Friday, October 12, 2012

Rabbi Y. Pinto arrested on bribe charges

Haaretz  The influential rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto and his wife were arrested and investigated on Thursday. They were charged with attempting to bribe a police officer and money laundering. They were released under restrictive conditions once the investigation was completed.

The investigation into the conduct of rabbi Pinto and his wife was led a special investigation team headed by Yoav Segalovich, head of the police investigations unit. The police believe the rabbi contacted a high-ranking police officer and offered him a bribe in exchange for information concerning an investigation. The investigation took several weeks during which rabbi Pinto gave the police officer the bribe.[...]

Yaron Lipshos, Pinto's attorney issued a statement: "Rabbi Pinto answered all the police's questions, and divulged all that he knew in order to further the investigation so that it may be concluded as soon as possible and disprove all the baseless allegations raised against him."[...]   See Wikipeda for additional information


  1. Recipients and PublicityOctober 12, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    Mazel Tov! It's about time. This massive fraud and claptrap about "kabala-bla-bla-bla" has reached epidemic proportions. Why can't people invest and/or give their tzedaka to normal causes? Surely everyone knows of families in need and more genuine and less flashy rabbis and mosdos (shuls, yeshivas, gemachs, the list is long) on one's corner and neighborhood that could use some help instead of wasting tens of millions away on mega-hucksters selling frum snake oil? This is Leib Tropper-style megalomania and delusional egomania all over again, and it goes on all the time.

  2. Whats Lebron James gonna do now?

  3. The Tropper reference is interesting, unfortunately crook rabbis are nothing unusual but a rosh yeshiva rav like Tropper supported by gedolim pimping his BT students and conversion candidates to have sex with his friends and his own wife is extraordinary! or is it ?

    I wonder if some one like Tropper is 21th century normality or rabbis like him existed thru history but we only found about Tropper because of the better communications created by the internet.


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