Thursday, March 28, 2019

Yona Weinberg Slander Trial Continues Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 28, the next hearing of registered sex offender Yona Weinberg's slander trial against me will take place via teleconference from New York City. The hearing centers on one of Weinberg’s claims, namely that I ruined his reputation by falsely accusing him of being a fugitive from the United States, having posted on Twitter that he fled from Brooklyn to Israel fearing arrest for allegedly harming yet another child. 

For the record, this claim could or should have been rejected outright since a major media outlet had previously published this information The Daily News -- Convicted Sex Offender Flees on January 15, 2015, before my first tweet about Weinberg.   

The Israeli judge hearing this case declared NYPD Detective Fehrenbach’s letter inadmissible, because his written testimony was not subject to cross-examination. Therefore, tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. N.Y. Time, I will be with Detective Fehrenbach when he testifies in Israeli court via teleconference from New York so he can be cross examined and his testimony accepted.  

I am deeply committed to protecting the right of child safety advocates to warn Israeli parents of the life-threatening danger child abusers like Yona Weinberg present to their children, and will fight this lawsuit to the very end – and beyond if needed.



Dear Readers,

At the Weinberg slander trial teleconference hearing today, the NYC Detective who was in charge of the Weinberg case in 2014, clearly stated that there is an active charge against Yona Weinberg and that Weinberg would be arrested as soon as he steps on American soil.

Equally important, or perhaps even more so, when the judge asked Weinberg’s American lawyer to share his understanding of Weinberg’s status, the lawyer responded thatWeinberg is, in fact, facing charges in New York and may be arrested upon his return.

So; while is it never wise to predict the outcome of a court case, it can be stated with certainty that we are in a far better position now than we were before the hearing, as Weinberg’s claim that I slandered him by calling him a "fugitive" seems to have disintegrated. 

Moving forward, sometime after Pesach,

  • Weinberg will submit his final statement to the judge.
  • We will be given time to review it, and then submit our final statement.
  • Once the judge receives and reviews both our statements, she will issue her ruling.

Thank you for your support and emails of encouragement.



  1. What happened to Mr. Weinberg's slander trial against Yanky Horowitz? Did Horowitz lose or win in court?

    Or is he still being shelpped through the court system for over two years, causing him significant international travel expenses?

  2. Joseph Orlow says “This is Law 101. Finding someone guilty or not guilty at a minimum requires both parties submitting their cases. Since the President is moving on, all you have left is one side from which to draw a conclusion.”
    Your lady judge looks terrible to me, pretending that Yonah Weinberg has a chance to win a slander suit. A good judge must recognize a guilty רשע, namely Yona Weinberg. If the NY detective were a liar/jokester, Heaven forbid ---- then we would apply to him:
    Pesachim 118a:
    R. Shesheth also said on the authority of R. Eleazar b. Azariah: Whoever relates slander, and whoever accepts slander, and whoever gives false testimony against his neighbor, deserve to be cast to dogs, for it is said, You shall be holy people to Me: you must not eat flesh torn by beasts in the field; you shall cast it to the dogs.” (Exodus 22:30) which is followed by “You must not carry תשא false rumors; you shall not join hands with the guilty רשע to act as a malicious witness” (Exodus 23:1)”
    Surely the NY detective is a fine gentleman in every way. You’ll surely win, Yacov. Yacov you’re doing an important public service with your legal fight, God bless you.
    I feel that I’m doing an important public service with my legal fight against Judge Prus in SCOTUS 18-7160 set for conference 4/12/2019. Joseph Orlow is doing an important public service in his trying to solve the mess of the K-G heter.


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