Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wife abuse at the Shabbos table



ח קורמן, מי שעומד בראש ארגון חרדי המטפל באלימות במשפחה, טוען כי
במגזר החרדי יש נשים מוכות - לא פחות משאר המגזרים בארץ. הוא סבור ששולחן
השבת משמש כאמצעי השפלה בידי הבעל המתעלל, ומסכם: "היום הנשים החרדיות כבר לא לבד"


  1. While every ethnic group has people with bad tempers, those that shtam from Islamic countries are more prone to beat their wives, even the Jews from these countries because they pick up the bad influence. This is the reason why many Ashkenazi girls are scared to marry Sefardi men.

    Even if there is no physical beating there are types of psychological abuse. One Sefardi man in NY had an absolute rule for his Ashkenazi wife. She could spend as much as she likes on food but she must make everything from scratch. Under no circumstances is she to buy takeout food. One night she was particularly exhausted and decided to make an exception. Her husband would hear nothing of her excuse. He flew into a rage, ran to a room alone for the rest of the night without eating and was infuriated at her for days afterwards.


    Or are they simply unaware of the important detail in this NY Times article?

    There are franchises of Edible Arrangements in cities all over the country under various hashgochos. The profit from the franchises is funneled by the Pakistani founders to an Islamist school that is teaching hatred of Yidden.


    Kickback Central?
    Hashgochos have long been accused of a type of illegal activity. The Tartikover has been accused of forcing his stores to take ONLY from his shechita.

    Even worse are people like the Queens Vaad who are accused of such ridiculous things as only allowing one type of OU certified pickles and not another brand. It depends on who is willing to shmear them the most.

    So maybe that explains why the Queens Vaad is supporting those peddlers in the unmarked trucks showing up unannounced to sell the Rubashkin meat from Uruguay.

    How much is getting kicked back to them to push it around?

    I think this sets a very bad precedent for kashrus in general. It's a disruption of normal supply chains and it can lead to abuses. Have they really learned nothing from the Moishe Finkel story?

    Speaking of Moishe Finkel, he was never charged with anything because certain forces in the community made sure that the criminal "investigation" went nowhere.

    Meanwhile, Denver's kosher hot dog scammer Arnold Zaler was just sentenced to 15 years.


    Huge Avlah - Tzrichim lefarsem!

    The Queens Vaad is certifying a new pizza restaurant in New Hyde Park, near LIJ Hospital.

    They are giving chashivus to a Conservative rabbi there because of the Almighty dollar.

    Rabbi Abraham Eckstein certifies Vassilaros Coffee which is setting up a coffee bar at the restaurant with the blessings of the Queens Vaad.

    Eckstein has added his own teudah on the wall that is misleading the public about who he is really is. It says in loshon kodesh that his name is R' Avrohom Boruch Eckstein who has semicha from Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon.

    What Eckstein and the Queens Vaad do not tell you is that he left YU to get two doctorates at JTS.

    He is the rabbi emeritus at the Conservative Little Neck Jewish Temple where he served for 26 years and he is still a member of the Conservative "Rabbinic Assembly". He also gives shiurim at the Reform Temple Emmanuel in Great Neck.

    The Queens Vaad was always alternating between a joke and a mafia like operation which is why the real heimishe rabbonim are not members. But they have never stooped so low before.

  5. The Queens Vaad does not have acceptable standards for bugs in vegetables by the measure of what other metro NY hashgochos are doing.

    The Queens Vaad has little if any control at simchas with goyishe wine and treif liquors being served.

    Those two items I know for a fact. The Queens Vaad knows it too.

    For years, there was a Queens Vaad restaurant that had music and mixed dancing. One rov tried calling several times to complain and they never returned his phone calls. This I know for a fact as well.

    The Brisker kanoee Rav Savitsky warns people to avoid shul kiddushes because Queens Vaad caterers are oyver on bishul Shabbos.

    Another rov spoke befarhesya that some Queens Vaad rabbonim are allowing women to dress by kiddush & maybe even davening with almost no clothes that it is ervah deOraysah lechol hadayos.

    And I was not involved to know if this is true but the JWB blog says that Rav Elyashev told the Queens Vaad to clean up a messy beis hakevoros for yesomim that they are in charge of and that they are not listening and it continues to be in disrepair and overgrown with weeds.


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