Tuesday, February 6, 2018

latest terrorist is israeli citizen

kikar hashabbat

המחבל הרוצח הוא בן לאם ישראלית מחיפה

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  1. Torah thought parshat Mishpatim: “When a man schemes against another and kills him treacherously, you shall take him from My very altar to be put to death” (Exodus 21:14).
    Hertz Chumash: “Among the Greeks, an altar gave asylum to every murderer. In the Middle Ages, the Church offered ‘sanctuary’ to criminals of every description.”
    Yoma 85a
    R. Ishmael, R. Akiba and R. Eleazar b. Azariah were once on a journey, with Levi ha-Saddar and R. Ishmael son of R. Eleazar b. Azariah following them. Then this question was asked of them: Whence do we know that in the case of danger to human life the laws of the Sabbath are suspended? R. Ishmael answered and said: “If the thief is seized while tunneling [i.e, under a wall for housebreaking], and he is beaten to death, there is no bloodguilt in his case”(Exodus 22:1) [in which case, in spite of all the other considerations, it is lawful to kill him.]. Now if in the case of this one it is doubtful whether he has come to take money or life; and although the shedding of blood pollutes the land, so that the Shechinah departs from Israel, yet it is lawful to save oneself at the cost of his life how much more may one suspend the laws of the Sabbath to save human life!
    The Israel government must free Alor Azaria, a soldier on duty who killed a terrorist wearing a sweater in a warm day etc. The Left in Israel, in the USA, in Europe etc give sanctuary to criminals of every description.


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