Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Testimony of dogs sends men to jail


A dog's sniff helped put Curvis Bickham in jail for eight months. Now that the case against him has been dropped, he wants to tell the world that the investigative technique that justified his arrest smells to high heaven.

The police told Mr. Bickham they had tied him to a triple homicide through a dog-scent lineup, in which dogs choose a suspect's smell out of a group. The dogs are exposed to the scent from items found at crime scene, and are then walked by a series of containers with samples swabbed from a suspect and from others not involved in the crime. If the dog finds a can with a matching scent, it signals — stiffening, barking or giving some other alert its handler recognizes.

Dogs' noses have long proved useful to track people, and the police rely on them to detect drugs and explosives, and to find the bodies of victims of crime and disaster. A 2004 report by the F.B.I. states that use of scent dogs, properly conducted, "has become a proven tool that can establish a connection to the crime."[...]


  1. Just out of curiousity, what is the policy as far as bringing dogs to EJF retreats? Gateways has a policy of allowing dogs up to a certain weight / size. Initially, the smaller dogs were coming with their owners to the eating areas but Gateways stopped this after other guests complained about problems making brochos in their presence.

    If Tropper has no restrictions, you can chalk that up as another "howler" of anything goes in the name of being mekarev goyim.

  2. Lakelev tashlichunNovember 4, 2009 at 2:41 PM

    And Tropper's dear friend Leib Pinter stole what rightfully belongs to the dogs by selling treif meat labeled as kosher.

    The Kadmonim say that anyone selling treif meat deserves to be ripped apart by dogs. This is mida keneged mida since the dogs were robbed of meat they deserved but were denied. The dogs were rewarded this zechus for not barking by yetzias Mitzrayim. The Achronim tell a story were one butcher selling treif actually was attacked and torn to pieces by a pack of dogs.

  3. Pinter was selling not just treif meat but a taaruvas issur of meat & cheese.

    One Acharon learns that makkas arov was midah keneged midah because the Mitzrim forced Yidden to eat basar becholov and just like that is an improper mixture so is all kinds of animal species working together in harmony to attack.


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