Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Faith or Family:What happens when individuals try to leave Britain's Hasidic Jewish community?


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  1. very problematic. It's a story of women who lose major elements of emmuna, and end up marrying OUT! The struggle with community agression and attempts at demonization is very sad, but we are talking here of profound concern for the spiritual well being of the children.


  2. With all the earth shattering demasking that has been and is ongoing in the so called top echelons of our community with ongoing daily discoveries asher lo yeuman ki yesupar, she wanted to move on to the more modern sector together with her young. Esty W's experience has been written in Blood, and there is a Big lesson to be learnt. The *Messira* business went bankrupt, and mostly those screaming so in protecting the perpetrators, have close negius in this Sha'arurya scandal as has happened not too long ago in the same vicinity of brexit. Cover ups don't heal, they only spread the disease, and see the 360 the world has adopted lately, putting their faces for the world to see. Rak kach! Our children and community members have been attacked far too much, for far too long, only to be protected by these cronies calling themselves Va'ad this and Va'ad that, nothing more than uBeis haVa'ad yihye liznus R'L'. Hah... and then they accuse the victims OTD, vesha'ar kol minei sheimos haNIRDOFIM R'L. See the haven they get in Israel by these same scoundrels from all over the globe. Harav Elyashiv has said so, yet long time back, go to the Mishtara with no questions asked. Vehizoharu min haTsvuiim hiding under umbrellas that is way to big for them. We need extra protection for our young and their mothers.

    *Diaspora pedophiles increasingly use Israel as ‘a haven,’ activists charge*

    Times of Israel:

    See the Mishnah of Beikvosei diMeshichei... possibly even outdoing that. Listen to the pain expressed in Heshy Deutsch's cries of Dear future Generations *I am Sorry* on U-Tube, Shomu Shamayim.

    Of course they want their children as far away from such exposure Kimtachvei haKeshes. All these lies, in conjunction with attempts of Ma'assei Bilam Ben Beor in trying to make it go away. Vehoka osam le'einei haShemesh, the best disinfection ever known to humankind. You can run, but you cannot hide, even under those flashy jazzy metalics so called itztala derabonon. Admur michalissa already declared these flowered kaftans as off limits. Kama tzodku divrei chachomim!


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