Thursday, September 19, 2019

Supreme Court lawyer has predicted that the reported whistleblower complaint made in response to President Donald Trump's discussions with an unnamed foreign leader will likely produce evidence of "gross" abuse of power.

Neal Katyal, who formerly served as acting solicitor general of the U.S., said on Twitter Tuesday that the nascent scandal could turn out to be "huge," given the apparent efforts of the Department of Justice and White House to squash the issue.

The Washington Post first reported the complaint on Tuesday. Citing two former U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter, the newspaper said an anonymous intelligence official reported a conversation between the president and a foreign leader that included a troubling "promise."

House Intelligence Committee Chairman and California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff said in a statement Wednesday that the Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson deemed the complaint "both credible and urgent."

OUTRAGE in Israel:- Making Wickedness Great Again


19 Ellul 5779 / Sept. 19, '19

OUTRAGE in Israel:

Making Wickedness Great Again

By Binyomin Feinberg, Contributor to The Jewish Press*

*  The perspectives and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the ownership or management of The Jewish Press.


An indisputably religious girl, Ziva bas Mazel, was sentenced today to an outrageous THIRTY ONE DAYS IN MILITARY PRISON - all for her steadfast refusal to violate Torah Law - and her personal modesty - by enlisting into the Israeli military, the IDF.

Even according to Israeli law, religious girls are to be exempted from military service. There is no question about Ziva's religiosity. Additionally, her brothers learn in Yeshivos, and her parents are religious. For specifics, see ; also see this week's "Rabbi's Roundup" email newsletter, of the Coalition for Jewish Values.

For women to enlist in the IDF is forbidden by all Torah authorities, across the spectrum. Ziva is being persecuted for her dedication to follow the Torah. There is a name for that. It's "religious persecution." And it's happening now, in Israel. 

Ziva was already moved from the Ma'atzar Patu'ach at the Tel HaShomer military facility (where she was held since her arrest) to the closed Military Prison #4, where she has 22 more remaining days to serve.  G-d willing, massive public protest will dramatically shorten that. In Ellul in particular, it would be an indescribable kitrug against Klal Yisroel if we knowingly allow her to languish in jail any further.  She is being helped by "Bnos Melech," to whom letters of chizuk can be sent for Ziva, by email, or fax: 011-972-2-502-4400.

One thing so reprehensible about the government treatment of Ziva is their denial of her religious certification [which was submitted slightly-late] - based on the service of a family member in the IDF. Since that family member served in the Israeli military, a top military draft officer (with "Maitav")  refused to provide Ziva with a religious exemption. Thus, the military itself is taking the position that military service is a contradiction to being religious.  This position demolishes the entire massive and controversial multi-year campaign to draft more religious people into the military.

The military has been proclaiming for years how one can be Chareidi while serving in the IDF. The military been expending much effort, relentlessly, to convince religious boys and girls that military service is not contradictory to being religious.  

Maitav just called their own bluff.



Furthermore, we just received word of another religious girl,  Shenhav bas Adna, also incarcerated in Military Prison #4, who's religious exemption was for some reason denied. Her hearing is upcoming. Please stay tuned for updates.

Realize that often these girls are terribly mistreated in jail. Sometimes they are even denied kosher food and modest clothing. In some cases, the girl's insistence on modest clothing being denied to them results in being sent to solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is very difficult for most men, but for girls it is emotionally excruciating.

"What can I do?"

1. Please daven - and learn b'retzifus - in the merit of both Ziva bas Mazel and Shenhav bas Adna.

2. Think of how you can participate in helping out. One thing that is much-needed is intelligently done pirsum. 

Your support of these efforts may just be the merit that you need to be zocheh ba'Din this Rosh Hashanah. People look for all sorts of segulos. Helping free girls like these from military prison and from military service is one of the most potent merits with which one can enter Rosh Hashanah.

Please email us at if you would like to learn about some of the options available on how to most effectively volunteer your services.


We thank the Coalition for Jewish Values for helping publicize the  plight of Ziva bas Mazal, as well the plight of  numerous other girls being targeted by the Draft Office.  

We also must recognize The Jewish Press for the sentinel work they've been doing over the past eight months to help girls in trouble with the military draft, by simply reporting the news that we need to know. We know that it's not often easy to report news many find uncomfortable, and even jarring.


Israelis Are Contending With the Prospect of a Third Poll Just Days After Voting

Israelis were contending with the prospect of a third election on Thursday, two days after an unprecedented repeat election left the country’s two main political parties deadlocked, with neither Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nor his rivals holding a clear path to a coalition government.

While weeks of negotiations to form a coalition government lay ahead, conditions set by the parties could hobble the task within the allotted time, prompting a never-before held third election.

With nearly all votes counted Thursday, the centrist Blue and White party stood at 33 seats in Israel’s 120-seat parliament. Netanyahu’s conservative Likud stood at 31 seats.

“Everyone will need to get off their high horse to prevent elections for the third time,” Likud lawmaker David Bitan told Israeli Army Radio. “Blue and White’s desire for a unity government under their terms will not work.”

Jewish" Group Celebrating Rebellion Against G-d Demonstrates Against Yeshiva University

Parshas Ki-Savoh, 5779

18 Ellul °° Sept.18, '19

By Binyomin Feinberg, Contributor to The Jewish Press*

* The perspectives and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the ownership or management of The Jewish Press.


On Sunday, Sept. 15, LGBTQ advocates demonstrated against Yeshiva University - right in the middle of Ellul. About 100 demonstrators appeared, with reports indicating that no more than 15 or 20 were from YU itself, out of thousands of YU students. A Rabbinical scholar handed out leaflets protesting the LGBTQ demonstration and the LGBTQ agenda. The flyers quoted a former Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University, the venerable Rav Aharon Soloveichik OB"M, who fought the YU Administration over the LGBT club years ago. Rav Aharon ZT"L then had exhorted YU that it's better to close down the entire institution rather than to allow a To'aiva club. Those timeless, holy words reverberate until today.

The demonstrators made five demands, see the list posted online (attached). They are, in our words (liberally accompanied by commentary):

1) an LGBTQ (To'aiva) Tolerance Overseer (to ensure that those who choose to flaunt their proclivities in public are treated in the manner of their preference);

2) LGBTQ promotionals at student orientations (jolting new students - just starting their studies at Modern Orthodoxy's flagship institution - with pro-LGBTQ propaganda);

3) An student LGBTQ Club, which celebrates a sin which the Torah (in VaYikra 18:22 and 20:13) brands as abomination as something of which to be proud, and even to be celebrated;

4) a statement from YU leadership against the free expression of (Torah-based) opposition to LGBTQ behavior and advocacy, accompanied by a threat of sanctions (for dissidents);

5) and the ability to hold LGBTQ events at YU - and to do so under the LGBTQ label (unfettered by the "inconveniences" of Jewish Law and Thought).

Two LGBTQ organizations, both claiming to be "Jewish," Eshel and Jewish (sic) Queer Youth, helped sponsor and organize the protest.

The leafleter, Reb Yonoson, explained that he's concerned over any cave in, even partial, by the YU Administration, to any of the demands of the LGBTQ demonstrators. That Torah-true sentiment was echoed in the content and tone of YU Roshei Yeshiva subsequently reacting to the march. (See this week's Jewish Press, page 12, for some of the vociferous opposition of YU Roshei Yeshiva to this demonstration.) For example, Rav Eliahu Ben Chaim made a number of comments, including:

sample excerpt quotes from Rav Ben Chaim:

"Our Torah punishes these acts (homosexual behavior) severely... The Torah was not given to angels. If the Torah prohibits them (these acts) then we are certainly able to overcome such desires.
"If someone believes in the Torah, he must accept its dictates. If he doesn't believe, there's nothing to talk about."


Everyone who has such inclinations must be helped (to overcome them) .. and "to (help him) avoid the severe punishment" (involved in these sins).

... "I once spoke to Dr. Lamm to complain about these types of people in Cordoza..."

"... There are foolish ("shotim") people ... someone who says this is permitted is a fool..."

In reference to LGBTQ advocates, he stated that "They are harming these people" (the very people they advocate for), both spiritually, as well as physically.


In addition to foundational religious objections, the LGBTQ demands involve serious legal issues, from religious liberty to human trafficking to freedom of expression. For example, is the YU Administration prepared to deal with the specter of minors appearing at campus LGBTQ events hosting high school youth for "mentoring and educational" programs, and then becoming involved in illicit behavior with adults?

On the other side, Mordecai Levovitz, founder of Jewish Queer Youth, led chants of “nothing about us without us” to urge that the Orthodox institution include LGBTQ activists in a committee to address inclusion of LGBT agenda (despite the obvious conflict with VaYikra, ibid.).

More ominously, he threatened YU with blackmail: "The question is, is this the hill that Rabbi Berman wants to let Yeshiva University die on?” he said. “Does he so much not want gay people to have any sense of dignity (sic) that he’s willing to risk government funding? Is he willing to risk his own students and graduate students not getting jobs because the degree is associated with homophobia? We’ve already won. The question is how much is he willing to sacrifice? And for what?”

Before the event, Molly Meisels, president of the College Democrats Democrats and lead organizer of the march, tweeted out "We're asking for the bare minimum for the Yeshiva University LGBTQ+ community. We need support @AOC (Congresswoman) @SenatorRJackson (State Senator representing YU) @ydanis (City Councilman representing YU) @CnDelarosa (Assemblywoman representing YU) @Lin_Manuel (Star for Broadway's Hamilton) @RepEspaillat (Congressman representing YU) @DeborahJGlick (Greenwich Village's lesbian assemblywoman)". It is crucial for every reader to understand her intent here. She clearly sought to encourage governmental punishment of YU - if YU refuses to cave into the LGBTQ demands - by withholding government grants, or worse. We have a word for such conduct: "Blackmail."

Blackmail is a common accusation leveled against the LGBTQ movement, which prides itself on tolerance (of its own devotees, and allied political groups). This intolerant approach towards fidelity to VaYikra 18:22 and 20:13 seems, at first glance, to contrast with the LGBTQ rhetoric of tolerance for the LGBT "community." However, in reality, the latter "tolerance" rhetoric is a natural consequence of the former deep-seated animosity to the Torah. It is precisely because of its rejection of foundational Torah principles that the LGBTQ movement needs to brand itself as "tolerant" - selectively, of course - to gain sympathy for celebrating sin.

Since the march, a group of Yeshiva University alumni have started a #PledgeNotToPledge campaign, encouraging alumni to “pledge not to contribute any financial donations to the university until it takes the following concrete steps to ensure that all students feel comfortable on campus (as requested by the student body),” according to their Facebook page. The LGBTQ proclivity for blackmail has gained them particular notoriety throughout the world, with even some on the Left using the term "The Gay Mafia."

In a foray into the bizarre, Meisels, announced her deviancy at the event, prompting applause from the similarly unhinged crowd. (Why personal deviant proclivities need to be announced in public venues, to the cheers of the audience, was not properly elucidated.)

In actuality, her brazen announcement stands, alongside the aforementioned acts and demands, as yet one more manifestation of the unspoken essence of the LGBTQ activist movement. Contrary to what many imagine, the LGBTQ activist movement is NOT primarily aimed at securing benefits for people. It is bent on celebrating evil. They seek not only to proliferate the perpetration of abomination, but to legitimize it, to celebrate it, and to force everyone else to accept it. The movement is a true "advocacy" movement whose violation of the Torah is "LeHach'is" (beShitah, lit. "for spite"), rather than merely "LeTai'avon" (for mere personal benefit). See Kovetz He'oros (of Reb Elchonon), Aggadah, 10:1-6, regarding the hallmark character of Amalek being rishus leHachis. In that light, how ironic is it that this demonstration comes just one day after Jews around the world read in the Torah about the homosexualist Amalekite attack against the spiritually weaker Jews in the Desert (at the end of parshas Ki-Saitzai, 25:18; see Rashi and Medrash).

Another grave concern here is how Modern Orthodox silence in the face of this evil would strengthen the hand of those who seek to impose an LGBTQ agenda onto Orthodox Jewish Education, in NY, NJ, and beyond, specifically under the rubric of "Educational Equivalency" (an issue which has been covered repeatedly in the Jewish Press over the past several months).

(Sources (partial list): The Forward, Moment Magazine, The Jewish Press, Facebook, Twitter)


The biblical kingdom of Edom has always been a significant puzzle for biblical archaeology. Although evidence is supplied in the Bible, the archaeological record has always had trouble interpreting the text, which said that it existed as a kingdom long before the kings of Israel.

But research has uncovered the untold story of a thriving and wealthy society in the Arava Desert – in parts of Israel and Jordan – that existed during the 12th-11th centuries BCE.

Epstein vs. Friedman update

Yesterday, Vol. 14 of Kol Zvi (Wexner Kollel Elyon of RIETS, 5773) was published at , which includes an article on Kiddushei Ta'ut by R. Mordechai Willig. On p. 8, R. Willig accepts the ruling of R. Moshe Feinstein and R. Zvi Pesach Frank that mental illness in the groom constitutes grounds for kiddushei ta'ut. [R. Willig does not mention that R. Feinstein and R. Frank are challenged in this regard by R. Joseph Elijah Henkin, R. Yom Tov ha-Levi Schwarz and R. Joseph Ber Soloveitchik.] R. Willig then further reports "I heard from an expert psychiatrist that also borderline mental disturbance is included within this [ruling of R. Feinstein and R. Frank], because it can occur that he [the patient] can become psychotic, i.e. he has no grasp of reality, and this would be called an insane person without knowledge as described by Iggerot Mosheh, and this requires analysis in terms of the final verdict."
R. Willig does not identify who the anonymous expert psychiatrist who told him this is, whether it was a talmid chakham or an am ha-aretz, or whether the anonymous expert psychiatrist is even Jewish. Indeed, it seems quite strange to render so monumental a determination to the side of leniency on dinei nefashot based on one anonymous expert psychiatrist. Taking this anonymous expert psychiatrist's analysis to an extreme, every Jewish marriage could be nullified as kiddushei ta'ut, since there is always a problem with every groom, as per the Gemara, Shabbat 130a that "every ketubah has a glitch." Wasn't this the entire reason that R. Joseph Ber Soloveitchik responded so energetically to R. Emanuel Rackman in 1975?

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Trump Pushes Baseless Smear That Ilhan Omar ‘Partied’ on 9/11-- more Trump lies

President Donald Trump on Wednesday used his Twitter account to boost a baseless smear claiming that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) danced at an event last week on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, a claim that’s based on footage that wasn’t actually taken from that day.
Trump’s tweet circulated a video from conservative personality Terrence Williams, in which Williams declared that Omar “partied on the anniversary of 9/11.” In his video, Williams comments on footage of the Muslim congresswoman dancing and fumes that she’s disrespecting the memory of the Sept. 11 attacks.
But the footage of Omar dancing actually came from a Sept. 13 event hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus and wasn’t taken on the 11th, as Williams and Trump wrongly claimed. 

Netanyahu to Likud: 'We will do everything to prevent a dangerous government'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened members of the Likud faction at the Orient Hotel in Jerusalem, addressing the election results.
"I come here after a meeting with the leaders of the National Camp parties," said Netanyahu. “We unanimously decided that we will go together into negotiations for the establishment of a government headed by me.”
“We will conduct the negotiations with one delegation, Yariv Levin will be at the head.”
Netanyahu added: "Now that we have established the bloc of right-wing parties, there will be either a government headed by me, or a dangerous government that relies on the Arab parties. We will make every effort to prevent this dangerous government."

Riverdale Again Hit With ‘Shocking’ Abuse Case

Riverdale, a tight-knit, densely populated Modern Orthodox community in the Bronx, is reeling this week after a day school principal at Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy (SAR) was arrested by federal authorities last Friday on charges of possessing and producing child pornography and coercing a 14-year-old boy into sending him sexually explicit pictures.
Rabbi Jonathan Skolnick, 37, a popular middle school associate principal at the well-regarded school, was arrested at his Riverdale apartment by federal authorities late Friday night. The educator, who was fired by SAR, will be held until a detention hearing this week, according to a statement released Tuesday by the United States Attorney’s Office and the FBI.

G-d chooses Liberman to decide future of Israel like he chose Trump

Liberman promised on Tuesday night that his party would fulfil its campaign vow to ensure the establishment of a national unity government without the ultra-Orthodox and religious-Zionist parties. 

“I say to all citizens, our security and economy are in an emergency situation. Therefore the state must have a broad national, liberal government and not one which fights for survival from one week to the next and from one no-confidence vote to the next. 

The Yisrael Beytenu leader vowed that no attempts to tempt him with of ministerial positions or even a prime ministerial rotation agreement would persuade him to abandon his goal of a national unity government without the sectoral parties. 

And Liberman even stated that he would not mind being left out of the coalition if it meant avoiding the complications of a narrow government.

The fact that the exit polls gave neither the right-wing or left-wing political blocs a majority means that Liberman’s goal of forcing a national unity government without the ultra-Orthodox or religious parties now appears attainable.

From there, Liberman went on to Tel Aviv, and made sure to stop at the “Jewish Bridge,” a pedestrian bridge spanning the Ayalon Highway and connecting the separate parts of the city.

Political pressure by the ultra-Orthodox parties on the government led to construction on the new bridge scheduled for several Saturdays in a row to be canceled because of the desecration of Shabbat involved in the work.

The work was eventually resumed after the Tel Aviv Municipality petitioned the High Court of Justice against the construction freeze.

Speaking at the Jewish Bridge during Election Day, Liberman said that “We are all in favor of the sanctity of Shabbat, but the sanctity of life is even more important.”

ליברמן מפחיד: "לימודי ליבה בחינוך החרדי - תנאי סף"

Liberman: We Insist on a secular national unity government,7340,L-5591530,00.html
Speaking to reporters outside his home in the settlement of Nokdim Wednesday, Liberman said he does not rule out joining a coalition led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but his pre-election demands for a secular government remain in place.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Voters in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem got up early on Tuesday morning to pray, and then to vote.

Men could be seen coming to voting stations with their prayer shawls and tefillin in hand having left synagogue to perform what has become another religious obligation in the lives of the ultra-Orthodox, voting for their political parties.


A lawsuit by a former priest is seeking punitive damages for "severe humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional and physical distress" after being outed as an accused child molester by the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego.

J. Patrick Foley of Sacramento, California, claims that the Diocese promoted a "reckless disregard for the truth" in a September 12 filing with San Diego Superior Court. In 2018, Foley was one of eight men added to a list of Catholic clergy believed by the Diocese to be responsible for sexually abusing children. Foley's lawsuit alleges that his inclusion on the list amounts to publishing "false and defamatory material."

Foley is hardly the first priest from the area accused of child sex abuse. The San Diego Diocese previously settled a 2007 lawsuit claiming child molestation by a further 48 priests under their purview.

The Abominable Joe-man By Joe Orlow

Today was the first day of Rabbi Daniel Greer's trial. The charges stem from his alleged molestation of one of his students. Today the student testified. I was aware already from published reports of what the testimony would entail.

Sill, there's a certain weight which the actual sworn testimony in a courtroom carries. The report of the testimony was like learning, same as the jurors learned today for the first time, what Rabbi Greer allegedly did.

Before today, I was thinking that physical molestation of a student by his teacher is about as bad it gets.

But today another report was brought to my attention on the social media Whatsapp chat "Rabbi Yehuda Levin Live!"

A Rabbi who taught young men pretended to be a girl online. Using that ruse, he apparently enticed boys in the school where he taught to send him photos of themselves. The Rabbi was arrested last week.

And what has been going through my mind? Thoughts formed unbidden in my consciousness? I'm thinking, "Why can't this Rabbi be normal and molest boys the usual way." I caught myself. But still, unwanted, that was what crossed my mind.

So, I gained a new apprecistion of why the Torah calls homosexuality a Toeva, translated as "abomination."

It is because of what it does to those of us who study the sinners in order to better oppose their activity. At least in my case, I became an abomination. It was for a brief moment, but still it happened. I was outraged at one sinner, and that outrage made another sinner seem "not so bad, after all."

Rabbi Levin gives a metaphor for why we must actively protest immoral acts. He teaches that a pot which is expelling from its walls cannot be absorbing.

As long as we protest, we will keep ourselves shielded from absorbing bad societal influences.

Today I had my guard down. I didn't expect to get hit with such a shocking revelation: a Jekyll and Hyde teacher of Torah to a child robbing the boy of his privacy.

And in that split second where I lapsed, I became abominable.

I'm vulnerable to being mocked for my heightened self-awareness. Go ahead -- those who feel so moved -- make sport of my talking on and on about myself.

I know, though, that by protesting, even protesting my own foibles, that I become better equipped to stare down the evildoers.


To make sense of what's going on as Israelis head to the polls Tuesday, one would need to be part mathematician and part psychologist. Determining who will sit with who in a prospective coalition is like choosing sides at a schoolyard pick-up basketball team.

Blue & White will consider forming a unity coalition with Likud if Netanyahu isn't  its head; Deri would sit with Liberman but Liberman won't sit with Deri or join any coalition with haredi members, likewise Blue & White; Liberman also isn't crazy about sitting with Blue & White at the helm; the haredim will sit in any coalition that lets them keep their subsidies and draft deferments; the Joint List will support Blue & White from outside but won't join a Zionist coalition; Netanyahu will talk with any party that would conceivably enable him to stay in power – even the outside-the-tent- Otzma  if they pass the electoral threshold; and poor Amir Peretz (the chubby, glasses-wearing last player picked) would probably accept an offer from just about anyone.