Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nachlaot Abuse Scandal: Rav Moshe Shapiro accused of instigating the beating of a woman who was alleged to be involved in pedophilia and missionizing

The Nachlaot pedophile scandal is back in the news with the indictment of Rav Moshe Shapiro  for allegedly soliciting aggravated assault regarding the severe beating of an alleged missionary woman - who is not named in any of the reports but is apparently Sara Vorst - a very controversial figure. It is important to remember that indictments are not convictions. It is also strange since there is a letter alleged to be from Rav Shapiro praising her. Nachlaot abuse letters in English translation

See this link for some of the confusion and conflict as to who she was  

These are the items discussing the indictment

YNET   See BHOL see Israel Hayom for a translation Israel HaYom

It is important to keep in mind that the Nachlaot scandal was originally described by police as the biggest case of pedophilia in Israeli history. Then it was eventually revealed to involve pedophilia but was grossly inflated by mob hysteria. The  top link is the most recent.


  1. The story has a lot more to it than you know. Google ritual abuse, Google Satz guilty & seeing you claim to be linked up with R' Moshe Sternbuch, he may no something you don't, I can't promise he will share it with your blog though.
    Basically 4 were thrown under the bus on top of all their suffering (the fathers suffering) & a shhaloh was asked who should be the one thrown under the bus who could get out of this the best way. This is code try to crack it. Sorry I can't disclose any more. Do some research, and yes we have a problem of Gedolim who have no b...s & won't take responsibility, but over here there is evidence.
    BTW the lady is no tzadekes.

  2. In the comments at, someone claims that there is actually a recording of Rav Moshe giving these instructions.

  3. Could this be the famous rav MS of בית וגן?

  4. "Obzerver" - Yes, it's the same one.
    "Inside Info" - When you say that 4 were thrown under the bus, do you mean the 4 that attacked Vorst?
    And is it true that there is a recording of Rav Moshe giving the instructions?

  5. David T
    Yes the 4 who were sent by their Rosh Yeshiva to attack, & when it didn't go as thought, like many askonim who were on the case before knew how bad it would turn out, and would never have advised going that way. He decided to try & clean his name, in doing so he put those 4 talmidim under the bus 9one of them a father).
    As I am privy to inside information I cannot answer your other question.
    What I will say is this isn't a case of pedophilia which could be categorized as a disease, this is ritual abuse which is a mind game, which is played out by sexual & physical abuse on top of religion & very well connected people are part of a ring. They guard themselves by becoming FBI & CIA agents, similar to what Bin Laden did, and as long as they don't interfere with connected people or US citizens who will be able to make an outcry, they could get away with murder. Unfortunately the three lettered organizations are 90% political and won't help the regular Joe.
    No one in their right mind would beat up a CIA (just an example) agent in Israel, the police & government are also in a bind, that is the type of lady we are dealing with, she has made great connections, and by doing so she is able to carry out the greatest atrocities on our children with no reprimand. To that detriment Reb Moshe had to issue a recall, unfortunately a little too late.
    At this point where the kids & parents are going through a Holocaust, & the Talmidim face attempted murder prison sentences, it has been paskened not to take care of the Rabbi, & that is in a nutshell what is going on.
    BTW don't think the Rabbi doesn't have a very powerful chasidus & mafia behind him, some askonim, and Rabbonim have risked their lives & livelihoods for the sake of others over here. Where as Reb Moshe (from the biggest Talmidei Chachomim on the globe) has shown great weakness.
    He will probably have to plead guilty or be found guilty, but being an old man with a mega chasidus (including Government members & millionaires) little will happen to him, but his Talmidim will be some what vindicated.
    His original psak & the other askonim, who felt that wouldn't work, are an old machlokes Shimon & Levy V Yaakov avinu.(I guess see the machlokes Ramban & Rambam who was right, but Yaakov Avinu was practical, even like the Rambam that Shimon & Levy were right, I guess even if Reb Moshe's original psak was correct the other side have been proven practical. If brothers could do that for one sister, what could we expect from a father who had multiple children ritually abused over years?
    This sag is a lot worse than any other pedophilia cases known in the chareidi community now, the hush & lies even coming from police, is because of how well connected this ritual abuse ring is. They have infiltrated so many institutions {allegedly Yad Leachim too} & international government bodies, giyur organizations, and xtian religion cults ,and it is alledged even the Vatican.
    To understand what & why they are doing this one would need to study ritual abuse.
    These families are literally living through a Holocaust with no help or recourse.
    Rabbi Daas Torah please do some research & get us a little more of the true story, if it is in your reach.

  6. "Inside Info" - thanks for all the inside info. Just to make sure that I understand you correctly - your reference to "their Rosh Yeshivah" and "the Rabbi" are both to Rav Moshe Shapiro, right?

    Why would he plead guilty or be found guilty, if it's just the attacker's word against his, especially if Rav Moshe can point to the letter that he wrote which denounces their actions?

  7. David
    Same person.
    The other question I will leave it to your imagination for now. Have you ever heard of an ongoing police investigation?

  8. Here is R Slifkin's take on the matter


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