Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ft Hood Massacre: Denial of Muslim terrorism


We're all born late. We're born into history that is well under way. We're born into cultures, nations and languages that we didn't choose. On top of that, we're born with certain brain chemicals and genetic predispositions that we can't control. We're thrust into social conditions that we detest. Often, we react in ways we regret even while we're doing them.

But unlike the other animals, people do have a drive to seek coherence and meaning. We have a need to tell ourselves stories that explain it all. We use these stories to supply the metaphysics, without which life seems pointless and empty.

Among all the things we don't control, we do have some control over our stories. We do have a conscious say in selecting the narrative we will use to make sense of the world. Individual responsibility is contained in the act of selecting and constantly revising the master narrative we tell about ourselves.[...]


  1. Even more interesting than the article itself are the comments written about it by the readers.

  2. David Brooks is mechaven to R' Elchonon in the Maamarim. Even cannibals raised in the jungle are chayav misa despite not having a proper chinuch because their neshoma tells them it's wrong.


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