Friday, July 31, 2015

Rabbi Gabriel Bodenheimer pleads to endangering welfare of a child, ends sex abuse case

update July 31 2015 

I just received the following comment from a knowledgeable observer with permission to post anonymously. It represents what seems to be the majority view in Monsey that Rabbi Bodenheimer is innocent of the sexual abuse charges - even amongst those who generally believe the purported victim in most cases.

Everyone but everyone I know in Monsey,and I include myself, holds that the plea by Rabbi Bodenheim was to get this garbage behind him and to move on.

I add-you never know- in today’s atmosphere, some Judge could have sentenced him to jail time!

Everyone but everyone I know in Monsey (this now does NOT include me, because I do not know them) says that the kid is not a normal kid,and his parents are dysfunctional.

My son in Monsey tells me that KIDS who HATE Rabbi Bodenheimer (hitting,throwing them out of the school!!) all say-no way, no way.

Good Shabbos


But everything’s from haShem, right?
LoHud   A Monsey rabbi accused of sexually abusing a 7-year-old boy pleaded guilty Tuesday to a lesser charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

Prosecutors said the agreement met the family's request to spare their son from having to testify in public.

Rabbi Gabriel Bodenheimer, 72, principal of Yeshiva Bais Mikroh for decades, faces three years probation when sentenced Oct. 27 on the misdemeanor count. As part of the agreement, the rabbi is barred from teaching or entering any school. He will also be subject to typical restrictions imposed on sex offenders.

Rockland County Court Judge Rolf Thorsen accepted the rabbi's plea. [...]

Bodenheimer, who lives at 3 Dunhill Lane, said little Tuesday, standing with his lawyer, Avi Moskowitz. He admitted to knowing the boy and taking actions that endangered the child's welfare. He is prohibited from going near the boy in the future.

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