Friday, November 3, 2023

Tamar Epstein: What role did Rav Shmuel and Rav Sholom Kaminetsky play in the giving of the heter to remarry without a Get?

Aside from the above letter, Rabbi Feldman notes in his letter that it is widely believed that Rabbi Greenblatt's heter to remarry was in fact supported by the Kaminetsky's - even though they both deny it.

נוסף לזה, בעיני הצבור הרה"ג הנ"ל נתמך ע"י אחד מזקני ראשי הישיבה של הדור ובנו שהוא גם ת"ח חשוב, ואם כי הם מכחישים זאת, בודאי הרבה יסמכו על השמועות להתיר איסורי אשת איש ע"פ השיטה הזאת, שהרי לדעתם כבר הורה כן גדול בתורה

It is well known that the Kaminetskys have tried for years to obtain a Get for Tamar Epstein and free her from her marriage to Aharon Freedman. This includes:

1) Supporting the public demonstrations of ORA against the view of the only authorized beis din - the Baltimore Beis Din.

2) Issuing a seruv against Aharon which calls for the public to pressure him into give a Get. Something which is not justified by halacha for ignoring a beis din when he and Tamar had agreed to use the Baltimore Beis Din. Finally a seruv doesn't require giving a Get even if it were legitimate - which it isn't.

3) I have testimony concerning a number of poskim who were approached by R Shalom Kaminetsy with a document which claimed that therapists found Aharon to be suffering from incurable personality disorders which made him impossible to live with. Included in that document was a request to pasken that the marriage was a mekach ta'os. He claimed that his father was agreed that the evidence was valid and was in agreement to ask for a psak of mekach ta'os.

4) Rabbi Shalom Kaminetsky - knowing that Tamar had not obtained a Get - has been reported as asking someone if they would be interested in a shidduch with her. When asked how she had been freed from marriage without a Get replied that if it were relevant to know the information would be supplied.

5) Rabbi Greenblatt who gave the heter said he relied on the evidence provided by the Kaminetsky's to justify marrying Tamar Epstein to her second husband without the first husband giving her a Get. He claimed that it was chutzpah to question the validity of what the Kaminetskys told him.

6) At no time has either R Kaminetsky objected to the heter being given.

In sum, the Kaminetsky's gathered evidence from various therapists, they organized the evidence as justification for the heter and they personally went to poskim to ask for a heter based on mekach ta'os and the posek who gave the heter rubber stamped their request without personally investigating the evidence nor did he bother speaking with the husband - because the Kaminetsky's had provided him with all he needed to know. Finally they have not objected in any manner to the heter - despite the serious objects publicly raised by various poskim as to its validity. But they do object to being perceived as encouraging or supporting the heter.

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