Saturday, July 11, 2015

Efraim Cray acquitted of charges of sexually abusing 14 year old girl

 update:   I am pleased to note that I just received an email from a member of JCW's Board of Advisors that JCW has in fact finally posted a news item which acknowledges Cray's acquittal . 

I have received some nasty criticism for noting the absence of an acknowledgment of Cray's acquittal on the JCW site - 5 months after it happened. Claims included that I have an agenda against JCW or that I have been bought. Neither accusation is true. I did make an error in my original post when I stated that Cray was listed on JCW's Wall of Shame. He was not but a news item regarding the accusations against him - as well as acquittal on one of the 3 charges -  had been posted. My concern was the fact that the news item of the accusations was still up - after full acquittal - but no mention of the full acquittal itself. The full acquittal was in Februrary while my posted criticism was June 30..

However the issue is rather simple. When an organization such as JCW posts a news item about an individual that he is accused of being a molester - most people take it as  as a serious concern and heavy possibility that it is true. It is therefore reasonable and appropriate that information regarding acquittal should also be posted as soon as possible. I acknowledge that JCW has done a lot of good for the community - but they are not above criticism. I stand by my original concern and I am glad to hear that they have made the appropriate acknowledgment- even though it was made 5 months later. Hopefully news of acquittal will be made in a more timely fashion in the future.

Tottenham Journal February 2015 [posted June 30, 2015]

Efraim Cray, 32, was accused of abusing the girl between January 2012 and January 2013.

Cray, of Wellington Drive, South Tottenham, faced three charges of sexual assault by touching at his trial last year, but was acquitted of one charge on the directions of the judge.

He was cleared of the remaining charges at Snaresbrook Crown Court today after the complainant withdrew her allegations, writing a seven-page retraction statement in the presence of an independently-appointed solicitor.

During Cray’s first trial in November, prosecutor Roger Smith-Daniels said they both lived “in a closed community” and the victim, although aged almost 15 at the time, “knew very little about sexual matters... she didn’t know, for example, what the word vagina meant”.

Cray’s first trial collapsed when the girl admitted she had become confused and told lies during her police interview.

Mr Smith-Daniels said: “The complainant in this case has grown up in the ultra-orthodox Jewish community of Stamford Hill and went on to make allegations against other men, including her own brother. [...]

unfortunately the false accusations have not yet been retracted from Jewish Community web site   and a number of blogs

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