Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eli Weinstein charged again - for $6 million scam

Asbury Park Press   A Lakewood man will spend at least the next few days in jail on charges that he and two others swindled a New Zealander out of more than $6 million in a stock scam.

Eliyahu Weinstein, 37, was awaiting sentencing on wire fraud and money-laundering charges when he was arrested at his home Tuesday morning.

Also arrested Tuesday were Alex Schleider, 47, also of Lakewood and Aaron Muschel, 63, of Brooklyn. The trio are charged with swindling the unnamed victim by misrepresenting that the man’s investment would be used to buy shares in last year’s Facebook IPO and real estate.[...]

Weinstein in January plead guilty to a count of wire fraud and a count of money laundering in connection with a real estate ponzi scheme that cost investors about $200 million. He was released on bail with a number of stipulations, including not engaging in any financial transaction worth more than $1,000 without the permission of a court-appointed special counsel.But in a “blatant violation” of that stipulation, according to FBI Special Agent Karl Ubellacker, who signed the complaint, Weinstein and his two co-conspirators convinced the victim to send them nearly $7.2 million in wire transfers in February and March 2012 for a purported investment in upcoming Facebook stock.[...]


  1. Next few DAYS???

    What would it take to get a real sentence? Or is swindling a goy not a crime?

  2. He hasn't changed a bit. He's still destroying people's reputations and making threats even in jail. Those who support him now are rotzchim.


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