Thursday, May 16, 2024

U.S. Fixation on Nuclear Deal Let Iran Loose on the Middle East

But even the administration of former President Donald Trump did not deviate much from the path set by Obama and now followed by President Joe Biden. In 2018, Trump withdrew the United States from the JCPOA and announced the start of a so-called maximum pressure campaign toward Iran. Yet his administration did not come up with any plan for dealing with the ballistic missile program or regional interventions—despite Iran’s activities in Syria having become more extensive than they were during Obama’s time in office.


  1. Yes, Trump withdrew from the appeasement agreement, threw a bunch of sanctions at Iran, deployed in Syria to destroy ISIL and assassinated one of Iran's top generals to send them a message. But really, he didn't do much different than Obama who basically set up Iran to get the bomb.

  2. Oh if only the Iran Deal was still around so that it will be the next presidents issue. The deal was just a way to kick the can down the road and leave it to the next generation. Trump had the gall to try and actually solve something

    1. except he didn't solve it but made things worse

    2. Only because he lost the election. He completely undermined Iran with the Abrams Accord and likely would have succeeded in fixing the middle east.

    3. Wow Another prophet!
      And he would also have rebuilt the Temple after convincing all the Jews to observe the Torah?!
      So you have the belief in his second coming as an article of faith?!

    4. Actually his Iran policy was quite cogent.
      He pulled out of the agreement and imposed sanctions, crippling Iran's economy and its ability to fund its military and terrorist groups. He made it clear that when he could, he'd assassinate high ranking members of the regime. And he pushed through the Abraham Accords to create a counter-bloc to push against Iran.
      Only someone with TDS would fail to see the positive things he did.

    5. Wow and that solved the problem by allowing them to make an A bomb?!
      Sanctions were tried before and after Trump - without success

      No evidence of positive results. The problem is that MAGA people can't see that he is ever wrong. He also views himself as infallible

  3. “U.S. Fixation on Nuclear Deal Let Iran Loose on the Middle East” Interesting. Today’s daf hayomi Baba Metzia 78b
    “ A man once said, [I saw] vermin in the royal garments. Said they to him, In which: in linen or in wool garments? Some say: He replied. In linen garments; whereupon he was executed [because these worms do not attack linen garments; therefore it was said merely to disgrace the king]. Others maintain: He replied. In wool garments; so he was set free.”
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