Sunday, November 15, 2009

Challenging political correctness in Army


President Obama says he will hold accountable those who ignored Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's alleged fanaticism as US investigators try to unravel the prologue to last Thursday's 4-minute rampage that left 14 dead (including an unborn child) and 29 wounded at Fort Hood, Texas.

"If there was a failure to take appropriate action before the shootings, there must be accountability," Obama said in his Saturday morning radio address. "[We] must quickly and thoroughly evaluate and address any flaws in the system, so that we can prevent a similar breach from happening again."

The review is likely to come up not just against individuals who failed to heed numerous red flags thrown up by Maj. Hasan, but a system that some say has gone too far in coddling certain populations to the harm of the military as a whole. Some critics trace the source of political correctness that may have played a role in the Fort Hood massacre straight up to the Pentagon. But will the President? [...]


  1. Obviously the system screwed up. Same as 9-11 where they ignored the FBI insider who said "hey we got all these arabs taking flight lessons who are not interested in take off or landing, just flying?"

    I find more hostility to Obama than to Bush who managed to ignore the intelligence briefing that said it all. Nobody accused Shrub of being soft on Arabs. Bush wasn't being politically correct. He was just a someone who got his job by combinging yichus, shmoozing talent, and manipulative appeals to right wing instincts. But he was a rank incompetent.

    In this case I am pretty sure we will not fnd a memo to Obama warning him about this problem. The problem wasn't overlooked by any liberal appointees. For all of the posturing of the Army, it speaks right wing talk, has right wing instincts but is just bureaucratically incompetent.

    Sorry, I don't like the trashing of Obama for superfluous reasons. I like his Israel policy. You dont, fine, but why accuse him of being something he is not?

    Yerachmiel Lopin,

  2. Sorry, I don't like the trashing of Obama for superfluous reasons. I like his Israel policy. You dont, fine, but why accuse him of being something he is not?
    This was a post from CSMonitor. The hostility to Obama was not the reason for this post nor the other articles I posted from mainstream newspapers and magazines. It raises the real issue of people in power bending over backwards to avoid thinking or saying "moslem terrorism".

    Are you raising the racial card?

    Perhaps the hostility to Obama is exactly for the reason you cited. He is obviously a very smart individual and therefore what he does or doesn't do is on purpose and after careful deliberation.

    Bottom line there are serious issues to be discussed here - this is not an ad hominem argument. The mindset fear of being lableled anti-moslem is determined by a liberal administration and it is not simply bureaucrat incompetent.

  3. Mr. Frum Follies / Yerachmiel Lopin has an agenda that is not Torahdik, or even sensible from a secular standpoint, and should not be taken seriously.

    He hangs out on the blog of the former Lubavitch apikoros from Minnesota who thinks that Obama is the Liberal Messiah and loathes Republicans (second only after Orthodox Jews).

    Mr Frum Follies has also let his opinion be known on blogs that it is wrong to preclude improper gerim because of halachic objections.


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