Monday, February 19, 2018

cats and orthodoxy


  1. Just came across a letter on Luke fords web site from over 8 years ago about the Tropper scandal. it was addressed to Rabbi Eidenson. it is a long letter, but here is a little excerpt from the end.

    " had a hand in ruining someones life. You had a hand in ruining the
    life of his wife and children (who I’m sure are suffering very much).
    And although you might be giddy now at seeing the downfall of someone
    who you have made your enemy (Your happiness is evident…). Shlomo
    Hamelech said: Do not be happy when your enemy falls…For G-D will be
    upset with you and will turn his anger away from him [and put onto you,
    (mefarshim)]. (Proverbs24 17-18) I believe Shlomo Hamelech. Maybe you
    will end up being another proof to his wisdom.

    PROPHETIC is all I can say!

    I look at Rabbi eidenson and think: I never believed in sholmo Hamelech wisdom like I believe in it today!!
    Rabbi Eidenson do teshuva!

    look at what you did to yourself! Do you want another stroke where you cant even move another finger?? You think you can run away from Hashem?? who knows how much worse things can happen to you!!!

  2. you are a total igmoramus especoially concerning halacha

  3. Katz have always been orthodox.

  4. The holy Baal Shem Tov zy"a taught - כל הנגעים אדם רואה חוץ --- מנגעי עצמו
    One projects his failings on others, so what he sees as a defect is simply a reflection of his own.
    As much as one can perceive tone in the written word and punctuation, you come across as gleeful in Rabbi E's misfortune. Do be careful of chazal's words on this in Pirke Avos.
    And do keep in mind that chazal referred to those who brought proof of Boaz's 'evil' from the fact that this ?400 year old sage and zaddik passed on right after planting the seed of Malchus Beis Dovid and Moshiach. Hashem had actually kept him alive long enough to do just that and his mission was accomplished. (See intro to Art Scroll Megillas Ruth.)
    I know Rabbi E shlit"a for several decades. He is a Talmid Chochom, a Gd-fearing thoughtful insightful and careful individual. His only reason for spending time with this blog is to sanctify Hashem's name. He does that which is actually incumbent upon us all by publicly objecting to chillul Hashem which people are desperately trying to hide. He also raises awareness of significant issues. One case in point, which has improved tremendously in recent years, clearly in a significant way by this blog, is child and general abuse.
    I have no doubt that Hashem's granting him the blessing of recovery and the ability to continue his holy work is the ultimate recognition of the significance of this blog.


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