Thursday, November 26, 2009

Abuse by Catholic Church in Dublin covered up

Fox News

The Roman Catholic Church in Dublin covered up decades of child abuse committed by priests because bishops wanted to protect the church's reputation at the expense of victims, an expert commission reported Thursday after a three-year probe into previously secret church records.

Abuse victims said they welcomed publication of the probe into the mishandling of 1975-2004 child-abuse cases in the Dublin Archdiocese, home to a quarter of Ireland's 4 million Catholics. But they said government and church leaders still had far to go to compensate for past wrongs.

The government said the investigation "shows clearly that a systemic, calculated perversion of power and trust was visited on helpless and innocent children in the archdiocese."[...]


  1. how is this related to "jewish identity"?

  2. One reason is because some supposedly frum organizations are shamelessly imitating the Church's behavior.

    We are supposed to be better. The heads of these organizations should resign or at least fix the the rotten status quo.

  3. The church also thinks they are supposed to be better, in their self-image.

    I suppose it is not enough to strive for spiritual accomplishment in order to achieve it. And the more you become anchored in a "spiritual accomplishment organisation", the more difficult it becomes, because as soon as there is an institution, there are also non-spiritual interests at stake.

    By the way: my private opinion is that the issue of sexual abuse is very difficult to tackle indeed, and I think that in most cases (religious or general society) there is a wide gap between the self-image (that says that these kinds of things should not happen) and reality (where people close their eyes when it happens in their closed surroundings).

    So in a sense it is very positive that all those cases come to light and are pursuied in justice. On the other hand: of all the people who cry out that it is a scandal, I suppose that very few would be able to act right in case they were confronted with an actual case. It is plainly not simple.

  4. I think the moral of the story is that we should be distrustful of so-called Jewish leaders who have us working closely with the Catholic Church on how to best deal with the problem of Sex Abuse. The Catholic Church has a long running cover-up scam. I know some people say but we agree with them about fighting same-sex marriage laws (Toeivah Bills).

    I say the hell with the Catholic Church. My proposal is to promote the slogan "THE WAR AGAINST TOEVAH STARTS AT HOME."

    In fact I have proposed that and related slogans for use at the Agudah convention happening this weekend in NYC which does not devote a single session to sex abuse even though the event claims to be addressing the major problems of klal yisroel.



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