Monday, June 1, 2020

How Do You Kneel on a Neck for Nine Minutes?

I don’t see how anyone could remain in that position unless he was, at best, totally indifferent to the person’s survival.

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  1. The cop did wrong.

    But you know what? In general, if the cops don't do wrong, the system crumbles.

    Nothing illustrates that like these riots. Whole swsths of cities destroyed that will probably never recover. Between COVID-19, competition from online retailers, and periodic riots, retail store business is not about to regenerate any time soon.

    These rioters are worse than any police brutality. Police brutality is bad. It's wrong. But so are people who bring curfews, burn police cars and loot, and cut off access to health care.

    It's enough. I'm a racist. And so are many of the demonstrators peaceful or otherwise, along with many of their supporters. So let's take racism off the table and discuss how we are going to deal with a week of American cities under siege.

    I can riot, too. Only I do it legally. As our Great President leads us in the War of Law and Order in the Battle Against Lawlessness.

    Hang it it up, street criminals. We're coming for you with the law book.


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