members who took part in the meeting, the legal advisor for the Chief Rabbinate and a Justice Ministry representative announced that they would work to dismiss the rabbis and registrars and file charges against them....

According to Vaad Haolami LeInyonei Giyur [R' Nochum Eisenstein], "Just as government authorities are required to prevent fraud and deception, so too authorized rabbinical authorities are required to check conversion certificates to ensure they meet halachic requirements. If they find a conversion certificate was issued after a conversion candidate falsely declared he is prepared to accept Torah and mitzvas as required by halacha, the law stipulates that the conversion must be annulled ex post facto and the authorized authorities must enforce it just like any other fraudulent act. Therefore a committee of prominent dayonim should be formed to annul any conversion found to have been performed through deception."


  1. Recipients and PublicityNovember 27, 2009 at 2:14 PM

    "Therefore a committee of prominent dayonim should be formed to annul any conversion found to have been performed through deception."

    More fire and brimstone from Rav Eisenstein. Can't wait to see all hell break loose and various groups of of rabbonim tear into each other.

    No doubt this is up R Tropper's alley (he is reportedly totally beholden to R Eisenstein, otherwise he has no credibilty in Israel, especiually with all the Guma legal cases against him coming up) as he will get more green lights to go after any and all rabbis and batei din that refuse to knuckle under to him.

    This will be a kind of Charedi version of Islam's or the Crusader's Y"SH "rule by the sword" -- submit to my will or you perish.

    This is not a war with non-Orthodox groups, this is an intent to declare war on and fight the Religious Zionist and Modern Orthodox establishments and the American RCA with the Israeli Rabbanut now targetd for total discreditation and destruction, fulfiling R Eisenstein's long-held ambitions against them to foster his version of a total Charedi hegemony.

    Does R Eisenstein really think he can get away with this? Obviously he does. Does he think that the Religious Zionist and Modern Orthodox rabbinate, the worlds of YU, the RCA, the OU, The Rabbanut HaRashit, the Mizrachi Hesder and Merkaz HaRav establishment is simply going to roll over and "die", just because he makes declarations with his saber rattlings that they don't even read? He obviously thinks so.

    Seems that the teachings recited on Shabbat, "deracheha darchei noam vechol nesivoseha shalom" don't apply to the "war-mongers leshem shomayim" and that that they fail to see that people can get hurt and will fight back in these situations, perhaps even resorting to violence CH"V.

    Let R Eisentsien go back to R Eliashiv's original pesak of about ten years ago, that a REGISTRY be created of every person claiming Jewish ancestry. A national "Yichus Buch" for all Jews. With computers it should be a cinch. Records can be entered from existing and past historical Jewish communities, and connections can be made and double-checked with relatives and even with rabbis. Even kids in yeshivas and bais yaakovs do projects like this nowadys.

    Forget fights over conversions that lead nowhere, people follow the rules of their own communities in any case. Satmars follow Satmar Batei Din only. Modern Orthodox follow theirs, Sefardim theirs etc etc etc. Conversions will be done by all of them, they won't stop no matter what. They don't care what EJF or Rav Eisenstin scream at the top of their lungs like maniacs.

    No one can stop another rabbi from doing conversions, there is no such concept in Halacha. However with a voluntary computer-based "REGISTRY" run by neutral professionals, once the names of the world's 13 or so million Jews are in one data base, then anyone is free to choose and base decisons of yichus and marriage on what's written in the data base (it is not illegal to gather information, surveys do it all the time) and based on that let rabbis and even individuals make decisions based on the name of another rabbi who did a conversion they can act accordingly without making these kind of annoying, angry, futile, dangerous and provocative (actually VERY stupid) declarations.

  2. Tropper and Eizenstein still try to spin it and try to say that they care about kabalas mitzvos of the convert. After Tropper revoked conversion of a girl who sometimes wore pants

    or lying that convert still believe in Christ because she visited her parents,

    it is clear that they are after the hated Modern Orthodox/Religious Zionist Jews and the dayanim who wear blue shirts


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